OPINION: No ‘Exit’ Entry For Us!

American Ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote has gone on a path of trying to push on Zambia values that the majority of the Zambians do not subscribe to.

Last week, he issued a statement that condemned the Zambian government and the judiciary for sentencing two men of Kapiri Mposhi to 15 years imprisonment for having sex against the order of nature, an act that is prohibited under under the Laws of Zambia. But what he probably forgot is that the laws of our country are very clear on this matter such that anyone found in the act is liable to prosecution. Treating such a matter will purely be based on what the law said and not what the donors want.

On Monday, he held a press briefing in Lusaka where he said he has nothing but the highest respect for Zambians and said it is up to Zambians to decide whether or not they want to embrace homosexuality.

He also said it is not his place to tell Zambia what or what not to do and hoped the Zambian government will work towards improving its relations with the American government.

“I have consistently pledged that it’s not my place to tell Zambia what to do, but that I would always be honest and frank.  The exceptional yearly assistance from American to Zambian citizens, and the constitution of Zambia, should enable all of us to express our opinions without acrimonious accusations or actions.  I hope the government of Zambia commits to improve its decaying relationship with the United States, but that is a decision for it to make…The U.S. government is far from perfect, and we always welcome feedback, including from Zambia through your embassy in Washington.  If we didn’t, we might not have changed our repugnant laws allowing slavery and other human rights contraventions, historical misdeeds for which I passionately apologize.

I highly appreciate the exceptional welcome and friendship extended by Zambia’s wonderful people throughout my two years here, and I have nothing but the highest respect for your citizens…I agree that this this issue is completely up to Zambians to decide.  You are blessed with a diversity of Christian denominations…”

The laws that are in place in our country today are the same laws that existed even pre-independence. Nothing has changed today for Zambia to be shamed for sticking to values it believes in. In fact, this is not the first time that the Zambian judiciary has implemented the laws on homosexual acts. The law is the law; it cannot and will never ever be twisted to suit particular interests, unless it is changed in total agreement with the majority of citizens and parliament.

Going forward, it will make a big difference to have our government and cooperating partners, including donors and diplomats, focusing on critical matters that will see Zambia develop. Imagine the amount of strategies we can come up with to end load shedding if we dedicated the same amount of time on sorting out the energy crisis! Imagine what can be achieved in the agriculture sector if we dedicated this same energy to ensuring all the vulnerable but viable farmers have their farming inputs way before the onset of the rainy season! Imagine what we can achieve if we dedicated a lot of time and energy to ensuring every child has access to education, property healthcare, clean and safe drinking water and decent shelter!

These are issues that Zambians want to hear and extensively discuss and not clear cut matters that are guided by the laws of the country.


  1. lm

    so that fool is a gay.this is not america foote fool idiocan. we have christian values here respect our culture and our beliefs

    • Ali Sarumbo

      Indeed discussion on gayism is not a priority for us. We have rather other urgent issues to address at the moment.
      We didnt endure the so called sex revolution which has brought about gayism in western world. I am shocked to learn that in a receny survey in the UK, only 48% of generation Z identify themselves as 100% heterosexuals. A very worrying trend which will definetely try to influence the whole of the world. This is decadenz of the western values which we as Africans are not ready to accept.
      I call on all Africans to push back on these decadent value with full determination.
      Stories that even Plato and Socrates may have been gay is not impressive at all. From those stories, one will understand that it was purely pedophilia i.e powerful and older men taking advantage of the youth in exchange for knowledge. By the way, however unjust this could be conceived, this practice never created identies like the one is propagated today in the west.

    • haggai sinkamba

      mr Foote respect our cultural values this is not america

  2. Me

    Mr hoote you can only have the right to contribute your opinions over the imprisoned Zambians if they were Americans but they belong to a Christian nation so they have to behave like people of this country . The problems we are passing through as a country only God can help not you and so called donors.If you are a gay be a gay as an American not a Zambian coz you will enter prison

  3. Whiteson

    Homosexuality and the christian Zambia: what would jesus(assuming he existed) have said if the two gay men who were arrested in Zambia the christ Nation, were caught and brought before jesus?

    • LN

      He would he angry with them and tell the never to be involved in homosexuality again. He would remind them about how He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah due to homosexuality.

    • Kelly Ngoma


    • muzo

      Whiteson,go n ask ur grand son’s grand mother this question n nt zambians.

  4. muntungwa

    The ambassador should be declared persona non grata and sent back to his country.

  5. I'm gay and proud

    Well it’s not my fault that i was born gay. The bible was wrong to judge gay people like that. What if the bible said that black people are cursed and will never enter the kingdom of God. I mean you can see that they is no black person in the bible starting from Adam and Eve to the 12 dispels no black man or woman was written their because whites (the pipo who wrote the bible) thought that blacks are cursed and should be slaves. That’s why i think the bible was wrong 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️

    • you fool you were not born that way the devil deceived you Zipporah wife to Moses was black Simon who helped Jesus carry the cross was black homosexuality changes enviroment and not so called climate change Repent otherwise hell is your destiny

      You fool gou were not born that way but made a bad choice satan has deceived you Zipporah wife to Moses was black so was Simon of syrene who helped Jesus carry the cross just repent quickly otherwise hell awaits you

  6. Austerity

    Chris Phiri is this the way you translate the Yakumbuyo in english? Ati “exit entry” Good try kkkkkkkk

    • Kelly Ngoma

      Oh! I got it now. Exit Entry ha ha ha ha! OKHE MANJE

  7. Mampi

    It shud b a wake up call 2 all zambians nd entire africa especially politicians who ar so desperate n order 2 win elections.They will end up acceptn donor funds 4rm all over de world without understanding terms nd condition and n that case,we c citizens who cum 4rm those powerful nations hav no respect 4 our culture and 2 the laws of the land so Mr Foote was not speakn alone he has a group of individuals within this nation supportn or who pushd him 2 say wat he said especially those n opposition.

