PF Retain Milenge Seat

The ruling Patriotic Front has retained the Milenge council chairperson seat with its candidate Chanda Masheke polling 4, 409 votes ahead of the UPND’s Brave Nsamba who got 1, 237.

The by-election was necessitated by the death of incumbent Fidelis Chushi of the Patriotic Front.

According the results announced by Returning officer Duncan Chipulu this morning, the PF retained the seat with a runway margin.


  1. Chansa chansa

    Techabo bakalekefye

    • Felix MPANDE

      Well done .will you see in 2021 bye

    • John Chinena

      The wining of a seat BY UPND proves 2 things.
      1. Elections are never rigged in Zambia.
      2. Bembas do not vote on tribal lines
      Home work for babies PF.

    • John Chinena

      The wining of a seat BY UPND proves 2 things.
      1. Elections are never rigged in Zambia.
      2. Bembas do not vote on tribal lines
      Home work for ba PF.

  2. Mapesho

    Congratulations PF.

  3. Bashikulu Em2a

    chabe so

  4. Leon

    We will watch znbc news thereafter listen to Prime TV News

  5. Ba bemba

    Congratulations ba PF, let’s hope you will reduced the price of the meali meal at milenge.

    • eneli

      He won because people are not aware of the price of maize meal, exchange rate etc

  6. Moses P Sichula

    Congratulations comrades in Milenge.

  7. 0962192787

    To us that think that if I vote for this one or that one they will reduce the price of mealie meal bwana that is a dream for now

  8. Tubulu

    The major concerns for Milenge now are as follows, the Kasanka-Milenge road, the completion of the stalled police station which is at roof level, the completion of the district offices of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Trades Training Institute.The m/meal price issue is for town dwellers not for Milenge

  9. Edgar's diehard

    CHAGWA!!!!!!!! AGAIN!!!!!!

  10. mubiana inambao

    let wait for 2020 we want to teach u a lesson which we did to MMD

    • chitimuluba

      cocroach iwe you are not going to teach anyone a lesson in 2021 with your tribalist and gay manuvoures.

  11. Tubulu

    Wishful thinking

  12. Ben Shaft

    Big up PF


    A sign that HH is losing in 2021

  14. Let it rain

    OK but avoid loadshedding


    UPND thinks by winning a by election at ward level in Lupososhi is a sign that pf has lost ground, that’s wrong thinking, wait for 2021 you will see the way you will cry as you did in 2016.

  16. chitimuluba

    lets go pf no chance to the gay dnpu in 2021

  17. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Congratulations PF

  18. Bwalya mwaume

    Mr chagwa now since you ve won the election can you do the road you promised the people of MILENGE.2021 is just around the corner.

  19. Enock

    Supporters of pf are blind

  20. Enock

    Supporters of pf are blind, this gvt has totally distroyed zambia, it is no longer zambia but zabwa.

  21. too bad

    I’m not happy

  22. Vakulolavye

    kkkkkkkkk…did I hear someone say there’s wind of change???? Perhaps with naka one fish in the sea…. kkkkkkkkk…but mother Inonge che!!!

  23. Mponje


  24. Mulobezi

    Zambia has changed. The nation is getting reconstructed. Schools build , roads roads and bridges, universities, power stations, plots given, more people are driving, fertilizer being distributed, Clinic built but now our Father Edgar Lungu and Mum Inonge mutukwa wina needs to pray for rain to avoid loadshading and make bumper harvest real so mealie meal prices Go down

  25. Milengnian

    Milenge has seen massive development under pf. Very good roads, schools,hospitals and no project has stalled. No loadshedding, no hunger compared to other parts of zambia.

  26. Jm

    Council bye election campaigned by the entire state house staff and cabinet ministers shows the dwindling popularity. Mibenge is a village, Roan constituency told them a lesson

  27. chinyo chanoko

    Its so shame indeed, all the pf ministry were in milenge including the President

  28. Fisunge

    Pipo of lupososhi wanted to show the upnd how to vote not to encourage tribalism they tested them are you not happy that you’re being tested look at you we shall see what you will give them just cow dung don’t play with bembas they will wink you there clever cats that could talk

  29. Joe London

    At least ba UPND have something to smile about in every election, no the way the pipo in their stronghold did in DUNDUMWEZI, where the PF and its president where not given a single vote not even by any civil servant. It’s so sad a situation.

  30. clint


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