Bill Number 10 Up for Second Reading

Bill Number 10 will be expected to move to the second reading after having been restored to the Order Paper on Tuesday.

Some United Party for National Development (UPND) Members of Parliament that walked out may have to participate in the voting at the second reading stage that requires a two-thirds threshold.

Acting Minister of Justice Stephen Kampyongo moved a motion to restore the Bill to the order paper, a document that was initially presented to parliament on 2nd August, 2019 however, the National Assembly adjourned sine die marking the end of the third session of the 12th national Assembly.

According to parliamentary procedure and practices all business that is not concluded before the end of a session lapses and cannot be continued within the ensuing session. The National assembly standing orders of 2016 provides that if a bill lapses by reason of prorogation of the House such a Bill may be restored on the order paper in the ensuing session at the stage it had reached at the time the house was prorogued.

However, at the commencement of the 4th session of the 12th National Assembly which is the current sitting, the select committee has concluded its work on the bill and the report has been tabled in readiness for consideration at the second reading stage.

Kampyongo further appealed to Members of Parliament to support the move and allow for the document to come up for second reading today 4th December, 2019 but this would only happen once restored on the order paper.

“The house will recall that on Friday the 29th November, 2019 her honour the Vice President indicated that the Constitution of Zambia Amendment Bill National Assembly of Zambia Number 10 of 2019 would come up for the second reading stage on Wednesday 4th December, 2019, therefore in order for the bill to be re-considered it must first be restored onto the order paper, it is for this reason that I move this motion so that we take this process forward and I seek the support of all honourable members,” Kampyongo stated.

The current composition of the National Assembly has the ruling Patriotic Front at 89 (minus late Chilubi MP Rosaria Fundanga), opposition, 63, nominated, 8 and Independents, 14.



  1. Razor

    Should be a YES vote by the visionless.

  2. Abena kafue

    We pity boma Inonge. She’s become a develish mother who wants to treat all zambians like her step children. This womans ❤️ has become just like her face.

  3. Mac Andrew UK London

    The is nathin to pass here,pas in wat the just want to print money in their own pockets.remember more money in their pockets

  4. BBC

    lungu is no more for 2021 is what bill number 10 is lndicating

  5. Jungle

    We don’t need such autrocity to the constitution we have many things the nation to deal with no that it won’t take us anyway

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