CBU Increases Registration Fees by over 100%

The Copperbelt University (CBU) has upped registration fees by over 100 percent as students reports for the new academic year.

Students have been hit by an increment that moves from 30% to 62% signalling a 100% increment on payment of tuition fees.

Some students have complained on the move taken by management adding that most of them are unable to pay at that threshold considering the many economic challenges.

The students spoken to have appealed to government to intervene stating that the amounts of money being asked for is too much and will result in most students failing to register for the academic year.

“It’s very unfortunate because most of us students if not 90% of the students can’t manage to register looking at the difficult time our nation is going through,” complained one of the affected students.

“As a concerned student I feel this issue should be looked into immediately because it is disadvantaging most of the students if not all looking at how the events in the university have occurred. I am kindly appealing to our Honourable Minister of Higher Education Brian Mushimba to intervene in this issue on behalf of students,” another student added.

Meanwhile, Minister of Higher Education Brian Mushimba said he has engaged the Copperbelt University management over the increase in the threshold.

“I have engaged CBU on the issue of thresholds, I am told the 30% was a temporal intervention last year that created serious shortfall in the funding cycle for the university of K 20 million and it is not sustainable hence going back to what is on the books being 50% to around 80 at the final and 20 at results,” Mushimba said.



  1. Burnah Mwansa Chibimbi

    It’s like the storm is not enough on the students at cbu
    First it’s students left out on the loans list by the ministry
    Now it’s a 100% threshold on tuition fee
    It’s like this government doesn’t want us to get educated
    Please I plead on behalf of the students
    Hear our cries most of us don’t have the capability to sponsor ourselves by that policy
    We’re orphans some of us
    And we are sponsoring ourselves the only way we can pay is by the instalment plan

  2. Gift mwanza

    As I really need to go at cbu next year if business administration it will be available sad news for me and my fellow student,hope the government will look on that issue.

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