Father Paul Chibwe a parish priest of Kalingalinga Catholic Parish has died.

Father Paul died at the University Teaching Hospital(UTH) in the early hours of today.

Previously, Father Paul Chibwe was presiding over the Chunga Catholic Parish but was later transferred to South Africa to help with a parish that was manned by a Cameroonian priest who got sick.

Father Paul has been in South Africa untill he returned to Zambia.

He was brought back to Zambia and was given Kalingalinga parish.

He has been at Kalingalinga parish all this time till today when he died today at UTH.

The funeral of Father Paul is being held in Chawama at his mother’s house.


  1. Pascal Matanga

    This is not a clear report. Generals for priests are held at the Parish.

    • Brian

      When you say “he has been in Kalingalinga all this time”, what do you mean ? You have not indicated the date he returned from south Africa to Zambia.
      Ba Chris naimwe!!!!!

      • Pharaoh

        What matters is a historical. back ground and not a word or sentence bring phrased.The question is our father went to succeed another priest after his death.Its suspiciously..To bsd to have another priest bring the predisessor dying after wards .To bad indeed. MM.S.R.I.P.

    • manyika

      Grade five report anyway mhsrip

    • Joe Joe Kawimbe

      Is Paschal Kabuswe Matanga, my old friend, speaking?

  2. Judge

    But why did you gave a ka grade to write a report?? Coz this not clear🤣🤣🤣

    • Alberto Munsele

      I personally see nothing wrong with the reporting.But you ba judge,your english is very poor!Poor indeed!did and gave cannot go together.Go back to night school.

  3. KiKiki

    Very poor way of reporting! This is the resultant effect of replacing professionals for an unqualified tribesmate. mhsrip

  4. Curtis

    Too sad for fr Chibwe”s demise MHSRIP as long as he has passed on in the hands of our saviour,it is not the end of the road.Greetings to All Zambia report commentators.

    • Jonas

      He has communicated bane ,can your good English put bread on you table a Chinese man told me that Zambians like big English but no job, no money no food

  5. Mwaba fidelis kasama

    Rest in peace our beloved priest

  6. Dr Fonicks

    May his soul rest in peace. Please be orderly and chronologically when stating or reporting facts. You are nowhere to be called a journalist. Don’t write as if you under the influence of weed.

  7. Rest in peace JUICE WRLD.


  8. Benjamin Mwenda

    Rest in peace

  9. Roberto

    Your report kwati mulomo ,be a Reporter,

  10. frustum

    MHSRIP thanks for your work you dd banono

  11. Rocky

    Yes, there is a problem with the way a reporter has written. It seems he has no data about the late priest. How I wish he told us the period he stayed in south Africa and when he came back also how long he has been saving as kalingalinga Parish Priest. Anyway, the main point is that our Mukubwa is no more. MHSRIP.

  12. Ben Shaft

    When you refer to a Camerounian who had been sick,you are creating an impression that the cause of Father Chibwe’s death is emanating from South Africa.This is a pure case of Innuendo by the Journalist fraternity.
    I would encourage you to have focused on the developmental projects that the Priest may have carried out during his vocation rather than just the beginning with a statement “Cameroonian who had been sick”
    May the soul of our priest rest in peace.

  13. Chichi


  14. Doctor

    My advice to the reporter
    Please if u aren’t well qualified please why take a risk information and u have courage to post 12% of data if you are not sure u have a right to ask Doctors the cause of his death and remember time keeping is important to be recorded… Anyway Msrip

  15. King cool

    Regardless of the reporting, whether bad or good , the fact is that you have under stood the story . May you rest in eternal peace.

  16. zed

    mhsrip….may the engels of the lord receive your spirit

  17. Mwamba Henry


  18. Fisunge

    Please don’t complain about the reporter you have heard what he said just start going to the funeral if he knows you know the place in chawama Lusaka the rest you will hear at the funeral house from his picture there you can tell what he was suffering from. It could be sugar or something else may his soul rest in peace

  19. Go

    Report fyee

  20. Wise KD Reigh

    I Have Just Use My Common Sense To Understand This Report .My His Soul Rest In Peace.

  21. OC

    When was he taken to South Africa? When was he brought back and in what state (sick or fit)? What disease has killed him?

  22. Kasonkama R

    Rest in internal peace

  23. Fonko Fonko

    There are more questions than answers to this report. Anyway may God almighty give guidance to the bereaved family as they go through these trying moments.

  24. Siakweebwa


  25. chanda

    This report content is 666 be carefully and put God first My Zambians.

    • Boma

      Grade two reporting mulelondolola kwati umuntu tamwamwishibe eco muipaila fye mwebene

  26. Smz

    Forget about the poor report by our quick reporter, we all have heard the sad news. MHSRIP.

  27. Laston kapitanga

    Why complaining the reporter? the massage is that priest Paul chibwe has past on.

  28. Kennedy Mate

    Rest in peace father may the good Lord receive you in His Hoily hand

  29. nyaulungu

    may he soul rest in peace

  30. Sirvans

    People( Catholics), we have heard the cause of death, let’s not criticize much for we know that people rush in reporting anything. Probably, Our priest did not have a parish and diocese. Or he stopped priest life. How could we receive message about the highly respected person in church from a relative or parishioner.Don’t we ha the secretariat in the diocese? And again, why the funeral not held at Kalingalinga parish, but at the mother’s house? Ba. Lusaka, ishibeni ukulosha. ( Learn to mourne) Father, rest in peace. From Mpika Diocese.

  31. William Zimba

    RIP Father……..
    Am William Zimba from Divine Mercy Parish chaisa…..am in junior action lay group

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