No Foreigner Will Be Allowed To Drive Trucks In Zambia, Says Minister

Local truck drivers have why foreigners easily acquire driving licences and have asked the Road Transport and Safety Agency and government to explain this trend.

However, Transport and Communications Minister Mutotwe Kafwaya has assured that no foreigners will be allowed to drive trucks in Zambia.

He said this on Sunday when he addressed truck drivers on the Copperbelt in Ndola who recently held protests.

One of the truck drivers asked the minister why foreigners were more respected than the local people.

“…truck drivers in the country are  poorly paid and hence the need for the government to intervene by revising the minimum wage. Truck drivers are not respected by their employers,” he said.

In response, Kafwaya said: “You need to tell us that the drivers should not be foreigners. Report any foreigner who is employed as a driver to us so that we deal with the matter. Under me as minister, no foreigner will be a driver.”

He said the government would also ensure that the renewal of PSV drivers licenses is increased to three years from the current one year.

He said it was unfortunate that some truck drivers have been working for years without contracts.

“The more reason I came to meet with you drivers is to talk about issues affecting you in the transport sector. There are better ways of resolving issues such as dialogue. Each time you have issues, our offices are open for you to engage us,” Kafwaya said.

“This is an important sector because of its importance to the country’s economy. Drivers are a stakeholder and they should not be left behind and hence our engagement today.”

He said the government appreciates the role drivers play in national development.

“This government of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is committed to ensuring that we hear from you on many issues affecting you. We have worked on many roads to make sure that it is easy for you to transport goods and services across the country,” he said.


  1. They should not cross borders.

    They should driver across Zambia and end there period . U a xenophobic nonsense.

    • sly


    • Donjon

      Don’t worry about this issue of the so called foreign drivers in Zambia, we know who you talking about Zimbabweans, Fact. One massage for Zambians and South Africans when Zimbabweans look like fools today list you forget your masters and teachers in the industry. Tomorrow is today enjoy your foolishness until it lasts. USA has opened its doors to the rejects that you so discharge today!? To all Zimbabwean Brothers humble yourselves to all the torment of this black self hating nations tomorrow they will ask you for the direction for TEXAS. you kindly reply and say it’s in KEMPNDOLA

      • Prause

        Zim will definitely change and surpass every other African country.

      • Bonokwakhe

        Your Zimbabwean government recently arrested and deported Malawians who had migrated to your country illegally using a truck. You people are selective cause immigration laws are everywhere including in your country of birth but when it happens somewhere else against your fellow compatriots it’s “xenophobia”

    • Jabu

      But if it was in south africa we will be called xenophobic…….anywhere kodus to Zambian for protecting their own.

      • Bonokwakhe

        Exactly, and funny thing, Zambia and it’s people are among those people who talking too much about SA. Worse part, Zambia is even even the one which influencing the entire continent to sanction SA. The are even using the word “foreigners” which people hate it most when is being used in SA

  2. Saraz

    Chinese a coming in yr county , they Wil have kids soon , they a coming in yr field as well stil u gonna suffer, stupid u sold yr country to China nxaa

  3. nomsa

    It is your immigration department which is issuing out workpermits and residence permits to undeserving foreigners. Corrupt immigration!!!

  4. Hazvinei Mwale

    But in a democratic Africa all drivers face the same fate being renumeration or working conditions but for the high office the minister holds to say transport for Zambian drivers only its creating another way of not solving the real problem of underpayment and remember most truckers do crossborder so we have a number of drivers driving in other countries as well think of how where they are how the people will react i think you are a bit xenophobic settle what matters first

  5. Truck driver

    How about Zambian truck drivers outside Zambia? think about that b4 raising that point.

