Walk Out On Bill 10, Then What?

Opposition members of parliament yesterday walked out of Parliament when a motion was read by Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo seeking the reintroduction of the Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) Bill Number 10 of 2019 on the Order Paper.

Their walkout was no surprise because we all know it was an instruction from UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema that all his MPs should boycott Bill 10 when it is brought back to Parliament. The only ones that remained are Nalikwanda member of parliament Professor Geoffrey Lungwngwa and Teddy Kasonso of Solwezi East constituency. The reasons for their stay in the House is obvious; the two opposition members of parliament were part of the Parliamentary Select committee that sat to receive submissions from a cross section of Zambians on the proposals contained in the Bill 10. They couldn’t have just stood up because their counterparts from the party have adhered to the order given by their president. This is what we call patriotism. The two exercised independent judgment based on what they believe in instead of going by decisions dictated by someone else.

So Parliament hears that the Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) Bill will be tabled for inclusion on the Order Paper for this session of the National Assembly. Instead of staying in the House to hear the way forward for this Bill, the opposition members of parliament decide to walk out. This act disappointed quite a number of their supporters and sympathisers who expressed their disappointment on social media and preferred that those representatives of the people stayed in the House to either reject the Bill or not, than walking out. This is not the first time it is happening, but this it will not solve anything right now and never will it do so even in the future. This is a type of politics that has never solved anything in countries where democracy is relished and followed. Whenever a disagreement arises in the House, the best thing opposition members of parliament and others can do is to stick around and disagree with their colleagues on the right in a manner allowed using their parliamentary privileges. What the opposition must never forget is that they are in Parliament to represent the people and not their selfish interests. But well, the truth is that they are there to serve themselves going by their stunts regarding the Constitution.

They are backed by some Civil Society Organisations that only yesterday failed to clearly articulate their contentions with the Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) Bill when asked simple questions at some radio station. That was some self exposure of where their interests are; they do it on behalf of some politicians. Just like some of these CSOs, the truth of the matter is that even these so called opposition members of parliament that hold critical views over the governance of this country have their opinions titled towards a certain political agenda. There’s really no genuine cause by these opposition MPs and CSOs. Most of them do not have the interests of the people and the country at the core of their activities. It is about individual interests and ensuring their pockets are well taken care of.


  1. Yakumbuyo Banda

    Who ever these “walkout” parliamentarians are serving will get an answer from the people of Zambia come 2021 general elections.

  2. Kix2

    Forcing matters! The constitution amendment was rejected from the very begining by majority Zambians. Failed project

    • abilima

      Dr. Situmbeko Musokotwane is such a disappointment – the whole of an intellectual reduced to a Party cadre. Really sad. What is it that is in Bill 10 that you do not agree with if you have read the Bill? People are just following blindly without reading the Bill. I wonder whether HH himself has read the current Draft after the NDF sitting. Tell us what you disagree with in the current Draft.

      • Godfrey Siwale

        You’re to Harsh for Dr Musokotwane and the other one who Showed Patriotism,Let them Debate and express their Points!
        Knowledge is Power,and the information enriches the MIND 🇿🇲Zambia1st

  3. dance

    But pf is the worst govt I have ever seen! Only fools like pf including the reporter of this article can support this ridiculous motion. You can’t force a donkey to drink water. People of Zambia have totally rejected this motion. Otherwise, good move upnd

  4. Marker

    By the way which pipo have rejected it?because most of the Zambians had no access to the document other than being told by others according to their interest.Show as the document so that we can also study it before we can comment.

    • Ben banda

      You’re stupid, cause the document is there on Internet. Why can’t you download it?


    Dance don’t say people of Zambia have rejected this motion. You should say the UPND and yourself have rejected this motion. No wonder HH will lose in 2021 because he is not Christian. He is a tribalist and supports homosexuality that’s why he is quiet on what the US ambassador said.

  6. The governor

    Judge not for you will be judged, we are all called christians but not such in heart, leave hh alone just concetrate on yr party. the higher you go the cooler it becomes

  7. Abena kafue

    What Foote said is a matter between pf and USA not HH. The writer of this article is very far from understanding what is obtaining on the ground. If they didn’t walk out we were not going to see who are traitors in that house.

