FAZ Invites Kalusha to Help Select New Coach

The Football Association of Zambia has requested former FAZ president Kalusha Bwalya to be part of the panel to select the national team coach.

Sports Minister Emanuel Mulenga said FAZ had asked him to reach out to Bwalya.

FAZ is in the process of selecting a national team coach following the departure of Belgian Sven Vandenbroeck whose contract was not renewed after Zambia failed to qualify to the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.




    Blame Game😂😂

  2. Joseph

    Nice move I think he should become faz president Kananga has failed in all aspect of the game

    • Portsmouth fan

      Very true Joseph. People have even stopped watching football in Zed. They are only watching English soccer

  3. Kamiji

    We are wishing king Kali all the best as is givig the opportunity to select a good coach for chipolopolo as we know him he can bring a good coach how can bring glory to mother Zambia.

    • Gershom ingwe

      Hon minister of sports that the spirit we need and we want develop the football in Zambia kalu is a good Man thanks

  4. Bob

    Great Kalu has football experience and he is more connected at the highest level having spent much time at FIFA circles. Some of the coaches could have been play mates during his European soccer years. Gud move bambo Kananga!

  5. Abantu mucalo

    Good move, people doesn’t know the meaning of”” Great Kalu”””

  6. abilima

    Hope he behaves professionally. He can be well-utilized in roles like this instead of wanting to be in the driving seat – he is not a good administrator. As our legend, we can and should always utilize his expertise.

    • He beat him

      Kalusha won afcon as an administrator. Kamanga has failed to reach afcon finals three times in a row yet you think he is an administrator. This is football Leave it in the hands of those who know it

  7. Kenny Kahombo

    Let’s hope they will select a good coach not a joker. Let’s us wait and see if our cherished team can get back to its stability and winning forms even when competing with super stars like Salah and Mane. Thanks for the move. Wishing the panel all the best.

  8. king

    Mwasensela elo kawa we told you engage Kalu,,,the man has massive experience in football now you are bringing him on board when the waters is at the NOSE level….Kaya!!!!!

  9. Mathews


  10. Curtis

    Now you are talking they say experience is a good teacher Kalu has all the qualities once a 1988 African footballer of the year who brought pride to our country,scoring goals at critical times when all hope was lost and people flocking out of the stadium,which simply shows how overzealous the man is for our country.

  11. king2

    kamanga should go

  12. Pa Zed

    President Edgar lungu & president kamanga they gat bad luck, they must leave their offices respectively

    • Fonko Fonko

      Kamanga waka red always loosing! He belongs to the business world together with Hakalusa Hagain.

  13. Aaron Gadama

    kamanga should go back to the villege he z doing nothing

  14. TC

    Kalusha should stay out of FAZ business. The sports minister is fanning problems by condoning this. We can’t have Kalusha picking the coach. Mulenga is interfering in soccer, maybe we need FIFA to ati this nonsense!

  15. Casper

    It’s so good, and it’s good I dear.

  16. Hot kona

    Wise move the adminstration needs someone with experience in football.


    FAZ kuwayawayafye getting a foreign coach doesn’t meen wining always!
    Just pick great Kalu to to sharpen chipolopolo am Genious sogola Jere bearing cell no 0973333345/0963787910 NRC 27XXXX51/1.

  18. SODIUM

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk😂😂😂😂😭😭 ZAMBIA. Just sleep, mutusheko namunaka.

  19. SODIUM

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk. ZAMBIA. Just sleep, mutusheko namunaka.

  20. Edison

    Most comments which we’re made we’re from pessimists. Usually such are losers. Shame

  21. wawa

    Running business is totally difference to run football, so we need some one who can run football, and one of them is king kalu

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