Foote Re-Affirms Gay Support…Threatens Economic Sanctions if Gays are not protected

United States Ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote has maintained that rights of gay people must be respected and enshrined in the country’s constitution.

Addressing a media briefing at the Embassy in Lusaka today, Mr. Foote claimed that 10 percent of Zambians practice homosexuality.

Mr. Foote also said would not attend World Aids Day celebrations in Lusaka tomorrow (Tuesday) due to threats targeted at him following his stance on rights of gay people.


“Lamentably, I will be unable to attend tomorrow’s AIDS Day events because of threats made against me, via various media, over my comments on the harsh sentencing of homosexuals,” he said.

“My job as U.S. Ambassador is to promote the interests, values, and ideals of the United States.”


“Zambia is one of the largest per-capita recipients of U.S. assistance in the world, at $500 million each year.  In these countries where we contribute resources, this includes partnering in areas of mutual interest, and holding the recipient government accountable for its responsibilities under this partnership.”


Mr. Foote admitted that the United States government was far from perfect and always welcomed feedback.

“If we didn’t, we might not have changed our repugnant laws allowing slavery and other human rights contraventions, historical misdeeds for which I passionately apologize,” he said.


“I read with interest Honourable Minister Malanji’s reaction to my opinion regarding the harsh sentencing of a homosexual couple, and the hundreds of other comments made by Zambian citizens on social media. I was shocked at the venom and hate directed at me and my country, largely in the name of “Christian” values, by a small minority of Zambians.  I thought, perhaps incorrectly, that Christianity meant trying to live like our Lord, Jesus Christ,” he said.


“I am not qualified to sermonize, but I cannot imagine Jesus would have used bestiality comparisons or referred to his fellow human beings as “dogs,” or “worse than animals;” allusions made repeatedly by your countrymen and women about homosexuals.  Targeting and marginalizing minorities, especially homosexuals, has been a warning signal of future atrocities by governments in many countries.  In my heart, I know that real Zambian values don’t merit your country’s inclusion on that list, ever.”

He added: “I agree that this this issue is completely up to Zambians to decide.  You are blessed with a diversity of Christian denominations, and while I understand that many are not Catholic, let me cite Pope Francis.  He has repeatedly spoken about the need for his Church to welcome and love all people, regardless of sexual orientation.  In 2016, the Pope said, “When a person arrives before Jesus, Jesus certainly will not say, ‘Go away because you are homosexual.”

Foote directed his arsenals at the Zambian government that he accused of failing to respond to the crises in the country forcefully.

“I agree that we should be working to improve critical issues like food insecurity and the electricity shortage, but Americans can’t do it alone, without cooperation from your government.  The U.S. brought energy experts to work with Zambian ministries for over two years, and we jointly developed a plan to reform the sector and ensure better electricity delivery to the people.  This plan has been dormant for over a year, because of domestic politics.  We’ve seen the awful impact of the drought, and I expect to imminently announce additional American help for those most affected by hunger” said Mr. Foote.

“Let us stop the façade that our governments enjoy “warm and cordial” relations.  The current government of Zambia wants foreign diplomats to be compliant, with open pocketbooks and closed mouths.  Minister Malanji reminded me that I have “always been granted audience to the Ministry and the Government of Zambia.”  That is not the case.  With few exceptions, the U.S. President’s personal representative to Zambia—me—has been relegated to meeting with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Permanent Secretary level.” “Both the American taxpayers, and Zambian citizens, deserve a privileged, two-way partnership, not a one-way donation that works out to $200 million per meeting with the Head of State,” he said.

He said that the Zambian constitution had no reference to sex against the order of nature.

“The Foreign Minister accused me of interfering with Zambia’s internal affairs, as he has done each time any foreign diplomat accredited to Zambia offers an opinion different to that of the current Zambian government, and of “questioning the Zambian constitution.”  I just re-read Zambia’s entire constitution, which I believe is an admirable document, and there is no reference to “having sex against the order of nature,” or of homosexuality for that matter,” he said.

“Your constitution does declare, however, to uphold “a person’s right to freedom of conscience, belief or religion; the human rights and fundamental freedoms of every person;” to “respect the diversity of the different communities of Zambia;” and to “promote and protect the rights and freedoms of a person.”  It is up to Zambian citizens and the courts to decide if your laws correspond to your constitution, but your constitution itself provides every person the right to freedom and expression of conscience and belief.  I expressed my belief about a law and a harsh sentencing I don’t agree with.  I didn’t interfere in internal affairs.”