  8. Kennedy

    Stupid reporter

  9. Sibweni

    Democracy is fake. Pipo views and mps are different this caused more confusion bcoz mps do please the party leavin pipo helpless. UPND Walkin out is traditional.

  10. Idiocy Detector

    Very biased and useless opinion

  11. petru chipuluka

    we know the charecteristics of a certain party

  12. Gas Gas

    Bill 10 of 2019 has been condemned and criticized by many well meaning Zambians. I therefore, condemn it too.

    • Godfrey Siwale

      What have you researched about Bill10?
      Hope you’re not among those who never read,But response based on Opposition Political Xenophobia?

  13. Jungle unchained

    President sata died along side with pf,a care taker is useless coz he can’t understand the logic of the owner.

  14. kcm

    walking out of parley is everywhere in a democratic nation,and if the reporter was very young during the time pf was in oppositon,pf also boycoted the sessions many times by the order of mc sata.
    So leave hh out of this nosense and as a reporter you must first do your research well before reporting to the public otherwise its really disapointing to have such a journalist like you.

  15. Franz Tembo

    Patrio tic Has Tested A Green Litmus Paper Into Acid Remains Nuetraj

  16. pf

    alot of shit happening in this gvt and u ar sayn nothing oh oh i 4got dat we are paying u to dent upnd but chris be reminded dat the will of people its not our wil one day we wil be gone

  17. Lovemore

    Is this an opinion and not a story.
    Which supporters are disappointed? When we are solidly behind the MPs.
    How do you sit back and listen to the rubbish?

  18. Lovemore

    This is an opinion and not a story.
    Which supporters are disappointed? When we are solidly behind the MPs.
    How do you sit back and listen to the rubbish?

  19. Fisunge

    And don’t think this bill 10 can make one loose or Winn elections Because if we see pipo who are on social media there very few compared to the tugiligili phones which the majority have in combons and villages who do you think care about the bill 10 we want pipo who can deliver than those who think having a male to male marriage can bring happiness in Zambia

  20. Man Fra

    Comment. Tell us what the bill number 10 is saying we know the way forward

  21. Chendabusiku

    Who said Hakainde Hichilema had any heart for Zambia? it will be a sad day for some of his MPs when they will realise that they were just going to no where slowly. Their leader is blind and does not see Zambia, but he sees stae house only and is aking everyone to help him go to state house. Very sad.



  23. PF

    You re the one whose blind chendabusiku coz the person u re pointing at is well respected and rich…..stop pointing people u thief’s….n what type of a journalist re u…..

  24. Abraham harmon

    this bil.ten i dont like it enywere…why we recommend nonsensewe dont need it lets vote first in 2021then u can settle this bil10..otherwise conflictis coming next 2021…

  25. Sitwala

    Can Somebody Kindly Quote And Send Me Bill 10 Of 2019 As Clearly As It Is Drafted.

    Thanking You In Advance.

    • Pharaoh

      Indeed let they boycott during 2021 General Elections because its their habbit.

  26. Angoni

    The walk out team of loosers.

  27. FKJN

    Zambian people refused so it should be head again yes its true its wrong to raise a dead story unless going around zambia to ask every people again but dont force things but for both oposition or ruling you are inocent

  28. Kabinjula Chinunga

    Cenjele_cenjele siazimeta!

  29. Herbz

    The problem here is hunger. We have lost the senses of reasoning, we’re busy concentrating on things that will never normalize our economy. What is this bill 10 all about if I may ask?

  30. Positive

    Upnd MPs should not have walked out if there didn’t want bill 10,lets put it this way who is going to oppose the motion if there continue walking out then if it becomes a law the same pipo will complain yet the never sat to oppose and us the citizens will be upset with them for not doing there job trust me.

    • Mubita

      No one dude and do these people really know what is contained in this Bill 10 that everyone is talking about


    Say no to bill # 10

  32. Mubita

    Please for GOD’S sake can someone tell us what is contained in bill 10

  33. A.Uhuru Ndilayi

    Who sponsors this forum? As a patriotic Zambian citizen it sounds like it’s a of mouthpiece. Its just an opinion as it’s segment says it all I guess.

  34. A.Uhuru Ndilayi

    Pf mouth piece I meant to say

  35. Musi

    Walking out is not a solution as you cannot win a boxing fight outside the boxing-ring.

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