    • BJ

      First you must understand before you comment, there will be no problem with ZAMBIAN drivers going to other countries because they will be driving Trucks from ZAMBIA

  6. Bright Mhango

    When chishimba kambwili complained there called him names and racial attacks I wonder what there are saying now.lets be honest here,not only zambians owner those trucks.we have driving working in others countries too.please Mr minister the best way is just to improve their condition of service period

  7. leya Dube

    idiot xenobiphic mister nxaaaa

  8. leya Dube

    idiot xenobiphic minister nxaaaa

  9. Zokama

    You’re xenophobic minister

  10. BJ

    Congratulations to our brothers in ZAMBIA, we as ATDF in South Africa are happy to here these good news, your Government has ears. We support you 120%. If we don’t make our industry respected and recognized no one else will do. ATDF PHEZULU, here in South Africa we are called Xenophobic when we demand what’s ours 👌✌

  11. Reuben.kasonkama

    Thats fresh instruction wil not only affect 4renaz in zambia but zambians as a whole in other countries. Revisit yo dcn

  12. GIBSON

    That statement of ‘no foreigners will drive Zambian trucks ” is going to raise xenophobic issues. So be sensitive when raising those issues

  13. Nkululeko

    Good move Zambian Drivers was they on the day of strike at FQM mine start dealing with those drivers that wher moving when you where trying to gain independence in industry of transportation

  14. Zim trucker

    Fine n fare minister you forgot to tell your drivers that the wheels of their trucks must roll over Zambian soil only because foreigners will not accept them on their roads n no Zambian laws will preside over that.

    • Chendabusiku

      Really, “Zimbabweans humble themselves? ” you’ve to be kidding or you were just born yesterday. Remember how Zimbabweans treated Zambians? All they are saying is let Zambians drive trucks that are registered here in Zambia and let Zimbabweans drive their trucks registered in Zimbabwe that is all. You Zimbabweans you are the last ones to cry foul because you treated Zambians like dogs at your borders and yet they were coming to buy and not to beg or sell sweets in the streets of Harare. Zimababweans are only sober because their economy is on its knees otherwise they are worse than most southern African states. Zambia hosted everyone including Mugabe (MHSRP). And yet you rediculed Zambians and their currency as though your currency was a world currency. Where is the Zim Dollar??

  15. Elias

    With all due respect minister you are making a mistake. A lot of companies in SA are employing zambians mhhh then wht is going to happen next. Please solve the problems in transport industry without being xenophobic

    • Kgothatso

      Good question especially company called Celtic here in south africa

  16. Gifts

    So where is free trade? Will that never need international transportation? Be wise minister, quick to talk b4 sense of humour.

    • Lover man

      Foreign drivers must go we don’t need them unless if they have a working permit u zim guys u must reberrate yo country u said zim soil what good about that how many Zambians are driving zim
      trucks their nothing like xenophobic here

      • Waddy Kabhubha

        Sorry for you bro. You applaud stupidity, where does that take Zambia. Learn to accommodate. Leadership skirts around real issues & find easy scapegoats, no nation has no foreigners, legal or illegal, that’s why you have even the Chinese nationals selling roasted mealies on Zambian streets.

    • Lodza lodza

      Yu are making a serious mistake there calculate your moves first before you jump into conclusion, zambian drivers need wage increase and instead of addressing the money issue you are twisting it to xenophobic hatred of your own brothers cde plz revise your manners

  17. Lover man

    Foreign drivers must go we don’t need them unless if they have a working permit u zim guys u must reberrate yo country u said zim soil what good about that how many Zambians are driving zim
    trucks their nothing like xenophobic here

  18. Mzamo Mkhize

    Congratulations Zambian truck drivers here in south africa we facing a big problem of Zimbabwe’s people

  19. Enya Mafeelingx diJAGGAH

    If you can’t learn and compete with the best, remove the best and let the weak be the best hahaha

  20. Taira

    Goodluck on tht one .Minister of xenophobia let’s see how u can last in tht position

  21. Nicoz

    Yah neh ,the bible meant it it’s now nation against nation , blacks against blacks tjo kunzima

  22. Jacob

    Why is southern Africans being wicked? Govt of don’t even think before reaction. Are there no Zambian truck drivers in other country? Mr minister go and revise ur statment

  23. Jacob

    Not long from now Zambian truck drivers be be attacked because of Mr more Mister,s stament. When it starts pls guy also attack the minister and kill him

    • Chendabusiku

      Zim drivers drive trucks registered in your own Country, Zambian drivers drive trucks registered inZambia. Crossborder trade is trade that is all.

