The Chingola Subordinate Court has convicted and sentenced an accountant to 6 months simple imprisonment for Corrupt practices with a Public officer involving K30, 000.
In presiding over the matter Solwezi Magistrate Hon. Tamara Kakusa who was sitting in Chingola, sentenced Charles Mabo Sampule, 37, of BRRSV Complex Riverside, Chingola an Accountant for Kazenene Investments Ltd to six (6) months simple imprisonment.
Meanwhile, Hon. Kakusa acquitted Francis Chishala, 40, of Plot number 53 off Mimosa Kabundi North, Chingola an Assistant Accountant of the same firm who was jointly charged with Sampule.
The Anti-Corruption Commission in 2014 arrested two (2) Accounts personnel at Kazenene Investments Ltd in Kitwe for corrupt practices involving K 30, 000.
Charles Mabo Sampule, an Accountant at Kazenene Investments Ltd and Francis Chishala, an Assistant Accountant of the same firm were arrested and jointly charged with one Count of Corrupt Practices with Public Officer contrary to section 19(2) as read with section 41 of the Anti-Corruption Act no. 3 of 2012.
Details are that the duo, jointly and whilst acting together, corruptly offered K 30 000 and actually gave K 10 000 cash gratification to Brian Ntanda and Kambole Mutiti, as an inducement or reward for the said Ntanda and Mutiti to facilitate the illegal reduction or scrapping off of the contribution arrears and penalties owed by Kazenene Investments Ltd to National Pensions Scheme Authority a matter or transaction that concerns National Pension Scheme Authority, A Public Body.


  1. Bambala

    Well done judiciary. These are the people who are causing NAPSA to pay we senior citizens (pensioners) peanuts as our monthly pension. NAPSA should up their inspection game and collect all contributions from ALL employers, and then review upwards we pensioners’ monthly payments to a level of- at least-
    the lowest paid civil servant, as some of us from the private sector never got any lump sum terminal benefits from our two- yearly renewable contract jobs. All chicanery by employers like these young men from Chingola’s Kazenene, must be treated just like these two fellows who have just been jailed for trying to shield their employer from paying its dues after deducting from the workers.

  2. Zambian Patriots

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