MISA Chair Urges Female Journalists to Resist Sexual Predators

MISA Zambia chairperson Hellen Mwale has urged female journalists to be wary of politicians that may take advantage of their vulnerability.

Speaking during the second Media Insaka, Mwale said most young female journalists were being take advantage of by politicians due to their weak economic status.

She said Journalists need to refuse to be used by people who don’t mean well in seeing females excel through their hard work.

“Some of these politicians will use you and dump you so be careful, ask them some of them do come to me but I don’t tolerate go and ask them, I have my integrity to protect and I expect the same from you colleagues,” she said.

Mwale said it is embarrassing to see people of a noble profession being taken advantage of by people who do not care about their future.

“This is noble profession, regard it as such…. know your worth and you will not allow any of these people to come near you,” she added.



  1. Whiteson

    Yah! easier said than done ’cause for some professions some instances you have to bend backwards to get what you want

  2. Kiki

    Yaba, am sure she was not happy with the ‘departure fee’ for her to consider it being used. Let the politicians review the after sex care fee and all will be well.

  3. Curtis

    That is well spoken madam mwale.It is a well known fact that every profession has ethics that need to be followed.It will be unreasonable for female journalists to fall into prey to politicians because their reporting will be rendered meaningless due to bias.Therefore female journalists,be pragmatic in your execution of duty.

  4. Whiteson

    If Zambia(a christian Nation) has, through NAC, admitted that some people are sexualy too weak to abstain, hence promotion of condoms(symbols of casual sex), how can we expect a female journalist be strong?

  5. costern musumuko

    its.because they attract themseives to them,and not onily to politicians but also to high celebraties

  6. James

    Comment Since they have to find out they pass into alot been raped,pregnanted or got get even follow in loveless life they are times and some times are links of they mind to the unfaith-fully to they wivies husbands to girl friends also boy friends help,help who let go?

  7. Kulibonesha Ta

    Why is it that some politicians ministers to be ptecise always move with the same reporters to their activities especially ZNBC, this is clearly news for sex and vice versa.

  8. PF

    mmm madam siboza che ati they do come to you elo mukana waala politicians got alot of cash

  9. Hamoonga crossby

    She right on point, please listen to her advice.

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