    • Monk

      #Mampi, those opposition who have been linked to homosexual. Their defence has been that it’s a propaganda. To my surprise their quietness on the matter has been too loud. I smell a rat.
      Ukweba infwa ya noko muntu atagilile

    • Royson

      That’s true dear

  8. j j

    Thou fool you were not born that way the devil deceived you & you fell for it Zipporah wife to Moses was black so was Simon of Cyrene who helped JESUS carry the cross just repent else hell awaits you Revelation 21:8

  9. josphat mbao

    please foote respect our culture

    • leave us alone if u want you can marry with Donald Trump

      We are not interested in what ever fucking donors if u think we are safaring leave us with our safaring gay we don’t want you pig go back to your country I said gay we don’t want you white pig go back to your country

  10. Tom London

    Chris Phiri my dear brother can you go back to school . Your reporting is not only pathetic extremely bad .
    For one thing you didn’t understand what Ambassador Foote really meant in his article Mr Foote was merely comparing the gravity of a homosexuality offense in the Zambian judicial system and that of Corruption , money laundering , pouching , misappropriation of donor funds .
    Surely Chris if you were not an educated fool you could have used you common sense which Ambassador Foote used and this is the biggest disease of being ignorant at all the time . Look here Chris the gravity of a man slaughter offensive completely differs from that of murder in teams of sentencing not so .
    And then Mr Foote went on to say the sentencing of that Kapiri mposhi gay couple to the tune of 15 years in jail by the judiciary was just unfair because the same judiciary normally handles bigger and sensitive offenses of corruption ,poaching , stealing of mukuba tree logs pf government officials in a Luke warm approach if handled because normally such offenses are either ignored completely or buried and are never heard again .
    Mr Foote stressed that Zambia had the right to either legalise homosexuality or not but a fair hearing of all offenses committed was at the moment in Zambia was completely ignored deliberately .
    Try to understand issues and read things between the lines OK .
    But iam. not surprised your oppinons clearly reflects the fact that you are a WELL FED DOG .

    • Monk

      #Mampi, that opposition that have been linked to homosexual. It’s defence has been that the accusation is simply a propaganda. To my surprise it’s quietness on the matter has been too loud. I smell a rat. No wonder Bembas say
      “Ukweba infwa ya noko muntu atagilile”

  11. Jms

    Tom thanks,we have few righteous strong men who can say the truth concerning certain issues. But I’m very sorry to those who pick unimportant issues leaving important ones.Even ministers have strongly gone for gay statement. Unfortunate situation. Less tackling of major issues will let down Zambian’s education.

  12. KB

    On This One I Support America.

  13. pf

    in zambia under pf gvt we havd legalised the following,: corruption, misusing public funds, low wages for civil servants, no funding to hospitals and no medicines,enconomy hardship on general citizenry,kilin oposition cadres, giving them 12kg to share among 3 families, no employment. as for homosexuality its illegal soon it wil be 80 yrs in prison.

  14. UK London

    U know wat Pipo let’s not just tok on with out if it were u being sentenced to 15years in prison how will it be think.wat mr Foote ment was,instead of those culprit’s being sentenced to 15 years, but the government to have Mercy on them.and mr Foote said revisited the constitution if the is a such a law that africts pipo instead.som of u as I’m speaking u are sick of HIV if us stopped giving u aid u would simply die.if government can fail to supply electricity in normal hours increased mealie meal daily,so far so good E.R.B will increase fuel prices if I’m not mistaken just in the next two months from now just wait and see every thing will increase.this is a sign of what in Zambia? If u fail to answer a mathematics question just leave it and let those who can answer do it than forcing your self answering.

  15. UK London

    chris phiri u mislead the audience and the nation at large if u are a janalist,the one who gave u papers is as a faliure as u are. with mr foote he can apologise and in zambian bemba proverb says ” sumina bwangu imilandu shipwe”thoz who are stealing in zambia the government is/does not tok about.u stole election votes nathin was being said.wat kind of a zambia is this?too corupt shame on u leaders of piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiefuuuuuuuuuls

  16. Jms

    Pf u maybe right because Zambia is a capitalist nation ,we are wondering around not knowing which type of government we belong to.

  17. Harmon Patrick

    Zambia is Christian nation this mean we arecommend using bible and bible is our life of journey of future…of the end…to end…no eny other fooling we are alongside by our motto jesus for life…this means no other speticutara matter to devin us as Zambian we don’t want homesexual…irigant we disagree here in Zambia say no..we heard people to gather us in this homesexual but we are going to say we are not Dogs to dig bill nonsense..

  18. Nosense

    Foote are you Gay …you could not find a prom girl to take iut at high school …please show us the picture of your Steve since America changed to Adam and Steve….

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