PF Give 24 Hour Ultimatum to Provincial Chair After Ilambo Ward Loss

The Patriotic Front (PF) has issued a 24-hour ultimatum for its Northern Province chairperson to explain or resign in the wake of the Ilambo Ward by-election loss to the UPND.

Party Secretary General Davies Mwila said the loss of a local government seat in Lupososhi Constituency was very embarrassing to the ruling party.

Northern Province Chairperson Lazarus Bwalya has been called out to give a credible explanation for the loss.

The Patriotic Front lost the Ilambo Ward in Lupososhi Constituency in Luwingu district.

Mwila told a media briefing in Lusaka today that it is unacceptable for Mr. Chungu who is not only Lupososhi Member of Parliament but Northern Province Minister to lose a local government by-election in his own house.

Chungu has since been given 24 hours to explain why the party lost in Lupososhi ward or face consequences.

He said failure to do so will result in the party taking action against their lawmaker.

Mwila said the PF campaign team in Northern Province was complacent in all the ward elections.



  1. lawyer

    it is like asking the dead son to explain its death when the family has no solution thats anarch shame at mourn the dead dont throw the courps

    • Climate change

      Equy, president lungu must give a 24 hour ultimatum to mwila to show cause why he should not be dropped.in cabinet they tell us that it is a collective decision meaning you can not put blame on one individual.my question to mwila is was bwalya chungu campaigning all alone? cause even president lungu was there.are you going to give your boss an ultimatum aswel? The problem is that most people in pf have become big headed.anyway we are watching

    • Leon

      My advice to Mr Chungu leave of and join Upnd because you people are now Upnd members that’s the reason they voted Upnd

  2. bombshell

    Mr reporter y cant u report this article in full the way u ‘ve reported 4 the Milenge seat? U gave us the figures for the first by election but for this one u jst give us the reaction from the loosing party.Do u feel hurt when PF loose & the opposite win

  3. Bwalya mwaume

    Its a workup call to PF mwilamona kwati abantu tabalemona ifyo mulecusha abantu.kw ibukishanaba tata BA sata tetitulecula muli iyi nshila.

  4. Chief mumbo

    This is the sample for 2021 general election and we don’t know how Davis Mwila is going to say to Lungu because Lungu is the head of PF.Remember Mr Mwila when Zambia National team losses 5:0 and came again loss to Zimbabwe at home ground 2:1 the best reason to Zambia lose like that they stopped training and practice football and they add a confidence of win every time but they just forgotten one thing which practice.This is what is going to happen to pf, pf members think like to be a pf member any good thing can happen but the forget that its us Zambian who voted for them but not pf members.This is how pf going to cry off 5:0 keep on owning people and you are failing to practice or deliver.
    May time ticking faster
    Don’t steal mwibala 🙏.

  5. Mambwe

    Give him chance to explain, mind you he is a Minister call him and let him explain what happened. Alot of people lost elections before but nobody undressed them in public.

  6. resume

    real men we won

  7. kcm

    hahahaha,ba mwila you lost yours in 2016,who summoned you to give reasons for your failed project?apply your 6 points kaili.

  8. Franz Tembo

    He Failed To Suspend Nathan Chanda On The Copperbelt Province After Losing A Party Born With Teeth,n D C.You Should Go Back To The Drawing Board And Do Postmorten Over Elections U Have Done From 2016 Up Todate.Use Also Swot Analysis To Your System .Accept A Defeat Is When U Grow.

  9. Enock kampelo

    Well done ba nothern pr.

  10. Fyantha

    Elections are like a game. Why being furious? Loss or win are common scenarios

  11. Mpombo

    And some people still stick to the illusion that Bembas are also tribal like Tongas there you have it to gauge. Ba Mwila its you the executive officer who is supposed to resign. Your work has been found wanting. Wish southerners could do the same to shame people that say they are tribalists but I doubt.

  12. Abena kafue

    What explanation should he give apart from climate change. Your president ecl blames nothing but climate change for everything I n Zambia,what about a mere minister?

  13. felix simuchimba

    You imposed a wrong person on them, Lupososhi’s not the first to fall to the opposition, 1 chimwemwe constituence, another one in mufulira, in Luapula where Davies chama come from, wusakile, too numerous to mention, you don’t listen, hence the poor perfomance.Listen from the pipo from the grass root, or else it’s gonna be the same in 2021

  14. 2021 tefitu

    Zambia wake up

  15. Bashikulu Em2a

    Is one political party going to be at the current position forever?

  16. Ada

    Democratic country dont 4get comrade mwila. Blame nt yo minister chungu he is innocent at all cost

  17. Mponje


  18. Curtis

    I conquer with bombshell.Mr reporter,could you please give us the details of the results just as you did with the pf results because this forum is for all Zambians regardless of their political affiliation.

  19. pf

    maaaayooo is this what will happen in 2021

  20. gupta

    I think it z hunger sir in the area pipo failed to identify de symbol for our party…we must to do something to avoid more miss in 2021

  21. mulima

    Nothing! God first

  22. Mukenge Kenny

    Don’t worry thats how things is sometimes.but we are going to win in 2021

  23. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle masters

    That is not good you foos.Everytime you whant to win? Noooo. You are just kiling your selves. Atherwise, congratulations to the winers go aherd

  24. Mukanwa mukikopo

    Clever Mwila gives impression that he was not aware of the activities in that area when as PF SG he was very much aware (through daily reports) that the campaigning was tilting in favour of the UPND. So in all fairness he is the one who must resign.

