Siliya Laments Delayed Salaries At ZNBC

Information minister Dora Siliya says government is concerned with the situation at the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) where workers have not yet received their November salaries and is doing everything possible to address the matter.

Siliya says whilst her ministry is responsible for policy formulation, it is her expectation that the board, management and workers at ZNBC will come up with sustainable strategies to keep the institution financially afloat.

Speaking when she addressed Zambia Union of Broadcasters and other Information Dissemination (ZUBID) branch officials in her office this morning, Siliya said while the issue of the November salaries is urgent, the national broadcaster needs to come up with long-term strategies that will sustain its operations and avoid issues such as delayed salaries.

Siliya said that with stiff competition in the industry, there was need for new ideas and innovations to turn around the institution.

“ZNBC needs to think outside the box in order to avoid the same problems reoccurring each time they have to pay their workers because it will be difficult to always wait for Ministry of Finance to release funds especially that the country has austerity measures in effect,” she advised.

Meanwhile Siliya has appealed to workers at ZNBC to be patient with management and give them time to resolve their issue.

And Siliya has advised the union at ZNBC to follow the laid down communication channel in airing their grievances.

“The reason the minister appoints a board at ZNBC is to oversee the management of the institution, and if the institution has challenges, it is expected that workers together with the board in place write to the minister so that they present the issues at hand,” she said.

Meanwhile, Zambia Union of Broadcasters and other Information Dissemination (ZUBID) Secretary General Andrew Mphandamwike explained that the union decided to seek audience with the minister because workers had run out of options.

Mphandamwike said management and the board have tried everything they can but have failed hence the resolution to seek help from the Minster in charge of the media industry.

This is according to press statement issued by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services.


  1. magical minds

    Umusebanya ubukulu awe mwebuteko poseniko amano

  2. D

    2021 is near

  3. Frank Bwalya

    *thinking outside the box” when znbc is only covering OUTgoing President Lungu and his ministers??

  4. x znbc worker

    the falling of the national broad caster

  5. dance

    How do you not feed your own dogs ba pf!! Znbc staff is now like the dogs being used by of anyway gud move so that u also feel the pain

  6. Climate change

    Pf you will cry if you don’t know how Zambians they are, Zambians are like chameleons lupia Banda he cried like pig and you will cry more him,

  7. Sosa

    Ba siliya!how do you expect this people to sustain the operations wen you and your boss Chang lu just want to cover your malabish every time.You ought to let the broadcaster professionally so that it attracts more viewers for it to the people’s trust.
    Not filya mubakonka pamusula nga ba lunshi abomfwile icena camafi.
    Just give them what is due to them coz at no time have we heard that you people ba Mps,ministers and your boss have gone without a pay never! moreover you don’t even do anything to deserve those monthly payments.

  8. Mr.tell them the truth

    Please! You should be serious with what you are doing

  9. talalamusonda

    Government should ensure the znbc workers are paid on time. Honesty how do u expect the workers to survive and meet their daliy needs. This Government should not forget 2021 is near.please kindly give the znbc workers thier salaries.

    • Mwembwa mwe

      Mr Ecl kwena elo fyapena fye mwafilwa ukuteka ukufilwa,nokulyisha

    • Mwembwa mwe

      Mr Ecl kwena elo fyapena fye mwafilwa ukuteka ukufilwa,nokulyisha imbwa shapan’aganda ba znbc elo ninshi,shimwafwa sana capwa mwaingililwa

  10. Humble

    Just passing… Loading…..

  11. Petauke General

    Madam you’re saying you want to control the situation for your workers wat are you doing to your constituency? You’re falling to help your youths that you use wen you were companing,you just seen on TV not here were you come from ist good idea?

  12. The Taliban

    Siliya and the entire team you are a failure,how can you ministers always get paid first and forgetting to pay people who are driving the producting?Ba Siliya you are a failed.

  13. Socerer

    Kubulwa amano kwabuteko hw cum u hv plants bt u ar nt watering them do u think they cn grow… Bt nw ths is yo end..

  14. Kolo kabwe

    I seriously feel bad for znbc workers. They do so much to protect the government in power but it’s not showing looking at the fact that they not getting paid.anyways I don’t even watch their programming

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