Appeal Court Dismisses High Court’s Refusal To Join Nkombo, Kambwili To Impeachment Case

Court of Appeal judge Fulgence Chisanga has dismissed the ruling of the High Court which refused to join Mazabuka UPND member of parliament Gary Nkombo and NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili to the judicial review case relating to the impeachment motion issued by them.

 Judge Chisanga quashed the ruling of the High Court and ordered that Mr Nkombo and Mr Kambwili be joined to the Judicial review proceedings as parties that are properly interested in the same.

The Court of Appeal further reversed the High Court’s order that costs were to be borne by  Mr Nkombo and Mr Kambwili but that instead, each party bears own costs both in the High Court and in the Court of Appeal.

Mr Nkombo was represented by Mulambo Haimbe of Malambo and Co while Mr Kambwili was represented by Gilbert Phiri of PNP Advocates, Christopher Mundia of CLM Legal Practitioners and Zevianji Sinkala of Muleza Mwiimbu and Company.

The Respondents, were represented by Hobday Kabwe, Ignatius Chooka, Lewis Mosho and the Attorney Generals Chambers.


  1. Leon

    From bill 10 to gay and now impeachment is this entertainment or or party of ways of development

  2. Tom London

    Leon my brother it only shows that things are not alright in Zambia .There is total political madness . A lot of comedy is the character of the pf .
    Let us wait and see how our Appeals Court is going to handle this court impeachment case once again .
    It is of course not a homosexual offense but a big Hot Potato . The whale world obviously is looking at Zambia the Christian nation .

    • Leon

      Put in the same shoes I would rather not be impeached but resign though one can.make a name in history as being the first to be impeached. May the soul of Mugabe rest in peach ,he chose to resign other word step down

  3. Jms

    This should have occurred before, but the majority sim not to care about developing their county but to feed their stomachs and to plunder.

    • Pharaoh

      All the days supporting and criticising. I hope there was a political psychology scale indicated which could electronically detect some person’s implications I have observed that any straight forward issue or news on this platform, some responses are always political and misleading in ones thought.I again have ever heard a common consensus on any article posted on Zambia Reports.Kindly could some one help. Me why this the trend.

  4. chiko

    Cheap politics minded,how do u call a court case as someone’s failure?Isukulu lisuma,lets go back and learn more guys!

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