Solwezi to Get More Boreholes

Over K 360, 000 will be spent on the drilling of 5 boreholes in five constituencies in Solwezi District.

Town Clerk Bornwell Luanga has disclosed that the council has engaged Baba Drilling and Exploration for the project to be undertaken in the five wards of the District.

He said the Council understood the challenge communities were having over access to water.

“What we have been experiencing is that people in these areas access water from the shallow wells and this is not safe, so we have agreed with the contractor to have boreholes sunk as soon as possible to help people have access to water,” Luanga said.

He said that most people with boreholes have also been affected as they have ended up drying.

He said the five boreholes will be sunk in Kimasala, Kamalamba, Tumvwang’anai, Sandang’ombe and Kapijimpanga ward.


  1. Wakishale

    Comment K70,000 per borehole is too much
    even if it will involve equiping. Why are government projects so exgerated in cost?

    • Kimasala resident

      Solwezi has no proper running sewer system. It a place with lots of pit latrines. All the shit goes to contaminate the ground water. Mr. Luanga with your boreholes the people will just be drinking their own shit. Stop this nonsense!!

  2. kikaonde

    Give us clean water…….We are tire of drinking shi water.

  3. solwezi council

    why instead contract water affairs, GRZ to GRZ but u contract private company, GRZ the price can reduce instead of k70 000 one,maybe it can cost k40 000 one.

  4. Jungle

    That’s a fake development hoax that’s desert price and it’s way too high

  5. Chendabusiku

    This is very very sad, why would 5 bole holes cost so much? waht else is included in these bole holes so that people know? This is why we are always singing songs of corruption it is partly lack of information but also due to corruption itself. A 70 m bore hole does not cost more that K20,000. Govt is bringing inflation in this country.

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