10-Year Old Girl Reports Abusive Dad to Police after he Battered his Wife

A 10-year old girl of Wusakile Township in Kitwe has hit the spotlight after having reported his father to the police for battering her mother leaving her unconscious.

The assailant identified as 49 year old Potipher Lungu battered his wife and locked her up in her unconscious state.

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga who confirmed the incident said Lungu beat up his wife and locked her up in an unconscious state.


The daughter who witnessed the beating rushed to the police station to report the assault with police moving in to arrest her dad.

Katanga has identified the victim as Charity Lungu who was later rushed to Wusakile Mine Hospital for medical treatment.

She said the victim sustained a deep cut on her nose adding that the suspect has since been charged with an offence of unlawful wounding.




  1. Jungle unchained

    Nice move girl,I hope the police will be feeding you.

    • I am who I am

      Mmmmmm This Comment

      • Stoopid Comment

        If the police do feed people the comment would not be so insulting to the little girl. You think she must just shut up while you beat up her mother? Some of you are so addicted to violence on women you would die if you have no woman to beat. ZR please trace this savage and have him imprisoned before he kills a woman

  2. A

    Very brave move Girl. You managed to go against traditional norms that perpetuate gender based violence and sorted for justice. It is time people realise that the family should not be a safe haven for crime but rather a peaceful place that fosters physical, mental and

  3. The Duke

    I hope the police will be paying school feels for you and feed you once that man is out of jail you will not be is child again African norms

    • P.M

      @ Duke…What exactly do you mean? Are you implying the girl was wrong for reporting the assault to the police. She should have just watched her father butcher her money for food and school fees. A father like him probably does not even pay her school fees

  4. Hakasenke

    Duke are u related to Potipher Lungu.. You need to be checked properly before its too late.

  5. Alberto Munsele

    i see no reason why the girl is being blamed for reporting her father to the police by some people.What if the mum died,were the police not going to ask the same girl since she was present?

  6. Bambala

    It is amazing how some bloggers analyse issues. This child is in order to report this irresponsilbe father. Whatever reason caused this battering is immaterial.The issue here is the illegal battering. Even where a man ‘catches’ (sic) his wife in adultery, the legal route is just divorce and they both move on on their separate ways. But as mostly seen in the majority of such battery, this poor woman could just have not left nshima for this abusive man when he came back from his shebeen mukulopola umolokoso, and he fell on her like a ton of bricks.
    Well done, girl!! Your mum could have died if the police didnt intervene. Locking up an unconcious woman? How cruel!!!

  7. The Duke

    She is not wrong to report her father but where she did report her father it was wrong she was suppose to report her to the uncle or any old person near by. The father can not just wake up in the morning and start beating his wife the is a reason for his action am not saying beating your wife is a good thing no but some issues you have to look beyond.

    • dereck sialwwindi

      and the nearest elder person she found was a police station

  8. pf

    abena lungu ninshi kanshi? instead of providing good life for your children and wife u are busy battering and jamring her, mama just divorce him in 2021 and find a real man who wil take care of ur needs. he has failed you

  9. Abantu mucalo

    Ba Duke amano yanono,I think you are in the same category potipher lungu,if he trouble the girl over his arrested, the law will still Dill with him. The girl is brave, next takehl him to victim support unit

  10. dc

    Ba duke amano yanono you are the same people who are bringing the fight against gender based violence down the young girl should be praised for being so brave and doing the right thing

  11. The Duke

    Brave the girl she is brave let’s not forget or lie our self that we are not in Africa. Even if we like it or not we still follow tradition,
    Are you going to help her if the Father stop supporting her when he is in jail, let’s not run away from reality.
    She was suppose to report him to any older person nearby as a first step.
    What that father did was wrong yes but reporting him to police was wrong.

    • Stoopid Comment

      There is no African tradition that says you must beat up a wife. Mad egotistic men who think women are their servants are the ones who come up with such thinking

    • Shemu

      There is nothing wrong with reporting a crime to the police. Not reporting a crime to the Police is actually a crime. Stop your village thinking. There are no police posts in the village that is why people report things to other people

  12. Ba gay

    Iwe Duke chinyo cha wiso


    Ba duke awe no bwino bwino iwe amano same na lungu.the girl did well to report her to the police chapwa.

  14. The Duke

    Ba gay you have reached the limit of your reasoning the only thing remaining is to insult now
    You can’t force me to see life the way you are seeing it.

  15. Siamalambo

    While I agree to disagree with Duke, ba Gay bena ka kuposa pa chishala.

  16. The Evangelist

    I am deeply saddened by the inappropriate and irresponsible behavior exhibited by Mr Lungu. Even more saddening is the fact that our ten year old child has over time suffered traumatic psycho-socio damage which might take years to get over. I believe in this very respect, the Police GBV wing has arranged for the child’s psych-socio counselling and therapy. Just to help loose the cloud on wether or not it was proper for our child to report the matter to the Police, I would put the matter this way: where effective social mechanisms for dispute settlement exist such as extended family, neighborhood and community watches, Governmental and non Governmental Social Welfare Systems, and the Church, the relationship between Mr and Mrs Lungu would most likely not have deteriorated to an extent of beating ones spouse to near-death. Such cases tend to be on the rise in communities where such social systems do not exist or if they do exist, are ineffective . In such communities , the only source of order as moral law and State law enforcer is the Police and Courts of Law. When people start looking straight to Courts and the Police whenever they have disputes, a very strong impression and perception emerges that the extended family system, the Community Welfare Unit of Government, NGOs, Non Governmental Social Welfare Centers, and (the worst culprit here) the Church, have failed to effectively perform their respective roles as coordinated circuits or segments of the primary social judicial and enforcement system. As a member of the Church, I can only admit we have neglected the Gospel of our Lord and Savior which places family above all else as the primary School of Humanities…”teach the child in the way it should go, and it shall not depart from it when it is grown “. “Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the Church and GAVE UP HIS LIFE FOR HER”. And ” Parents do not provoke your children to wrath but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord”: EPHESIANS 5: 22–33; EPHESIANS 6: 1–4. The Church has lost it over the years by preaching to the flesh (and the material things of this world which appeal to the flesh) as opposed to preaching to the souls (and the spiritual things which are up above in Heaven which appeal to the spirit/soul of man as a resident of this world. Because the Church has not realized its loss of direction yet, Mr Lungu and all of us will keep missing the mark. Revamping our social and justice systems as discussed above should be the mainstay of our everyday prayers especially deliverance prayers . God enjoins Christians not to forget the widows , orphans, the weak, aged and needy and generally those in distress. Let us not forget to pray for and reach out to Mr Lungu and his family with the word of God and not the fallible wisdom of men. Let us preach forgiveness and as we counsel the distressed family, let us only say what God would, Himself, say to the Lungu family and all of us for a life–changing lesson. Be blessed of the Most High God, the God of Abraham and David.


    DUKE should be taken to chainama and I will provide transport he is sick in his head.

  18. The Duke

    Concerned Fuseki you are the one who is sick
    In your head.

  19. Pa Zed

    Kkkkkk amashina yabu Lungu no bwino bwino…is he related to …….anyway let me stop here kuti ba kukaka


    Ba gay n Duke Everytime you loose your way just nill down and pray to God…. insulting is not a solution.

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