Zambia Elected to UN Body

ZAMBIA has been elected as Rappoetuer for the Bureau of the Committee on Private Sector Development, Regional lntegration, Trade, Infrastructure, Industry and Technology under the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The newly elected member states to the Bureau include Djibouti, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, Libya and Zambia.

The Bureau will be chaired by Djibouti and Rapporteured by Zambia for the next two years.

Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia who is also Permanent Representative to the African Union and ECA, Emmanuel Mwamba, confirmed the development in a statement.

The elections were conducted during the First Session of the Committee on Private Sector Development, Regional lntegration, Trade, Infrastructure, lndustry and Technology held under the theme _”Private sector development and the digital economy in support of regional integration in Africa”from 11th – 12th December 2019.

The Committee comprises 54 member states of the African Union and holds performance review meetings and conducts elections to select countries that oversee implementation of the work programme every after two years.

Mr. Mwamba welcomed the development and said Zambia would perform the special role of Rapporteur to the Bureau and also safeguard interests of the entire Southern African region.

During the two day sessions both policy makers and private sector players from the African continent have dedicated to discussing various topics aimed at accelerating efforts of establishing the African Continental Free Trade Area and deepening regional integration towards” the Africa We Want 2063″.

He said Africa was on the right path in terms of economic integration and called for the implementation of a broad based and coordinated energy and infrastructure development strategy in order to reduce intra-Africa trade costs that have continued to negate the intensity of trade among African countries.


  1. Nene

    That is good news.

  2. Kukuju Pwiiikuju

    @Ba nene At Good News,wat Gud About It,those Postions Don’t Exiet In The UN Charter, They Are Only In Shitholes Of Africa, Chambia Can’t Even Say A Word At ‘Pwiii’

  3. Kukuju Pwiiikuju

    @Ba nene At Good News,wat Gud About It,those Postions Don’t Exiest In The UN Charter, They Are Only In Shitholes Of Africa, Chambia Can’t Even Say A Word At ‘Pwiii’

    • Cowthern Province

      These people are really bitter. They can’t see anything positive, all they see is negativity. What type of people are these kanshi?

  4. Hammer

    @kukuju the foreigner, go and hang yourself if you are not happy with mother Zambia for this great recognition .

  5. Bob

    Negativity will always huant them. Ukuteka kwena patali. Gayism yala bapwisha bakalile muchakwabo!

  6. Kukuju Pwiikuju

    @H Yammer Its Not About 4lena.Its About How Powerful Yo Ctry Can Do.As At Now We Gaboring With Loadshedng, High Price Of Mael M. Inflation Vry Hai, Will U Blemu The 4lena.Zambia Waz Wace Chair 4 Defence End Security 4 ‘SADC’ Did They Stop That Kelce In Zimzim.The Ans No…They Tryed To Speck On Sanctions Which WAre Imposed 2 Zim By The Clean Pipo From Uropu.,,,did They Leasen…Not Even A 2year Old Can Lesen To This Old Lady….Corrup Minded,,,,, I Lay Mai Case,,,,

  7. Tom London

    Good movement for our Emma Mwamba from South Africa as a Zambian High Commissioner to that country as a Zambian representative .
    One only hopes that such posts will change Mwamba a for the better because after hanging his pen and paper as a scribal himself before becoming a Diplomat . In his line of duty Mwamba has been used as a snake in tall grass by self politicians . Last year or so our good Mr Mwamba was involved in an embarrassing love affair scandal involving Maureen Nkandu and Cosmus Chanda the Zambian Diplomat to the USA .
    From the look of things Mr Mwamba is still a young man with a good talent to compliment his personal achievements in life good and bad and this country needs such people .
    Ba Mwamba lekeni fya bu secret agent .

    • Yakumbuyo Banda

      What has this got to do with Emmanuel Mwamba’s personal life? Isoni e buntu!

  8. Big Mavalo

    Its Mockery! Does the UN care about Zambia? Infact there is no such a thing as UN. Its the New World Order..

  9. Bob

    You just can’t like such a thing happening to Zambia your own country. No wonder all we hear and read about is negative things emanating from prominent Zambians. By wanting to get there, u will end up selling our beautiful and Peaceful nation. The U20 have made it to the final! Anything negative about that?

  10. A.Uhuru Ndilayi

    Pipo seeing this as development for Zambia are mainly uneducated concerning such issues. Just look look at the countries grouped and if you are politically educated you will see the negativity in the mockery above.

  11. kcm

    zambians do appreciate nonsense.

  12. Lawrence Chizuma

    Bane, this is not good , open your eyes !

  13. Bob

    Our country grouped in the third world countries can’t compete with developed nations. It does not need one to be educated. The daily happenings in our global village means a lot even to us with little education like many of u the most learned. The Zambia u always bring down made who ur. Learn to be proud of mother land. Ndeloleshafye!!!

  14. NGOYI

    please dont politic anything.its a good move to our mother zambia congrats ba EMMA

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