Foote said the Head of State’s strong comments against gayism may influence the outcome of court matters.

“When considering the status of Zambia’s “very independent” judiciary, I note the President’s strong, recurring statements in July through yesterday rejecting homosexual rights and “gayism.”  I wonder if that could have any impact on the courts.  Again, this is a matter for the Zambian people to decide, but the Zambian people deserve transparency and truth,” he said.

“Regarding the Minister’s denials over my comments about government officials stealing millions of dollars in public funds, the government always requests “evidence” of such misdeeds.  Is that really the role of the international community?  In recent history, numerous donor partners have carried out investigations, with the cooperation of the Zambian government, concluding that many millions of dollars have been misappropriated in the Ministries of Community Development and Social Welfare, Education, and Health.  In most cases, the Zambian government assumed responsibility and quietly made restitution to the donating organizations from public funds.”

He added: “However, like the lack of public information made available on Zambia’s debt acquired over the past few years, the government has chosen not to share this vital data with its citizens, nor have we seen assertive corruption prosecutions.  If this happened with funds from a handful of donors in a few ministries, what could be happening on a broader basis?”



  1. UPND for life

    I am suprised that as UPND we have not come out in support of our two members sentenced to 15 Years in prison. I would have thought right from the onset we should have hired someof out top legal brains to defend these two clolleagues. Its not too late though. We can still protest agianst this harsh sentence and appeal the judgement all the way to the constitution court. Our two mmbers rights and freedoms must be defended by the party and all those who believe in the constitution and rights and freedoms of individuals

    • Tom

      The weakness is the constitution its self Foote is clear no part of the constitution says being homo or guy is crime

    • Doubt Katwishi

      If you aid has string attached to gayism, then we say NO to your money. “Man shall not leave by bread alone but by the word of God”.
      As Zambians we choose to go hungry than to go against the word of God.

      • God

        Doubt Katwishi and all others holding your view,
        This is why zambia will never prosper. Idiots like you willing to starve and destroy the economy because you cannot accept that two men want to fuck each other in the privacy of their home. Your blind defence of ‘the word of god’, which in fact does not exist explicitly in the bible in the first place, at the expense of abject poverty is a sign of your sheer stupidity.
        People like you should not be allowed to vote because you cannot make an educated decision without first posessing a functioning brain.
        Coming to the word of god, would you be equally willing to starve if the aid was tied to theft as per gods word? Since there is no doubt that the same PF govt admonishing gays are also the PF govt that have looted this nations wealth leaving us with fuckall.
        So sincerely, fuck you and fuck edgar lungu.

  2. nshilimubemba

    Aid is not free it is a rope of slavery to any recipient dont talk about about aid say what you want in return .
    Zambians think this so called said is really aid no it is the control tool , america will not give out anything unless they gaining something from the recipient.

  3. Leon

    This will open other issues as is already mentioned eg transparency to the funds.More news

  4. passer-by

    Mr. Foote and his America shouldn’t in any case be allowed to legalise homosexuality in Zambia.

    • mwanawamai

      But they have already find one party they are using to bring Homosexuality to Zambia. They have been pumping money in this party as their vehicle to bring Lesbianism.

  5. Jms

    Give Caesars what belongs to him and God his,so for Zambia no matter whether you like it or not nothing will change that ,please people should learn that when you go to Rome do what the Romans do, now as you are in Zambia do likewise. As for imprisoning yes change for better .my opinion is to those gay dwellers to be followed up to their parents who let them marry each other or maybe find out who permitted their marriage. Find out the root cause. Or may we may conclude to be the same Foote thank you.



    • Fyantha

      I said it out. Let us be transparent. You will now be firing a few innocent in the name of combating corruption which has been mentioned by Foote.

  7. Jms

    Never and never argue with same one just maintain your status, what we need is travellers should respect were the go .

