Two Juveniles Killed by Truck in Solwezi

Two juveniles have died in a Road Traffic Accident along Mutanda-Solwezi road near Kimiteto in Solwezi District.

The accident involved a Scania bus registration number ALT 2162 which was being driven by 45-year old Kalemba Maika of Makobo in Kalulushi.

The accident happened when the bus hit an unknown male juvenile cyclist aged 14 who was carrying a 12-year old passenger.

Both juveniles died on the spot.

North Western Province Commissioner of Police Hudson Namachila has confirmed the development.

He said the two bodies are in Solwezi Hospital mortuary awaiting identification while the driver has been detained for causing death by dangerous driving.



  1. Jungle unchained


  2. Hammer

    Big and painful loss. These 2 either were friends or brothers. I am asking a question west the law says on appropriate age of riding a bicycle on busy roads. If a person can’t get a driving licence before the age of 18, what of riding a bicycle???

  3. Fuseki

    Jail that idiot driver to life imprisonment

  4. LN

    Sorry for the deaths of the two juveniles. But I must admit that cyclists in some parts of our country are not safety conscious. They behave like they also pay road licenses and want to be treated and given way like motorists. Unfortunately even pedestrians are nowadays adopting the same behaviour of having no respect for vehicles. At T junctions they want to be given way by motorists for them to pass first as if they were also vehicles. This behaviour of cyclists and pedestrians is serious in towns such as Monze and others. I kindly ask RATSA to monitor the movements of cyclists and pedestrians and teach them safety rules that they should follow to avoid unnecessary deaths.

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