Police Gun Down Seven Armed Criminals

Police in Lusaka have gunned down seven notorious criminals suspected to be foreign nationals in an exchange of fire recovering four firearms among them, three Pistols and one revolver with rounds of ammunition.

Police spokesperson Esther Katongo says the incident occurred on Thursday between 19:00 and 20 00 hours in Lusaka’s Makeni Simson area after Police received a tip off from members of the public.

“A search in a motor vehicle which the criminals were using, a Toyota Ipsum registration number ALX 8160, silver in color, a further recovery of 36 rounds of ammunition of a revolver, two number plates bearing registration numbers AAJ 4317 and ABM 9712, two masks, four reverts, 22 assorted cell phones, assorted foreign currency among them Chinese, Indian, Zimbabwean, Malawian and Singapore currencies was made” she said.

Katongo added that the criminals are suspected to have been behind a spate of aggravated robberies experienced in Lusaka targeting foreign nationals.



  1. Central power

    Congratulations Zambia police….

    • Leonard

      But you are failing to control criminals hiding in the name of Cadres,

    • Darlington

      It’s good to hear that the Zambia police service has done a great job in dealing with criminals….keep up with the good work guys!

  2. chitimuluba

    nice work guys keep it up

  3. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Good job ZP

  4. Christopher phiri

    Job well done Zambia police



    • Curtis

      That’s the way to go, keep it up Zambia police service we are behind you let”s minimize the entry of these foreigners.l look at what they are doing,shame.

  6. Bwalya mwaume

    Icisuma cilailombela umucele.

  7. Impyakusu ichinyo

    Ba steval go and hung yourself I think chakubaba chikala, here we are taking about something else you are bringing politics shame on you

    • EPHESTUS Siaziyu

      Carefull,answer him friendly,or else you are at risk.Him is correct.

  8. Chembe mbewe

    Well done zp

  9. Nayz one

    well done officers

  10. Mpombo

    Gun down no exchange of fire.But I note with interest the exchange of foreign currency. This time fi zizila mu cold room yaku U T H.Stay alive join the police not the criminals!!!!

  11. Andre Kash

    Job well do ZP, people you should learn to give credit where it’s due.✌️👏

  12. Andre Kash

    Job well done
    ZP, people you should learn to give credit where it’s due.✌️👏

  13. mwitwa

    Hard work police

  14. muzo

    what wil the american ambassador, foote,say over this issue?

  15. mulima

    Well done zp ,bane I wish to join yo service

  16. claudy lungu

    Good Job guys!!!! hope there was no casualties from your squad

  17. Erick de Major

    Job well done ba ZP

  18. Twaileta

    At least ma cadres you now executing your duties.

  19. Tom London

    Esther Katongo , there are all so mukuba tree logs hiding somewhere in Lusaka ( a tip off ) can your men in uniform gun them down as well because they are also smooth economic criminals vandalising the resources of this country . Otherwise well done on this one .Ooh by the way are you not going to do something about those much talked about 50 + miracle houses owned by a smart gay . And excuse me Esther I nearly foregot are you doing something about on the Illegal Salaries by the PF Cabinet Ministers ?

  20. Mickwa76

    Well done.

  21. Nice Job,keep it up ba ZP


  22. Jungle unchained

    Next time gun down kaiza Zulu please.

  23. Jay

    Job well down zp

  24. Vanley hachimanyanga

    Job well done esther.

  25. Nicholas Moyo

    Well done keep it up

  26. Abantu mucalo

    Madam Katongo, you’re a hard worker which everyone knows about you, but what’s going on about Kaizer ?His behavior is not differ from those criminals, supposed their is people in that houses he was ignited? It’s your duty, we respect you and you can do it without fail

  27. Mugwagwanyoko

    Police you have done a good job to gundown these criminals, now what about the cadre’s who don’t want to leave the stations, are they not criminals also?and did you arrest any one

  28. Simeon Daka

    It’s gud yes ,but you like to say exchange of gunfire even if the criminals didn’t fire .you just shot them

  29. Joe London

    Madam T Katongo, de police also needs to conduct some kind of screening foreigners who don’t mean well to live among us.

