Siliya Schools Foote on Diplomatic Etiquette

Chief government spokesperson Dora Siliya says it is regrettable that United States Ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote skipped diplomatic etiquette in airing his grievances gayism.

In a statement, Siliya said Foote should have used established diplomatic channels to register his sentiments.

The chief government spokesperson said government’s anti gayism stance was a reflection of the Zambian people’s position.

“We are all reminded that the people of Zambia have consistently made their position clear on two issues in any constitution making process. Firstly the inclusion of the death penalty to be maintained. Secondly, the exclusion of multiple sexual orientation except between a man and a woman,” she said.

“It is for this reason that all successive governments have never decriminalized homosexuality in the penal code of Zambia. As such there is clear congruence between the constitution and the laws of Zambia.”

Siliya added: “I wish to reiterate that the position of the Government of the Republic of Zambia on gayism is the position of the people of Zambia who are simply asking for their religious and cultural values.”

She said that Foote should have taken the cue from President Edgar Lungu’s strong anti-gay stance.


“It is indeed regrettable that even after the President Edgar Chagwa Lungu had made Zambia’s position on gayism clear, Ambassador Foote decided to go against diplomatic etiquette, by continuing to issue a statement on the matter. This is indeed regrettable,” she said.

Ambassador Foote has drawn the wrath of the Zambian government for his having criticized the High Court’s decision to sentence to 15 years two gay men for having sex against the order of nature.



  1. Mimi mwandi

    Zambia z a Christian country and that thing z not accepted .he have to do kwamene kwao not kuno ala

    • National Councillor

      As Christians we strongly condemn homosexual 1 Corinthians 6:9-10,but we do not punish evil does by jailing them it is God who will punish them.How many drunkards have we jailed based on drinking beer cause the scriputure above include them.As Christians our dute is to teach the word of God to all cause Jesus came not for the righteous but for sinners like gays,so we are not going to bring them to Christ by stoning them cause we are all sinners and fallen short of God glory.So if Zambia wants to jail gays,which I support, let it be based on cultural values and Zambia’s constitution not Christianity which is rooted with mercy and love for all sort of people, Galatians 6:10.

    • Hammer

      Selective human rights activisme by Foote. What about the way the immigrants are treated in USA, hunted like criminals. Don’t they have the right of free movement and association. Today they are forcing us to adopt homosexuality tomorrow they will ask us to stop praying because it will be against the right of those we don’t share religious beliefs and the next thing will be to impose the satanic book in our schools

    • Word Creator


  2. Mlase

    I am keenly waiting to hear comments frm UPND on this issue so i can know which political party to vote for in 2021.UPND may wish to be reminded wat the Zambian Law says on silence.

    • Dude

      @Mlase, I agree with you. I think this is the best opportunity for Upnd to make their stance clear on gaysim especially that they have been accused of the same.

      Staying silence on the issue will pose some suspicions!!!!!!!

    • P.M

      This issue is between the zwmbian governmemt and the American ambassedor…why are you bringing UPND into the fray? Get a life !!

    • L.chanda

      This issue ,upnd can not be involved, in all speech ambassador gave you only picked homosexual, leaving corruption. Watch out

  3. gavers

    the did a right job arresting them course its not normal to what they did

  4. Loverman

    I think 15 years wasn’t enough maybe 20yrs was going to better for them to their were they bone thru gaysm

  5. Independent Observer

    Can Dora school Foote on diplomatic etiquette sure?If that was to be the case,where did she learn it because all I know is that she was in mmd?

    • I say

      You are dull, so you don’t know that Dora was a diplomat.

      • Jah Child Timot Zila

        Hon Dora Siliya knows what she’s talking about, she can’t affort being in a relationship with a fellow woman, No benefits at all.Remember her issues with the handsome Rupiah Bwezani Banda lol President Sata branded her “Dora Siliti” she’s now chilling nabo mveka the rich Edgar Chagwa Lungu……Awe she can’t allow it. I wonder why she didn’t talk about corruption that Mr Foonte talked about

    • Anderson kamcele

      I’m sure this issue is away from politics as far as I’m concerned ,us Zambians we ought to stand and speak one language as per God’s principles and let’s not politisize the matter at hand , however for those of us who are following polics let’s have the emperical evidence of we comes out of mouth . I thank you all.

  6. Gershom ingwe chipata eastern

    Please ofuna usataniki ayendele pamozi naye kwao not kuno takana our president is right to refuse Foote startment

  7. Manex rich

    UPND where are you? We need your response to this or comment? You are the only opposition we have.? Being quite will make us became suspicious.? On corruption let the courts of law do what is right & the investigative wings do there job.? Its not health for diplomats to start saying these issues publicly.

  8. Jungle unchained

    The hour has come, the hidden shall be exposed homosexual, stealing & corruption.let the game continue we are watching.

