African Milling Cuts Mealie Meal Prices

African Milling Limited has with immediate effect reduced the price of mealie meal from K150 to 130 at the factory.

According to African Milling sales and marketing manager Jomo Matululu, the reduction is a result of the tripartite agreement signed between the  milling company, grain traders and the Food Reserve Agency (FRA).

The recommended retail price for African Milling mealie meal in Lusaka would be K 136.

During the commissioning of the expanded African Milling plant in Lusaka last week, the company’s management assured President Edgar Lungu that they would reduce the prices of mealie meal this week.

Government has in the past been working on modalities of reducing the prices of the staple food with several interventions being undertaken by various stakeholders in the milling industry.

“If you recall during the launch of our expanded plant, we had assured the President and the country at large that we would reduce the prices of mealie meal and true to our words, we have done it. As African Milling we are here to serve the Zambian people and ensure that we offer our commodity at an affordable price for all and so we have reduced the prices from K150 to K 130 ex-factory  and our recommended retail prices for Lusaka is K 136 for a 25 kg bag,” said Matululu.


  1. Jack

    Thats good news to hear.
    Now What are u political fricks (UPND) Have to say About this.? NOTHING KAH.?
    Unless if it was an increment u be all over talking shit.

    • Muzondi

      Whenever there is an increment it’s very normal to complain am telling an opposition stands as a pressure group which helps in the rationale decision making process so don’t blame them that’s government

      • Bbz

        Iwe are u ok! Serious ninsh nikwanu che where u feel it is normal to complaine . it is not normal.

    • Ben chimz

      You like UPND, see no difference, staple food must be below k100,.

      • Farmer

        Maize and mealie meal should be more than K200 a bag. Town dwellers want to spend more than K300 per month on digital television repeats when they are unwilling to spend K200 on life sustaining food

  2. magical minds

    Good move atleaet mwandi tuleshalako na ka change ka junta

  3. The Duke

    It is just like someone increases the price of Something from 10 to 50 then you start comolqnin

  4. D

    It is just like someone increases the price of Something from 10 to 50 then you start complaining as a caring leader I will reduce the price to 40.
    That is what is happening now we want the price to reduce to below 100k per bag imagine the biggest note in the county can’t buy one bag.

  5. 2021

    It is just like someone increases the price of Something from 10 to 50 then you start complaining as a caring leader I will reduce the price to 40.
    That is what is happening now we want the price to reduce to below 100k per bag imagine the biggest note in the county can’t buy one bag.

  6. Curtis

    I only hope that others,National milling, Superior milling and the like will follow suit,because if they won’t it will mean that there shall be high demand for the commodity of Africa milling in the short run that won’t be equivalent to supply demand their by making the determinant (Price) of supply and demand to go up.

  7. chilundika

    khasako thetangufwa.

  8. Angoni

    Hoping it can come down further so that the complaint UPND will have nothing to talk about.

    • Cowthern Province

      #Angoni, I hope so too. But knowing the Under Pants aNd Dipers, they will find something to complain about. Kaili these people are bitter.

  9. kalyafye

    i can’t jubilate buyin mealie meal at k130 that is still too much..try to reduce further

  10. TT

    Is just the same koma pa K100 or pa K80

  11. Climate change

    This is our own maize pf you sold out side the country use the same money to pay Miller’s so that meal Mealie can reduced to k45kgs there will give you a vote in 2021

  12. Meru

    Its all same i’ve not seen any reduction plz reduce from k160 to k90 atleast wil apriciate, ths gvnt of the day no good.

  13. Fuseki

    Still in 2021 we wont vote for Lungu
    Corrupt leader

  14. Ben chimz

    They is no difference unless the price reduced below k100, then we can appreciate

  15. pf

    but zoona some people got shallow minds celebrating over a reduction of k20? the bag of mealie_meal shouid be below k100 since its our staple food, and u who are blaming upnd dont u know if there is no stong opposition party the rulling party wil always be doing shit

  16. Junta

    Thank u mr.president

  17. FuManchu

    Figures give facts to understand how the reduction was determined and at what profit margins. It should not be an appeasement decision to government political agenda! Millers are a private business entinty and I have reason to believe if this is a genuine pricing reduction its either all along the pricing has been haphazard and exploitative or government has promised millers it would cushion the profit losses, a kind of subsidy! A relief for the consumer though!

  18. Kiki

    The decrease will not be felt as the kwacha depreciates further. Even if you dropped it to below 50, people will not vote for pf, a visionless party. Fyalilubana kale. Zambia urgently needs HH who seems to understand economics,cos what he has been saying is what Zambians are going through.