  30. Joe London

    How are foreigners make it easier to move around without even fearing the police? Moving with guns from their countries to wherever they want to use them without fearing any one or the police.

  31. Joe London

    The police must introduce and mount RoadBlocks as they are a good thing like what used to happen in the UNIP days.

  32. Darlington

    Good job

  33. Doxmilliany

    Good movements Ba zp continue with your spirits.

  34. Werner iiyambo

    Who are there victim because i have one of my friend also held that he’s also involved

  35. Toivo

    Are those 7 people all die or some you arest them?

  36. Doctor

    Good work for the Zambia police
    Surely you have shown your strength exchanging gun shouts congratulations this are policies we want in Zambia

  37. Alpha Ali

    mwami ba zungu congrats for the job well done,thumbs up

  38. Elina

    We,re mourning here

  39. Zelda

    Are they all Zambians?

  40. Twahafa

    What nationality are the thugs?

  41. They are Namibians

    They are Namibians

  42. Destiny

    Zambia will pay for this.

    • Finaughty

      Zambian authority was just suppose to arrest them not to kill, Zambian s they still in namibia like no body s business and we just arrest them,I think its now time for us to kill them,they will pay soon

  43. Rudy

    I like the job done by Zambian police service thief that hurt their victims physically must be killed not an even arrest should be made.

  44. Hendrick Johannes

    Zambia living in Namibia you must start packing arldy because we will do the same to you. You areally hereally stealing but we don’t kill you. It’s time for you to home enough is enough.

    • Kaxuxwena

      Don’t use our country in your criminal activities. Every one can reap what he/she has harvested. What were they doing with guns in a foreign country

  45. Hendrick Johannes

    Zambia living in Namibia you must start packing arldy because we will do the same to you. You are here stealing but we don’t kill you. It’s time for you to go home enough is enough.

    • Kaxuxwena E.

      This threats cannot be trolated those eho are going to gun down innonceng Zambian in Namibia they will join their friends . Namibia is mot a lawless country were you can kill innocent people. Don’t use our country in you ctiminal activities 😠😠

      • Kaxuxwena E.

        This threats cannot be trolated those who are going togun down innoncent Zambian in Namibia they will join their friends . Namibia is not a lawless country were you can kill innocent people. Don’t use our country in you ctiminal activities 😠😠

  46. Salom

    Killing is not an option. You have arrested the people and than later you kill them like flies? Stop fooling us that there were gun exchange!!! We know everything….we see u Zambia

  47. Kaino Sheya

    Kulumentu anuwa okudhigu
    Kiilono yaantu ihakulikolwa matanga

  48. Dave doff

    So in Zambia the police kill everyone without reserving none for evidence? ??

  49. Kondjeni

    We the people of Namibia are very proud of the Zambian police for doing what the Namibian police couldn’t do against these thieving marauders. We know that the good riddance of these enemies of progress is not political but a safety precaution. It’s a good lesson that if criminals have managed to break down Namibia they can’t succeed in Zambia. Thank you for refusing to accept lawlessness. I understand that they have been going to Zambia often. Criminals shouldn’t be entertained anywhere in the world. In our language also spoken by the deceased thugs we say “otwa pandula unene” (Thank you very much). Zikomo the people of Zambia.

  50. Tim

    Zambian police please bring their body to Namibia

  51. Tobias

    Who gave their correct names and identities that they are all namibians as they were exchanging fire and die? I ask cose criminals they evere carry wrong documents n no body talk to them ovasa. I heared there was one of my cousin n i m still doubting of preparing to get the body from there. I don’t support criminals so ovasa oita yavo.

  52. Commando


  53. Siseho vernon

    Good job zambia

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