  25. Kfb

    Insansa kuchinjanya..no need to be restless ba mwila, pf has ransacked the national treasury to its knees. A defeat in your own territory is a good sign that you have become political rejects. Start packing your bags and leave Zambians in peace in or before 2021



  27. Austerity

    This has happened before PF has won in strongholds of upnd. Looks like the message of ”one Zambia one nation” is getting across. This is healthy for the nation. Congratulations to both parties.

    By the way, luapula is the bedroom for pf not necessarily northern though it is near the bedroom.

  28. kanyangala mwila musompa

    uwawa tabula kabepesho, come 2021

  29. Ackim Chiyengo

    People are fatigue with pf ‘s lies, ubufi, nangu abana pa ng’anda ulebabepabepa gala mwenamo. People are suffering the president can’t do anything to control the situation all he says its climate change even our neighbors are suffering too. The northerners are not fools EDGAR LUNGU AND PF PROMISED THEM A LOT of which Mr Mwila should ask himself if they fulfilled any. As UPND Chililabombwe constituency youth wing, twamitotela ba northern let’s liberate ourselves especially youths let’s be courageous like our national youth vice chairman for politics Honorable Liswaniso. Mwishimya umulilo mukoseshe tulibonse ni punkamo Na Lesa kuntanshi HH pa kati imfwe Panuma.

  30. Dr Fonicks

    PF SG, don’t blame Hon Bwalya. What you have maybe not noticed, is that there is a wind of change slowly blowing across Zambia. Mr Mwila, honestly speaking, was Hon Bwalya campaigning alone ? You can’t put blame on one person in an election loss. Go to the grassroots and hear from the horse’s mouths. What you shouldn’t forget is that most people are slowly losing interest in the once flamboyant PF. One of the main reasons is rampant corruption going on among you in government. The contributing factor being that, in all these allegations, no one has been caught wanting. The only unfortunate was Hon kabanshi who is also alleged to be a sacrificial lamb. Ba SG, open your eyes. There maybe worse things to come. I love you as people, but I hate your corrupt activities. You started very well but the love of money has driven crazy. Put your house in order to avoid your foreseen languish. Most Zambiana love in abject poverty so much such that mangoes have taken the place of Nkhoma whereby some of you your dog’s have relish in form mixed cut (beef). Don’t Zambians for a ride. Ask Super Ken and my cousin RB. They are in a much better situation to explain to you in full. I leave you in peace. Forewarned is forewarned. Take it or leave it. To me life still goes on even beyond 2021 depending on the Lord’s time for me.

  31. Muzipe

    This is a wake up call for the PF, I can foresee a 1991 wind of change in the forth coming general elections

  32. Pat

    Threats are signs of weakness

    • Ok

      # Pat true, ayi if you know you are winning why even bother to warn your competitors? Just go ahead with your winning strategy instead of wasting time giving warnings!!!!!!

  33. King cool

    Useless Mwila, remember what led to the exit of UNIP from power, mealie meal!!!!

  34. jahrules

    Tuleya tulekula ka,,finshi mwashota teShuko mano mwashota,,,,one man once said if you familialize yourself with chains of bondage,you should prepare your own limbs to wear then..”A.LINCOLN”

  35. Kadoli hope

    It’s just a game, you need to work harder to beat your opponent , cost of living is too high work on it.

  36. Mugwagwanyoko

    Twalumba basa
    To give a lesson to these fighters,twapenga we are living like we don’t have the president, very soon we had a terrible accident at buseko because of the cadre’s putting the bars near the roads, and the public relation officer from the house called council he is quite and fearing to be fired by the cadre’s, go to Lumumba road near city market pipo are sitting along the road selling salaula, and what will happen when the truck losing control? Please do something to those vender’s

  37. Mugwagwanyoko

    My brother called Mr Devi’s mwila don’t force your friend to resign from your part because you lose from upnd, why can’t you tell the millers to reduce the prices of mealie meal, to remove the cadre’s from the markets, stations, clinics,and you are busy telling your fellow pf to resign, well time is running to 2021,mind you tomorrow is 2021

  38. Niso kodibba

    that’s the goodness of democracy, u can try to force matters ,but when people are decided they stand for what they want..elo nkhani yopishana mu party mukaluza its a sign that in 2021 when pf loses they will start killing each other and the party will be completely dead..

  39. The Taliban

    The wind of change is blowing….. and when you see such,just know something big is about to happen which will bring all together.

  40. Yakumbuyo Banda

    The wind of change could be there , unfortunately the only choice is this arrogant, selfish and bitter opposition leader who which leaves as with no choice but to stick to PF.

  41. Puzzle

    That’s nice Upnd well done

  42. Herbz

    As if he was the one voting. People chooses who they want.

  43. Kulibonesha Ta

    David Mwila is a joker, why should he issue ultimatums to provincial chair, he has short memories, he himself lost the chipili seat in ,luapula in 2016. He was defeated by an independent when he was a sitting minister of home affairs for that matter.

  44. lawyer

    psychologicaly blaming one under playing team mate openly as a captain you are squizzing out even the last drop of hope for the team to win next time,simple the manager should fire the captain before much damage is encountered by the team

  45. clint


  46. The Duke

    Mr mwila the SG it shows that you are not working as a SG of the great party and your time is up.
    You can’t bleam one person as if he was the only one campaigning this lose it is a woke up call let’s work hard as party in government.

  47. Musanya Samuel

    Everything that happens, it happens for a purpose

  48. Kayo

    Mwila dt think we’ll,after loosing to NDC IN LUASHYA did he resign him nd ba madam phiri but they wet to challenge NDC
    RIP PF..

  49. Jms

    The case is straight forward,Davis mwila needs results (figures) thsts all.

  50. Jurias


  51. Petauke Genera

    It’s just the start you’re going to see,come 2021

  52. Daniel lungu

    nice nice

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