Ndola Taxi Driver Appears In Court For Defiling Toddler

A 47-year-old taxi driver of Ndola has denied defiling a one-year-old child in his car.

The defilement is alleged to have happened in the Central Business District of Ndola on November 19, 2019 while the mother left the child with the taxi driver.

But the taxi driver has denied the charge in the Ndola Magistrate Court.

This is in a matter where Moses Phiri is charged with defilement of a child under the age of 16.

It is alleged that Phiri on November 19, 2019 in Ndola defiled the child who was left with him in his taxi.

When the matter came up for plea before Ndola Chief Resident Magistrate John Mbuzi, Phiri said he understood the charge but denied it.

Magistrate Mbuzi adjourned the matter to December 5, 2019 for commencement of trial.

It is alleged that on the material day, Phiri was engaged by the child’s father to take his wife and the child to town to buy groceries.

While the child’s mother went into a shop to buy the groceries, she left her in the car with Phiri, who was well known to the family.

It was during that time that Phiri allegedly defiled the baby.

It is alleged that when she returned from the shop, the victim’s mother found her child crying uncontrollably and was on Phiri’s laps.

This prompted her to call her husband, who later apprehended Phiri.

And when the child was taken to Arthur Davison Children’s hospital for medical examination, it was revealed that she had been defiled.

Phiri was arrested and charged with the offence of defilement.


  1. Thus why I don't trust Taxi Drivers


  2. Fisunge

    The mother Shud also be arrested for failing to secure a child coz women have been told not to leave children with strangers especially the male’s why did she leave a child with some one she can not trust the mother is so foolish if fathers can do that what more an outsider taking someone to jail because of things that could have been prevented is bad what a foolish mother she is ubupuba on well-known stories

  3. Chims Ryan

    Men y do we behave like animals

  4. Jungle unchained

    Its a fairytale & it’s a fake story,it happened at cbd are you sure……

  5. Charlie

    Afuna kulemela nayakumbuya,its nt a strange story,its commonly knwn in zambia.let us bring shaliya law wat if th bible says the wage of sin is death!

  6. Sungukukulya


  7. CBD

    Another Phiri wise men from the East. Madam why calling your husband instead of the police were was a car parked during the incident no people passed by near the scene

    • Filungula Namenshi

      Iwe CBD a name has nothing to do with stupid.

  8. John Phiri

    The woman is irresponsible. How do you leave a month old child with a stranger? St.upid damn woman. If I was the husband I should have first started by beating her before calling the police.


    STOP CHILD DEFILEMENT surely I once proposed to a girl and she never even dared to answer upon persuading her to answer she said she was defiled so to her men are animals.
    You see batikana chifukwa cha imwe ba mambala anso tigwiira.

  10. Gogo

    Foolish irresponsible women inviting trouble! Mothers are to blame!

    • Curtis

      I conquer with Charlie’s comment let us apply shiray law to such characters.It is a shear waste of time and energy of law enforcement officers to deal with such issues.We are tired of talking about defilements.Imagine defiling a one year baby is murder case . so if that man is proven guilty beyond any reasonable doubt,sentence him.

  11. Kuicefya

    The tax driver is well known to this family. So, the mother made no mistake leaving the child with the man she knows well. An idiot is the man who has no control. Surely, can a one year old baby attract a forty seven year old man? Did he do it out of feelings or what? I believe that is something to do with rituals or satanism. Intoregate him professionally that he tells as to why he did inhumanly.

  12. Sichembe

    Some stories, so you mean only the mother head the child crying and only decided to call the father.the all town or shopping center was quite nd empty.anyway what time was this coz from my understanding passers-by would have head the child crying or definitely would have seen this poor driver.at times pipo end up in the wrong place for something they didn’t do especially if involves ba some of us. Wishing the poor driver all the best.

  13. Whiteson

    This story is strange and surprising. Among other things Driver defiles toddler, toddler starts crying uncontrollably, driver decide to put the child on his lap? waiting for the mother? thinking the mother will not suspect anything? is that what a defiler would do? defile a child knowing he would not escape? defile a child and hung around? Can someone help fill these gaps?

  14. P.M

    Christian nation indeed. Defilement bestiality like the case in chililabombwe is ok…but two males having consentual sex, you come down on them like a tonne of bricks. Tackle real problems and leave gays alone. So where does Lungu stand on defilement and bestiality?

  15. P.Malo

    Fake story iwe chimayo ulefwaya money ya Christmas wanya ubupelefye,sex in car,in town,broad day light, ninshi abantu balileka ukupita mu town akasuba mu Ndola?

  16. ba monze manungu

    these are the results of this failed government ,i believe for this case to make someone go arrested there was corruption

  17. Whyson Because

    Charm and blood money they will take you NO where else

  18. Intelligence

    The one who quoted this story need to rewrite literature .this story is not making sense at all a one year old child this is witchcraft 👀.

  19. ZM

    The Taxi driver is innocent… The child might have been difled by someone b4 the driver came to pick the family or the Doctor faked the results… He can’t rape someone n remain at de same place.. Moreover in Town.. Open place.. Kaya

  20. Shimaini

    It was a planned move by the couple (husband and wife) and I suspect the baby had already defiled by the time the tax driver took the mother for shopping. The Father to the baby girl is the real defiler, the police must make proper investigations or an innocent soul will head to prisons.

  21. Me

    It was a trap the woman and the husband used against the driver. The taxi was parked outside the shop while people are passing, and how can a normal woman leave a baby alone, why did she call the husband before calling the police? the baby was crying on the laps of the taxi driver but when she carried the baby did she find the Man’s zip open? Many children can cry for two hours but they are not sick sometimes it is normal a baby to cry but how come when she came from a shop they immediately decided to go for medical checkups. Guys it was a plan move by the parents of that baby its either the husband did that or someone else did then they made a trap for the taxi driver may God judge this case

  22. Abantu mucalo

    I can’t believe,, how in town during the day? People are allover ,second one year old baby defiled without died? Very sensitive issue, it needs good investigation

  23. Chali

    Sad let the government deal with the men

  24. Alex diego

    Ba pipo

  25. Flstudio

    iwe chimayo u wanna money for pyin school fis wembwa iwe

  26. OMG

    Surely ba pipo,it truly nids proper investigation..ba driver might b inoccent…Very sad & strange.

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