Kang’ombe, Mpundu Battle for Adoption Divides C/B PF

The political alignments ahead of the 2021 elections parliamentary adoptions has manifested with Patriotic Front district chairperson Everisto Chilufya engulfed in the intr-party contests.

Chilufya has been accused of weeding out prospective supporters of the possible candidature of Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe and District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu.

Some Patriotic Front Members have accused Chilufya of abusing powers to suspend ordinary members perceived to be supporting either Kang’ombe or Mpundu.

The complainants feel the action to suspend members of the party is meant to instil fear among those who have been advocating for a change of leadership among some serving members of parliament.

“It is not a hidden fact, people are scared of Kang’ombe (Christopher) and Binwell (Mpundu) in the next elections so now they are issuing suspensions to anyone who supports these two,” a PF member has disclosed.

The complaints follow the suspension of Leevan Mukuka a well-known Kang’ombe supporter and Clement Kalobo, who appears to beMpundu’s official photographer.

“So if you ask me, how can you suspend Kalobo or Leevan Mukuka? These are just sympathisers but the reasons are known because they are close to Binwell Mpundu and Christopher Kang’ombe, it is very unfair and we feel the man is abusing powers now,” another member stated.

When asked, Chilufya who is Luangwa Ward Councillor also former Kitwe Deputy Mayor said the party is governed by rules and those not adhering to that will be suspended.

“We have rules in this party; all we are doing is to discipline those misbehaving. We will not tolerate indiscipline among our members. This is just to give them an opportunity for them to reflect on their conduct,” Chilufya said.

He added that those being suspended are not being chased from the party.


  1. Enock

    You are paving ways fo upnd

  2. Fonko Fonko

    Enock, mind you Pf had worse wrangles in 2015 but still managed to beat UPND. Ba upnd ni patali!

    • Mula

      Natu joiner upnd and you shall be shocked.you will come and start hiding like your late friend Chanda chimbwi.come 2021 its upnd forward

    • Wise

      Fonko Fonko I can see you are one of the idiots still supporting PF. You are getting tenders out of it? You are disgusting! The whole PF IS. BUNCH OF THEIVES! Want to steal anything and everything. UPND 2021!

      • Ok

        The truth hurts and results in insults. Bitter people indeed!

      • Brian

        # Wise, in your dreams we can’t allow a tribalist,selfish,gay supporter and bitter leader to rule this nation. We say NO to Hakalusa Hagain.

    • Shi BWALYA

      Keep dreaming while HH is getting close to plot one. You think we eat tribal when you are the one championing it. No amount of lies will keep us from voting for HH…. I regret my votes ama votes yandi I have been throwing mu bucket iyatulika zoona

  3. Njenje

    Too bad guys

  4. Cool boy

    Upnd 2021

  5. Bazzo

    UPND 2021 it’s already known

  6. Cholera

    2021 upnd as much as I hate upnd they will be the order of the day people want change they get all my family and friends votes

    • 5x unfit for plot 1

      Looking forward to the 6th. Start preparing for the petition.

  7. Hon DM

    Come 2021 it’s upnd bane

  8. jah man

    ,,we are waiting for the pettition week in 2021

  9. chiti muluba

    ba UPND nimpofu ishitungululwa nempofu shinabo

  10. talalamusonda

    2021 is judgement day for the of government people will decide weather to give them another term or not.

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