Truck Driver Burns To Death In Road Accident

A truck driver has died on the spot while four others have sustained injuries in a Fatal Road Traffic accident which happened on Friday evening.

Zambia Police Spokesperson Esther Mwaata-Katongo stated that the accident happened around 17:46 hours along the Great East Road, about 80 Kilometres west of Nyimba Boma.

“Involved was Male Masauso Zulu aged 55 of unknown address in Chipata who whilst driving a Volvo truck ABR 1420 with five passengers on board and loaded with cooking oil moving from west to east lost control of the motor vehicle and blocked the road. The driver died on the spot and was burnt beyond recognition and the remains were deposited in Nyimba District Hospital mortuary,” Mwaata-Katongo stated.

“The following passengers sustained some injuries: male Johane Mwanza aged 33 of Chipata sustained broken right leg and general body pains and he has been referred to St Francis Mission Hospital while the other two were being observed at Nyimba District Hospital.
The accident happened when the driver lost control of the motor vehicle which blocked the road and caught fire.”

And Mwaata-Katongo stated that one person died while 13 others sustained injuries in a Road Traffic Accident which occurred on Friday again around 17:40 hours along Independence Avenue in Lusaka.

” Involved was a Toyota Hiace registration number ALJ 8227 driven by unknown driver who ran away after the accidents and on board were the following passengers: Alick, other name is not known, who sustained fatal injuries and died on the spot, Violet Mulena aged 36, Violet Chiliti, male Chishimba Nkonde aged 55, Charity Kayonde aged 38, Esnart Tembo aged 47, Grace Nalwamba Grace aged 38, Juliet Zimba aged 84, Bertha Mucha aged 47, Davis Tembo aged 38, male Ludo Chinyemba aged 38, Grace Zulu aged 58, Georgina Phiri aged 45 and John Chitalu aged 45,” she stated.

“Also involved was John Banda aged 37 driving a Steyr truck registration number AGB 6465. The accident occurred when the driver of the Toyota Hiace ALJ 8227 failed to keep to its near side ( lane) hence hit into the truck which was parked off the road.”


  1. King cool

    Sad news indeed



  3. Konks

    My condolences to all of you, May your souls rest in peace.
    What will they do to that one who ran away 🏃?

  4. Desmond Nyambe

    Bad news, please drivers develop your car sense to avoid wear and tear, follow the ten basic rules please!

  5. Pato

    This is really sad news… Hope the driver who ran away will be punished.

  6. KINKO

    y de accident occurred at de same day? after having “chiii black chiii Friday”
    at 17:40hrs accident in lsk
    at 17:46hrs de accident at great east road
    y? y? y?
    remove chiii black Friday in Zambia
    kupusa those hu introduced chiii black Friday alaaaaaa kupena kwenu u leaders ov black Friday

  7. Gabriel

    Sorry for the victims

  8. Julius

    Sorry may soul rest in peace only God knows

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    • LN

      Misplaced information. We are talking about deaths, but you are talking about money making. You should have feelings for those that are in sorrows.

  10. Ivor mwinga

    it’s hard but it’s life it’s sad but it’s time my heartfelt condolences

  11. Fisunge

    Very sad indeed especially that he was alive and that he could have been saved but due to capturing on phones ee lost him mwe Bantu let’s abstain from that and have a heart for saving lives instead of capturing🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲

  12. Pastor Victor

    sad development sorry for the victims

  13. Don

    Bad news indeed it’s a very important thing to follow traffic rules on the road when you’re driving on the road.

  14. nalwendo

    Sad news but please truck drivers service is needed before starting off

  15. frustum

    may Almighty have mercy on them

  16. Dr Fonicks

    Really sad news. MHSRIP. What is so disheartening about the driver’s death is that someone was filming whilst the driver was crying for help. If this devil had assisted, am sure our brother could have been saved. This system of filming an incident where a person is need of help must stop. There are also times where a person is being clobbered and someone else is video taking. As Christians, let’s render assistance and then film later. Take a leaf of the good Samaritan. Please desist from all forms of filming when there is urgent need for assistance or better give your phone to someone else whilst you are assisting. Behave in a Christian manner.

  17. KAYO

    Same ages Wer were they going,RIP
    POLICE how far with power tools buses wich hited two people in kalumbila-solwezi last week.

  18. Mwana wa Lonicca

    may the good Lord remember their souls.

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