  8. Kubeja Badala

    Chris Phiri for once you have reported the truth. I guess you had no chance of twisting what ambassador Foote said. The verbatim presentation of his speech cannot be twisted to suit your usual partisan interests

  9. Jaz

    1.don’t agree with gay things
    2.the sentence was too much 5..would v been better
    3.last points about govt been truth ,,he has a point…Atleast someone has stood up 2them..only shame is that the person is a non zambia something we have failed to do ourselves…
    Our leaders are used to book tactics things are real out here and need realistic solutions..

  10. kukoma Kabanda

    Allow me to state that this is not American and this is zambia and we are not going to toralate gay in this Christian country the ambassador of America should not bring stupidity in zambia wait we are coming for you we know we’re u leave this is not America were u do no senses this is zambia a blessed country Mr president lungu arrest this fool for bringing foolish manners in zambia

    • Tom Londoner

      Mr Kukoma my brother open up your eyes the American strong institutions are the true guardians of that country” s true democracy . And this democracy calls for all that Ambassador Foote said in article above . If our government is not careful the standoff between this gay you call Malanji and Ambassador Foote shall bring out alot of issues . Among others is corruption , misappropriation of donor funds transparency , a highly compromised judicial system .
      China Lungu must fire his Malanji as he is Avery useless minister .
      Some one must civilize this idiot called Malanji .

  11. No gay in zambia

    If you think you can try to bring gay in zambia by your money we are not interested please we have our own wealth in zambia we have copper, and gold so leave us I think Thursday will be your last day of being in zambia you are going you idiot

  12. Lameck Lungu

    Let this so called umbrella or sorry ambassador create his Zambia together with the people he is conniving with and introduce whatever they want to.Not in this our Zambia,we will not accept dirty things on our soil how do you call rubbish human rights any sober minded Zambian will never support such a cause never.

  13. PATSON phiri

    Let not Americans take the challenges faced by Zambians as a door of bringing in unnecessary rules.With or without politics ”’gay” is not a thing to support for what reason?

  14. Saga

    This madness should not step a further step let it end

  15. dance

    This is immoral and unethical to the country’s principles. Despite being poor, let us be strong fellow Zambians and no developed country should take this as an advantage. For God to create man and woman was he foolish or not!! How I wish a cup of wrath could be poured on those opposing God. Nevertheless, no one will support this idiotness and stupiditness in our beloved Christian nation!!

  16. Sosa

    I agree with all of you,this thing called homosexual its indeed alien to this country and I don’t support it either,nevertheless our so called Christian nation doesn’t deserve to be called so coz if you go to the bars late at night for example come to chimwemwe and get into some of the nightclubs you will be sorry my fellow citizens.So let us also think about what this foreigner is talking about but also see through what is pertaining on the ground.
    You have never seen people having sex in public where by even young ones are watching……awe mwandi cipesha amano….so let us do things a Christian way and even those watching or seeing will prove.I rest my case thanks.

  17. Kupa Okupako

    Let’s call a spade a spade. Biblically we are all siners. The courts of law and ACC should work like professionals. We have a lot of issues in our country. You are not there for your personal benefits instead you are to represent the majority.

  18. Homoseuality is Demonic, it is abnormal, insane only people who have lost their min are involved in that wicked way of Life Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed because of the same wickedness. In America people have graduated from gayism are now sleeping with animal and the number is increasing, now what rights are those? We dont want ambassadors or diplomates for Homosexuals in Zambia those should pack and GO who cares with their sinful aids.


    • Ali Sarumbo

      We dont want your American stupid civilization. Your sex liberation of the 1960s has brought you that far and as Africans we are not part of your immoral progress.

  19. Prince Akufuna

    Let’s talk about 48 miracle houses we have not forgotten

  20. SOS

    While!!!! Okay….so let me get this straight, ati Americans had meant with the Zambian government to make strategic plans on energy problems in this country like two years ago and up to now that plan has not even been touched. Bravo!! Padura box in now open, every time ati two working visits in different parts of the country meanwhile important matters are left untouched ka. Believe this economic stagnation you have created in this country will have serious economic consequences later in this country, expect a lot of youth unemployment cause the economy is no longer growing mean having college graduates every year.
    And money now is restricted in a few hands who now think that they are so stinking rich that they can be making donations. May God help us

  21. Chiku

    Mr ambassador we respect your opinion but in Zambian that is a crime and that’s the sentence no two way about it and if you are doing for aid I think the President made it very clear “take your aid and go” we don’t care as if its for free…we know how you people are, you don’t give for free but please let Zambia alone and don’t try to bend our laws in the name of human rights…

  22. Nyengo

    Election is based on gayism and ungayism policies.. Mr foot is view is 4 american standance but in zambia we hav need male dog having sex with a same sex dog. In 2021, we chose whether vote 4 pf OR opposition Same sex 4 more aid or dollars. Same sex marriage is good 4 pipo who want soft life without working 4 it and hard working pipo own’t vote 4 it.