  9. Kuni

    Foote my foot

  10. Zingsan

    There is an issue that we are missing on purpose. The man Mr Foote said “why are we doing nothing about thefts, only homosexuality?” It’s about corruption. I wonder why govt is just looking at one issue and not the other?
    Corruption is a real killer that has killed thousands of zambians. Gayism is just a red herring.

    • Idiocy Detector

      The idiots are not missing anything, they just do not read but jump to conclusions. Foote is saying why should a crime that affects only two people be a very serious issue compared to theft and corruption which is killing thousands in the country? Ala ubupuba bwena bukafipwisha go koswe mi mpoto.

  11. muzo


  12. Ooh yeah

    Why are you even tolerating someone to talk about such sinful and foolish issues in this beautiful Christian nation Zambia? Tell that Foote to repent before the coming of the Lord. If he refuses, let him go and do that in his own country, this is not America.

  13. Impyakusu ichinyo

    But why does the so called government picked only one issue?



  15. Mlase

    I wonder y some people like exposing their ignorance on this fora by mentioning issues which have nothing with gayism.The bone of contention here is on the sentencing of those two gay examples of human beings.I wud have loved to hear Mr foote only comment on the sentencing nd bring up the issue of corruption on a different day.I.am alive to the fact that Mr foote nd his country want Zambia to legalize gayism the reason he is so disappointed by the courts ruling nd sentencing.Unfortunately this can not happen in the Pf government.Maybe it can happen wen the Party they ar sponsoring wins the 2021 elections..which i now doubt.

  16. Ephraim

    UPND, must be very active now looking at this burning issues. Not just blaming and talking without producing what they bragg about.
    Let’s pray for our president/government not to sign documents correlating with immoral laws and abusive. My endeavour this morning is to urge opposition leaders to come together and fight some stupid laws supported by some fools like Foote. Being a student at the high learning institution, The University Of Zambia (UNZA), I would like to work with people like the current government wanting to fight immorality. If the UPND decides to shut up, it will clearly show that they are behind it. And all those accusations were true.
    Besides, their stance sounds evasive and vague to answer most of people’s questions.
    Let’s support our government positively and morally.

  17. Moono

    We the people of zambia we strongly disagree the issue of gayism because it is not accepted by God neither does it make sense at all.

  18. True Zambian

    God made man and woman for a very good reason and not this sinful idea that they are trying to impose on us.if in your land you eat dirty things and consider it clean then respect us when we see it dirty and don’t dare to force us.

  19. True zambian

    If it was something else UPND would have already responded but in this matter, mmmmmmmm its like they are behind the S

  20. Clems

    Comment My Commenters,we as christians we don’t support evil and the evildoers,yes we do sin bt let it not from our intentions,lets learn to give clear advices otherthan following the evil thing which yo neighbour has done,Apostle Paul said,lets overcome evil by good dids than been overcomed by the evil,be mindful when commenting in the rail of christianity.don’t follow a blindman becoz all of u will be in a pit,do fight with a madperson otherwise u with be considered a fool or a madman too,if u follow gayrights or u are about to do it,then all of u ,u are sinners.whether u are caught or not still u are evildoers.been caught or not is not the matter,bt what matters is what u do.just change yo mindset and start do the rightful things.

  21. Tom London

    Zambians deliberately side stepping the who meaning of Ambassador FOOTE ” s article .
    The way understood it myself is that the ambassador was merely concerned on the 15 years slapped on our Kapiri mposhi brothers while government was lenient on big and more serious cases of corruption , pouching , money laundering , misappropriation of donor funds which America is strongly one of Zambia ‘ s cooperating partners . Ambassador Foote is right to express his feelings because the funds the American gives to Zambia for Zambians ends in the pockets pf corrupt individuals . For example government is quiet on the issue of 53 miracle houses . To refresh your memories I hope you still remember the Old Age funds saga where about 10 countries threatened the pf that they might stop giving Zambia financial Aid if the funds were not recovered . After this the nation was informed by the pf government that infact the funds were laying in a ZANACO account and no further details were given and this issue died a pf natural death .
    This pf government has done a lot of injustices to this country ‘ s economy and to the people of Zambia . The rule of law is no longer on the pf government ” s manifesto . Fair justice is this country is completely died to say the least . Vote rigging and vote buying and voter intimidation are pf ” methods of winning elections and this is exactly what happened in 2016 .
    And now Mr Malanji and Dora Siliti are talking of Foote not having followed normal diplomatic channels . How do you follow normal channels when you clearly know that the fellow you have to talk to is infact a thief . There is nothing diplomatic about thieving of public funds . One would have thought that the pf and Zambia ” s cooperating partners should be talking of ways and means of how best to tackle Zambia ” s hunger situations as a result of draught in 2018 _ 2019 rain season . These are the issues the pf is not interested .
    If ambassadors are told to shutup when they try to speak on behalf of Zambians in the name of (internal matters ) it then makes nonsense going back to the same people for financial aid .
    The pf government must be serious in the way it runs the affairs of this country .

