Military Attire Lands Livingstone Duo Trouble

Police in Livingstone have arrested two people for being in possession of military attire and offensive weapons.

Police spokesperson Esther Katongo identified the suspects as Bogginate Mutize aged 18 of Namatama area in Livingtone and Emmanuel Chiyota aged 18 of Ngwenya, while Darlington Meswa is on the run with a manhunt launched for him.

Katongo said Mutize was spotted by security personnel in a named Night Club wearing an attire suspected to be for the military and was apprehended by police.

Further investigations led to a recovery of four machetes, axes and some knives.

“Initially on 1st December, 2019, police officers on patrol arrested Shaibu Mulenga in Highland area who was found wearing an attire closely related to that of the defence force.  Officers further recovered a knife from him,” she said.

The suspects are in police custody and charged under section six of the State Security Act 111 for Unauthorised use of official uniform and also under section 85 of the Penal Code for  Possession of Offensive weapons and will appear in Court tomorrow.


  1. 5x unfit for plot 1

    Ba gwileni!!!!This is a desperate measure to enter plot 1.

    • BlackMamba

      Excuse me what exactly is plot 1, is it related to the office of the president.

  2. abilima

    The tendency for hooligans in political parties to wear military attire has been encouraged by Police inactivity. It is time this mess was curtailed.

  3. Frank Chombela

    Very good for arresting them . But why do people want to wear military regalia? This isn’t an ordinary career which every Jim and Jack can pursue.

  4. Leon

    It has now become common these days it seems some people don’t fear the law aslo let’s have a law that bans even any attire resembling defence uniforms it’s very difficult to know who is who especially at night

  5. The Duke

    Arrest those criminals

  6. Curtis

    The question that comes to our minds is how do these unscrupulous people acquire these uniforms?

    • Gigs

      Pls police can you ban the importation of military attire in salaula.bails. salaula second hand clothes has brought in the country a lot of military cloth in the country . I think deal with those UPND HH thugs. We living in danger with the politics of this un experienced politician hakainde .always talking about giving threats of arresting lungu please Edgar before you are arrested as there planning arrest them this is treasonable threat to the head of state.


    its bcoz of economic hardship, pf gvt shouldnt do anythng to them., they ar also earning a living.

    • Visionary

      Boss this has nothing to do with the economy and Pf; You are the ones destroying the young generation with wrong information.

  8. David chitundu

    yah!!!that’s great let them face the law

  9. A.Uhuru Ndilayi

    In this of terror world protective weaponry is a must. But for the attire I suspect these boys belong to the ruling of coz it’s the only party with such behaviour. God protect mother Zambia.

  10. Fuseki

    The reason why they have arrested them is bcoz their suspecting them to be UPND carders
    Fuck!!! The PF government

    • Elias Chanda

      You can say that again since you are not a victim or non of your relatives are victims of their attacks. When you become part of the statistics of attack victims you will start thinking straight

  11. Simpito Mukandwa

    Job well done Police

  12. Skb

    Let them disclose the source of their funding .CRIMINALS .

  13. Cowthern Province

    Supporting gayism has backfired hence resorted to violence.

  14. Michael phiri

    Let them pay for doing such things and it a humiliation to our army.

  15. Bashikulu Em2a

    There is no short-cut in life.Just do the right thing at the right ciindi.

  16. logo


  17. Bm

    Especially upnd cadres they wear without fear government please do something

  18. Colam

    Why puting on melitary attire take them to the melitary training .its like they are strong

  19. Mr. Mbobo aka Umwine Wa Nondo

    Those “Criminals” are only 18 not knowing really what the Laws of Zambia dictate on military Regalia. And plus the armed forces are trained by the US army’s weak commandos so there is nothing to be proud of

  20. What is that?


  21. Miz

    Ma junky ayo

  22. Weber

    Let them Free they won’t do it again

  23. Saifa

    Police do your job

  24. sing'

    this is not good,,,, these people must be punished with hard labor

  25. kubweka

    What about the p f cadres they wear military fatigue.

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