  23. Jms

    Its just a fool who can’t recognise how God may send a reasonable person to comment on any issue concerning any particular nation. Its unfortunate and very fun enough he came in the name of gay people. This is a minor issue which can be solved even by a grade 7 pupil (gay). Just concentrate on government issue of failure.

    • Ephraim

      Footie, this not states. This zed where laws and rules have to be observed and followed regardless of how they sound and tell us to do. Besides, our colour differs and the effects of gayism, lesbianism and homosexual are way beyond your ka small head iwe. Do you know the type of cancer those stupid immature boys and girls suffer. Right now so, the gates of hell are maybe full of people who die with immorality.
      Our heavily father is richer than all you can evisage. What is the function of the penis and sperm cells? Including the virgina, ovum and ovaries? In human beings.

  24. LN

    Foote says he has read our constitution and never come across legislation on homosexuality. Let him know that our highest constitution in Zambia is the Bible. It’s unfortunate that the man wants to impose on us the American human right of gayism just because we receive financial aid from them. We urge our government to smoke out from hiding all homosexuals and give them heavy shambokos and then hand them over to America where they can go and freely practice homosexuality. It’s better to have good morals than worthy. Zambians must be advised to keep away from some Western traditions such such as homosexuality. Mwamona nomba fyatuletelela ifyupuba.

  25. kedrick siame

    Have you seen know Zambian people in Zambia there’s too much corruption look at the way Americans each and every year do to us $500 millions sure where is it going ad we have copper, ad etc so we are interdependent here in zambia ka a person from other country he’s talk about corruption very shameful sure ad u mr guy right are not around here, Look Zambian imagine you have build a very big house and then you give that house to someone who has a break stove, no sofa,mod model casent using tapes and a mod model bend with springs how inside the house will look like, this is for the wise people.

  26. brics

    Whoever it is connected to these rats, kindly tell them that we can survive even without their money. Zambia for Zambians and only what we see as legally right will be accepted in Zambia.

  27. Bob

    American ambassadors jst like their British colleagues are bent on surplessing national laws. Bwana Foote this is Zambia in Africa. Homosexuality here calls for condemnination. Yes some pipo in the opposition are happy for the sake of the assistance to maybe get into plot one. The cat has since been let lose by your masters. Utushalayene..!!!

  28. Eston Enock Mulonda

    This is why they say an iddle mind is devil’s workshop, mostly we are always beggers and now in the name of aids we are challenged even on something we don’t at all support .Since 1964 when we got indepence,we cried for sovereignty and liberty but unfortunately we aren’t 🤔, every time we beg and now the insults.I don’t agree with the ambassador on that one guy,but some points especially about stealing public funds I agree with him very much correct.Now that tendency has even took us to stealing donors funds shame on this current government mwatisebanya imwe zoona eee.

  29. Ba Kitwe

    Just because you have money you want to force your way of life on us. Jesus will welcome every sinner but wouldn’t want them to continue in their sinful ways. If you have any issue with the government of the day you better work it out in a more diplomatic way, you are a diplomat. I am sure just as you have rightly put America also has flaws but I am sure you wouldn’t want any other government to take the route you have taken in order to work issues out. And we are sure you don’t just throw money at us without you benefiting anything. Mr ambassador Zambia is saying no to gayism can’t you get it just as much as we are saying no to corruption and political violence.

  30. treason

    Let this idiot return to America because Zambians don’t support such stupidity

  31. Mulenga Mwaume

    Christianity was brought to Africa by white people and the bible was written by white people. How can you guys who were hunting each other naked in the Bush few years ago be more Christian than the authors of the bible. Christian nation my foot. We are still un civilised savages stealing from our country, paedophiles , rapist , polygamists, etc. Pentecosts, Anglicans even Catholics in the west accept and welcome gays. They even have gay bishops. Let us just go back to worship our African Gods and not follow the history of a Jewish carpenter.