  19. SEE MIND


  20. Judge

    Edgar lungu has just failed, only a fool could celebrate this nosense!

  21. William mwansa

    That means the big kwacha in our country has no value since it is bot capable of buying a bag.

  22. Claphet

    what about other provinces whr African milling is not located, are u telling us that K136 by 25kg Bag of mealie meal is country wide?

  23. Whiteson

    What would be your response or reply: FRA – FRA bought bags of maize at how much? As they sell, cost of transport plus storage is removed or added? MILLERS – MILLERS bought bags of maize at how much? As they sell bags of mealie meal, they remove or add cost of production(transport, storage …)? What would you say? Or you don’t care?

  24. Mo

    What a shame… K100 the highest note in Zambia.. can’t even buy one bag of mealie meal …

  25. katis

    just imagine the highest not k100 can’t buy 24kg mealie mael what a shame Zambia where are we going tushile fye lesa umwine

  26. Fwe mbwa fwe

    Please nangu ubunga mwinga bwesha pali K20 ala abantu mind yalipilibuka kale:2021 ni HH fye naena tulefwaya tukamone,ubushilu bwakwe kaili imwe twalimiyaza kale,nobwino bwino ifintu thank you.

  27. 130

    wht shrt iz happng u would hv just let it the way it wz. iz thr any sense?
    since day one zambia hs nevr experianced such, its only a kateka with big teeths,
    buying uga modula so!

  28. Petauke General

    Still more you’re busy saying you have reduced the price of unga from 150 to 130 but here we don’t have any company selling a bag Bellow 160 even the local companies do you think you this can work,

  29. flstudio

    i believe nowanda bembas sayin Wushitasha mwana wandoshi mmmmm y ba pipo muliso wushitasha patunono napafikulu takatashe!!

  30. Ek

    That is only in Lusaka what about other parts of the country?

  31. Dorcus

    Wow that’s good a nd appreciated

  32. Pf

    We want pf to settle this economy the way they find it, people don’t be blinded over this visionless government,am in Lusaka where is that African miling located??? I don’t think we can all afford to go there and buy mealie meal which is also expansive k20 difference.only are fool will be blinded over that,pack your bags 2021 we are removing you,job finish,no money in our country walawala.

  33. kelly

    For the months that have passed we have witnessed increase in prices
    Of mealie meal we are urging that this is not the end of it taking immediate credit for a small difference won’t stop the !mourning of the country let’s focus on the small parts that can open way to big and successful results in the economy.

  34. The price is almost the same


  35. Fisunge

    Imwe mwebantu so you want the mealie meal price to as little as when you were in your mother’s womb if you’re growing up why Shud mealie meal stop growing up that’s y they brought figayo fya solar when you’re given inputs to grow your own maize and sustain yourselves you think it’s a joke for me I have no problem with the price because I have my 30 bags of maize in the house so I just hear on social media that mealie meal is 180k so pipo keep yourselves up don’t complain because of your laziness

    • BM

      I like your comment my dear. I need your help interns of finding just a piece of where I can grow maize for my family. I’m really in pressure when it comes to buying of mealimeal. Pease, take it serious.

  36. BM

    Please, I need a piece of land for farming. I agree with Fisunge. I need to grow my own maize than depending on the bag of mealiemeal from a shop. My family is big and I need to educate my children. Come January, awe sure tefintu! I don’t see any relief even in this new price of a 25kg mealimeal.

  37. crossby Hamoonga

    This is not a political Will.

  38. Gustavo

    Kusekafye ba pipo

  39. D K

    wow!! that’s good to hear and continue to do your work Mr President congrats


    Alaa😆😆mwandi, it’s still on the high price.does PF leadership has been failed to rule Zambian people?tell us so that we know whom Zambian can taken their votes ukucila muletushupa k80 ikulu Sana poseniko amano you will fail in 2021 ok😥😥😥😥😥😥

  41. Kwenu

    Let’s hope it will be the reduction for the whole country otherwise will still complain

  42. Marson

    I never liked eating that Nshima (goo-ified maize) anyways. Try potatos or rice for a change?!

  43. Paul

    Reduce some Mr Lungu if you have another chance…

  44. Pf have failed my people I think it's time we admit that our current government is not functioning. Bring investes not ma Chinese. The people are suffering.

    Take ur back ku mmd.
    Am not into politics am just speaking on behalf of my people of zambia.
    All the comments are arguments it’s like any one who commented here is not seeing what is going on in our country.
    Be responsible for your actions.
    The pf is getting money for them to you finance they 2021 election.
    The people are suffering everything is now expensive.the only people happy are the ministers and they family.
    A lungu zeko ya lila.
    Do something before its too late.

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