Chifubu MP Walks Free in Wife Battery Case after Complainant Refuses to Testify against Hubby

Chifubu Member of Parliament Frank Ng’ambi has walked to freedom after the Ndola High Court entered a nolle prosequi in the matter in which he was arrested for battering his wife.

His wife Agness refused to continue testifying in the matter saying that she had reconciled with her husband.

Ng’ambi was charged with acts intended to cause grievous harm.

It is alleged that on June 7, 2019, Ng’ambi, with intent to maim, disfigure or disable, caused grievous harm to his wife.

When the matter came up for continued trial before the Ndola High Court, the state informed the court that the victim was unwilling to continue the matter stating that the two had reconciled.

“The witness is not before court and the matter was coming up for continuation of trial. The victim in this matter Agness Mubanga Ng’ambi has indicated to the state that she does not wish to testify against her husband who is the accused in this matter, as they have reconciled,” the state told the court.

In her ruling, Judge Chembe informed the accused in the case, Ng’ambi that the matter was being discontinued.

“The prosecution has discontinued the matter by way of a nolle prosequi against you. But note that a nolle is not an acquittal, once there is other evidence or the victim decides to come to court, you will be charged on the same charges,” Judge Chembe stated.


  1. Jms

    Write which party and what occurred ,useless .

    • Felix

      The woman should be charged for wasting the courts time

    • GBM

      Ichi chanakashi chipuba sana. We are fighting GBV chena chachita withdraw. You could have let him goa test prison first iwe kapoli.

    • Leo

      At first sight I thought you are showing us someone in a coffin

  2. Sichembe

    That’s how they behave.at leader ( a blind one)

  3. Moono

    This is wat we call GBV which is also a serious crime.the wife would have thought very wisely before allowing the judge to enter a nolle reprosequi .

  4. Inno

    Nowonder women die carelessly, how can you start allowing a lion to come back to you? Sometimes let go of the nonsense and move on… Money can’t buy life and once gone you’ll never replace it anymore

  5. Jimmy shaba

    Issues of bread and butter

  6. RPM

    Shipikisha club ♣️

  7. muntungwa

    Absolute nonsense. What is Foote saying on this one.

  8. yaba

    Hw can GBV end with such Poverty Forever court-shy women? Next time you will be clobbered to death mama

  9. Harrison Kwenda Banda

    Hahaha 😂😂😂 she has afraid to go back to ondwe life… Iwe umangise MP? Ba honorable? Uzafa na poverty. Continue forgiving him even if he kills you, your soul should forgive him.

  10. Mpombo

    Very mature and wise decision by this woman Only a fool will have his husband look locked up BBC laws where brought by Fourty or Foolte

  11. Idiocy Detector

    So why blow it off in the first place? First you tell the whole world how stupid you and then what? Ba reporter naimwe Court does not enter nolle, it is the prosecution that does. But one still feels this was the people vs Ngambi and the Police report signed by a qualified doctor is available, so why take this route?

  12. 0963579058

    why u guzy

  13. Bemba land

    Nice Decision Mrs Nga’mbi. No one will take care of you apart from your Husband. I hope Mr Nga’mbi has learnt a lesson.
    Anger is nothing but foolishness my brother, also your life style my brother. Grow up womanizing will destroy your integrity. Prostitutes are very dirty creatures. They will destroy your home.
    Remember there’s good and bad advice.

  14. Razor

    She realised that if he is found guilty he will lose his parliamentary seat and she will also lose all the privileges of being the wife of an MP.

  15. pf

    i guess she was given a nice one she screamed baby am withdrawing the case

  16. Kalok

    And this fool will be re-elected as MP. That is how daft the nation’s population has become.

  17. Abantu mucalo

    Useless, after turned your face into a Chinese, you withdrew, anyway icikalipa cumfwa umwine

  18. Mulelu


  19. Ironman

    Next time he will finish her off

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