  32. Abantu mucalo

    1.Tell us were that figure you donates every year is going 2. Corruption 3 .we want the owner of 48 houses, sokolola please, napita

  33. Loverman

    Brethren us Zambians we are the Christian nation nation let’s not be ruined by this Satanic vessel s,we’re in the Bible does it says we should me marrying of the same kind(gaysm) the bible States that we must fill the earth,that ambassador foolish and idiotic ambassador what does he gain in promoting gay what does he what ,is he trying to change our constitution brethren let’s not allow 666 in our country I beg all prayers are need,how can a good father give something with an evil condition

  34. Corruption now will be worse

    Zambia you realise that most of the Catholic bishops are gay . In case you did not know most of them fail to get married even after they resign from priesthood. So try to find out more about this matter. It is not a new thing in Zambia. Gays are there they just hide for their safety.

  35. News analyst

    America is a super power which funds the UN 90% even the peace keeping itx the US government which funds all the expenses….so zambia must create problems that wil result in economic sanctions by the US govt meaning zambia will now be on the dinner table of China and India

  36. Glucose

    Hmmmm this is very serious
    The last option is only God knows.


    Foote is right to spoke out about fund aids. Is true this government misusing aids fund staealing. Now is alert Zambian people 2021 will go to vote wisely. We are tired to suffer.
    cost of living to higher !!!

  38. Jms

    EMPICHIMENT because those who sim to know the law,are hypocrites who can’t recognize issues to debate on. Daniel Foote is right.



  40. PAKA RED

    This idiot is a Satanist just like HH. Infact he is gay himself. I’m told that in USA for you to be appointed ambassador, you must first sleep with your fellow man just Foornte did to that job.

  41. Those without sin cast the first stone

    Sigh. Here we have an ambassador pointing out shocking incidents of massive abuse regarding public funds in Zambia, and yet the main reaction I see on social media is venom directed at his “gayism” (the headline of this piece is likewise entirely misleading – totally focused on homosexuality whilst ignoring the shocking revelations of corruption). I’m not a fan of US interference in African countries (and I really wish it had been a Zambian making these points), but Amb. Foote is right that Zambians, especially Christian Zambians, have a massive blind spot here.

    If we’re up in arms and posting left right and centre about why gays are “dogs” and should rot in prison or leave the country we might want to do a little self-assessment. Why is THIS the issue we post on and not the massive abuses of public funds that contribute to drug stockouts, blackouts, understaffed schools or dilapidated transport networks? Which of these issues leads directly to Zambian poverty and deaths? It’s certainly the “gay issue” that appears to consume news feeds. And yet this was two adults, behind closed doors. How perfectly convenient for those behind the said financial abuses that this is where we focus…

    The “Christian nation” element in all this is what bothers me the most. When we post this venom and excuse the corruption, we are tools of the elite. Letting our acceptance of a rabid homophobia cover a multitude of political sins. And what of love? Do we consider all the Zambians in our community, our family and our churches who themselves feel same-sex attracted? There are far more than will admit it, you can be sure. And they have been made to feel untouchable, unwelcome and less than human? You don’t have to believe homosexuality is right, but you do need to reflect Christ if you’re going to call yourself a Christian nation. None of us meets God’s standard (1John1:18). Not one. And he was quick to call out the hypocrisy of the stone throwers.

    What if your Church’s message was Christ’s?: I see you. I love you. I walk your struggles with you. Lean on me.

    (On a more basic note, it should obviously be possible to believe homosexuality is sin without believing that people in a consensual relationship should be sent to prison for it. And we need to stop the comparisons with rape and paedophilia please, which are NON-consensual)

  42. Angoni

    Am seeing the issue of GAYISM that has been sponsored by FOOT(USA) and supported by UPND(HH), being a deciding factor of the 2021 Elections. PF will capitalise on UPND SUPPORT ON GAYISM and TRIBALISM IN UPND and knowing how CHRISTIAN Zambia is, A am seeing UPND loosing the 2021 elections again. Poor timing on the part of the UPND. HH must change his approach of POLITICS GAYISM Will DESTROY HIM POLITICALLY. ZAMBIA IS FOR GOD. LETS VOTE FOR PIPO THAT FEAR GOD.

  43. gogo

    Fuck you foote

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