  24. Enos

    My fellow Zambians. Where did you get minister who can without thinking of tomorrow

    • Max

      Ya neh I think now it’s the end of the world nation against nation yoh🙏🙏🙏🙏🤗

  25. Giuseppe Savarino

    Well it seems that our brothers are not happy and this issue has made our southern brothers more happy. What I have gotten from this is something more national. When Zambian drivers are underpaid and when they are crying why don’t our brothers say something towards that when our zimdrivers have the same problem in zim why don’t zamdrivers say anything about it. Its because such issues are national issues let the zamdrivers sort out this with their government after all zimdrivers or any foreign driver who wish to come and drive in Zambia won’t surely come and drive with this current work conditions you probably even laugh at us.

  26. CM

    Some of these Chinese people they don’t have even a trade certificate but are who are getting best salaries than us Zambian.Can you imaging you are getting 2000 every month and a Chinese guy is getting $200 every day with no any paper even trade or diploma.People who are suffering are those with best paper.Chinese twalikwata fye ifitala
    But don’t worry about them and hope Zambians they going to walk in China like tweve.

  27. Chef Acker

    It very unfortunate for such decision taken by the minister on a personal interest on political background.
    All driver in southern Africa are under SADC.
    Thus issues it look so simple but it has reached the world out here.
    what message is the minister trying to say and potray.?
    Not that the are lot of Zambian doing different work out here and protected by either SADC organisation or other UN law makers rules.
    That statement of the minister is the statement of hate to hate Africa.
    Exonophobic .
    As a Zambian I strongly say the minister us wrong .
    ” the minister sir that office ur in today u will leave it and u be like any other Zambian today. ”
    How many minister hv been on ur sit before u?
    Learn to build when ur on that sit than bring separation .
    Ur speech has has gone viral on media.
    And the world is looking for , where did u as a minister got the power to stop cross boarder truck driver to deliver their goods to their destination?
    Which SADC code of conduct stipulate that under commonwealth and AU .?
    Not that ur position is just an appointment that is temporary and can be revoked at any time.
    U are not involved into international and regional law amendment.
    If it on transport ur are involved under the tourism region amendments under SADC and commonwealth.
    Don’t try to you be political.
    And create fire for foreigners out her..
    Mr minister ur speech is wrong.
    Even a Grade 7 cannot say that country Negative message.

    • Chendabusiku

      You are not zambian you are just pretending. You know that you must get a work permit to work in any foreign country. You Zimbabwaens never imagined that your Zim would cramble that is why you treated your neigbours especially Zambians like lesser humans.

  28. Jeff

    It appears that your ministers seem to think the country is your kingdom in the ways you think not one thinks for the betterment of Zambia but only try to look good in the eyes of a few as a land locked country you can’t keep out others from Zambia you don’t have the infrastructure to go it alone 90% of stuff made in Zambia has to import the basic parts of it as there is no local resources for it besides copper that still leaves the country and is reimported as a product how many of your factories are Zambian owned and can say they only use Zambian raw materials 5% if you lucky and they are small compared to the industry’s out side the borders so those companies will use home based transport to get there products into Zambia making it harder for them will result in them looking for other markets which will put Zambia at a disadvantage once again and will result in poverty for everyone in the long run

  29. Bina

    Mr Minister just address the grievances of your driver’s and improve their working conditions as long as this trucks cross to the other countries we need each other direct or indirect period

  30. Cde Tefo

    Afikans should unite, but how van we unite while our economies are under foreign hands (China and Western).

    The truck driver’s issue should be a non issue if we ensure that we control our own economy.

    Let our Afrikan leaders prioritize Afrikan ownership of economy and this small things will never divide us as Afrikans!

    • Chendabusiku

      Since when did the truck drivers issue was a small thing or issue? is it because Zimbabweans have suddenly realised that they need unit with other Africans? work permits are a must. There certain jobs that locals must have.

  31. Ragnar

    Fuck this.Stupid unschooled Africans.What happens to Zambians driving out of Zambia?How do you then intend to solve the problem of underpayment.?

    Fuck Africa

  32. Price

    Fucked these stinking Zambians who drive old black Zalawi trucks blocking the whole road,make sure your trucks fly over Zim to I don’t know were bcoz we gonna burn any Zambians in SA.

  33. Nkosi

    We will burn all Zalawi trucks and drivers, msunukanyoko wena Minister,fuck Yu minister.

  34. Mduduzi

    How many Zambians driving South African registered trucks,how many Zambians living in SA,we will hunt Yu door to door,as for Zalawi, sorry,Yu started this.stupid stinking minister

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