  22. Anderson kamcele

    I’m sure this issue is away from politics as far as I’m concerned ,us Zambians we ought to stand and speak one language as per God’s principles and let’s not politisize the matter at hand , however for those of us who are following polics let’s have the emperical evidence of we comes out of mouth . I thank you all.

    I think the ambassador should go back to his country where the activity is legal otherwise ,slot will be misled ,in the country like Zambia where poverty is at all levels.

  23. Herv Rena

    Zambians,we are still in blankets.Some one trying to side you in the injustices you face but fimbi tafilemonamo sence.Mwalibelelo kucula!

  24. Seanmac

    For all that Madam Siliya says about government’s stance on homosexuality, our government has no problem in accepting a recent donation from the government of Ireland, whose Prime Minister is openly gay and living openly with a gay partner. This smacks of double standards to me.

    • Ok

      It’s not about them being gay bit imposing the same on us.

  25. Kisco

    Oh God help us we don’t know what to do you are the only one who can help us please

  26. jnc

    One wrong statement doesn’t have to blind everyone of the main major points raised.
    Open your eyes. They are all hiding behind homosexual point.

  27. Jms

    Jnc you’re right,when needing to win some one confuse him/her,again they are trying hard to stick to gay topic leaving the actual case,mismanagement. If was upnd it could have gone to the root cause where they come from?,whos sons are they?why did they do it?who permitted them? If this comes to be known,its very easy to judge because judgement may even come from their parent. Now by doing things abruptly, this is what happens ,you are now involving the whole country or maybe the whole world,bad laws.create bad people who may judge funfair.

  28. Jms

    Jnc you’re right,when needing to win some one confuse him/her,again they are trying hard to stick to gay topic leaving the actual case,mismanagement. If was upnd it could have gone to the root cause where they come from?,whos sons are they?why did they do it?who permitted them? If this comes to be known,its very easy to judge because judgement may even come from their parent. Now by doing things abruptly, this is what happens ,you are now involving the whole country or maybe the whole world,bad laws.create bad people who may judge unfairly

  29. Sosa

    First of all, y do you the poor family want to drag the upnd into this mess coz Foote,Foote is accusing you the ones in power…….not them who are about to form government in 2021.

  30. Smz

    Foote ,the airbus is being serviced for a trip back home. Don’t worry guys.

  31. Truth man

    Why is there this fuss about gay rights in Zambia? Who does not know that it is a common practice in all Zambian prisons! Just let the journalists who are so dormant in this country carry out an investigation and you will be shocked, after all prisoners are taught on how to avoid HIV infection and transmission in prisons! Why ? Because there is homosexuality in Zambian prisons and when it is mentioned by an observer people say it is being introduced when it has been there. The Catholic priests who know much about it and also practice it are quiet! This talk is boring to say the least.

  32. Sibweni

    Gayism,stealing and murder are all evil. Mr foot my question is do american hav double marriage law which married women and men can hav gay relationships bcoz u can’t grow population with gayism marriage. Dollar attached with gayism better we reject the dollar than accepting gayism

  33. Chims Ryan

    Ubucende nga bwafuma from A to z it’s a sign of Christ’s return.lesa tekala nenama ekala nabantu.

  34. Pep Gayola

    Kwena 15 years yalichilamo. In that dirty cell for 15 years? How did Richard Sakala survive?

  35. Saimbwende

    Barefoot you racist so called US ambassador you so silly to think that you that use your dollars which INNOCENT African slaves were made to work in your god dammned plantations and you descendants of slave masters are now trying to use to impose your stupid sick morals of gayism on our country shame on you you criminals rapists butchers of humanity wherever you americans have been there is blood which you have shed you are sponsors of Isis terrorism injustice
    those 3 INNOCENT black americans were jailed for 25 years for being accused raping a white or is it a pink pig of a woman after so many years in jail they were released because the evidence against them was simply manufactured as usual what did you foote do address this unfair inhuman injustice we are praying against this evil and satanic empire called USA for God to crush it and obliterate it and its satanic behaviours for the good of all humanity shame shame on you criminals rapists butchers of humanity USA

  36. Angoni

    This issue will decide the 2021 elections. AM waiting for UPND reaction even when i know the answer.

  37. Andrew


  38. Fisunge

    No.1mr Foote is wrong to get worried just about these foolish men who thought they could get children by marrying each other, no.2 Mr Foote knew where to go before he could come out in the public,no3 please Mr Foote don’t interfere in matters that are of no value to you why because this country is not yours,sincerly what guts do you have to comment on judiciary sure so you think all those judges used there feet and not their heads?on corruption I believe who ever has evidence including you can go to the ACC and open a docket .lastly we know who wants to agree to gayism just because he wants to be president he’s the one who doesn’t care about all Zambians so please go b with him to America for him to be president we know him and we have evidence

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