Local Contractors Cry Foul Over Avic International Demands on Them

Local contractors in Kitwe have cried foul over the demand for them to buy expensive materials once sub-contracted by big contractors like AVIC International.

A group of local contractors have petitioned petitioned Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu to intervene in the alleged unfair tradition competition with main contractors.

The local contractors have charged that upon being engaged by the main contractor, AVIC International on the Zambia 300 Township Road Project in Kitwe, they were being asked to buy materials from the main contractor at an abnormal rate.

They have complained that the materials being supplied by the main contractors are too expensive compared to other suppliers on the market.

The local contractors have urged with government to engage the main contractors to review their stance.

“For example I have a contract of about $ 49,000 but when I invoice the main contractor, they are making deductions of the materials they supplied to me, in my case from $49,000 I have remained with $ 9,000 how do I pay my workers and cover other costs? This is making local contractors become even poorer,” one of the affected local contractors.


Meanwhile, Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu has promised to intervene in the matter.

Mpundu said President Edgar Lungu during his visit to the Copperbelt made it clear that the 20% sub contracting policy is aimed at uplifting locals with finances and skills.

However, a press query to AVIC International on the Copperbelt has not received any response.


  1. Jungle unchained

    Why can’t government sub divide the contracts among the locals,if this was to be fair enough.


    It is well ba kitwe government will listen to you.

  3. Jungle

    Foregin contractors are here to make money these are fake investors in real estate

  4. Seke

    They respect the foreginers than locals


    Zambia is for the zambians to enjoy not for foreingners.

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