Monze Dad Stabs Two-Year Old Son to Death

A two year old boy has been stabbed to death by his father in Monze district Southern Province.

Zambia Police spokesperson Esther Katongo in a statement said the incident occurred on 12th December, 2019 around 23:00 hours at Kapafula Village in Monze.

“Police in Monze received a report of murder that a male Elia Hatontola commonly known as Eliya mama of Mapafula Village in Monze District murdered his two year old son identified as  Enock Hatontola by stabbing him with a knife in the abdomen,” she said.

Katongo further explained that the suspect later attempted to commit suicide by taking unknown poisonous substance but was apprehended and taken to Monze Mission Hospital.

The motive behind the killing is not yet known and the body has been picked and deposited in Monze Mission Hospital mortuary.



  1. Bwalya mwaume

    Tafyacile pakulya and where was the mother to the baby?

    • Mpombo

      Owee one less supporter for HH the numbers continue going down through hunger and HIV

      • charles mweene

        Weird,morbid heartless immature post! no doubt from an extremely wicked minded character!childless and heartless no doudt!!good luck to weirdo!I doubt your your party mates support your wicked heartlessness!


    Let Him Face The Wrath Of The Law.

  3. Mcmich

    Let him die as well because he has killed an innocent baby!!!

  4. Bashikulu Em2a

    crucify that idiot

    • Guys

      Mwebathu this death of killing the boy has been caused by HH because the boy was against the Father following UPND having heard HH supports gay. This man was trying to threghten the boy with a knife unfortunately he stubbed the boy in the stomach. This man is a die hard supporter of HH and UPND. He is against anyone who condemns HH because usually he is cheated with abag of meal meal by HH. Pls mwebantu uyu HH is making your lives difficult but he is there enjoying mutinta while you are behind the bars . he is forcing you people to be in to fight for him and paid peanuts .

  5. LN

    Whether he had a good reason or not, hang him

  6. Indoshi palupe

    Another motherfucker!

  7. Pamusebo

    I wonder what offence a two year old boy committed.

  8. Bornwell Simunka

    Comment lt’s sad & disappointing

  9. Jungle unchained

    Around 23:00 the bagger killed the boy in his sleep,I wonder where the mother was.maybe she is the reason why the Man acted out of anger.

  10. Where was the motherfucker?


  11. The Artillery

    iwe chikala what was in your fucking mind kanshi…….

  12. king

    So muzanvela ati the police are still investigating. But ninshi its the same police who have confirmed that the foolish man has murders his Son. Dont wast time on such pipo take him to Kalimba farm so that the crocodiles can feast on him …… Full stop

  13. pinx

    may be the idiot was told its not his child just hang him he is heartles 2yr baby why?

  14. Curtis

    Don’t even waste time and energy with that nuisance hang him immediately .In ancient times people didn’t waste their time on such issues,they killed by stoning immediately because their was no machinery,now that we have simplified equipment why are we delaying? Kill the bugger!

  15. Mlase

    Hanging him is less painful..cut a piece of his body using a sharp machete everyday starting with one leg ending with the head.This is the Mapatizya fomular.

  16. Aaron Gadama

    zambian why u doing this

  17. Simpito Mukandwa

    Mmmmmmmm uyu muntu taba na Lesa

  18. SEE MIND

    Lets kill him also! Sad news for baby’s death.

  19. Daniel c

    I think Chilango chichepa muzanbia that’s why Bantu sibaleka.

  20. pinx

    @mpombo go suck ur boz and dick hw dare u insult people of southern like dat? its u who wil be finished by HIV and HUNGER u are an idiot chikolwe mpombo ur name suits u bastard

    • Mpombo

      Wena its not insulting just stating a

      • Mpombo

        Wena its not insulting just stating a fact Southern province is entirely dependent on relief food now than any region in the country The HIV is due to polygamy being unchecked according to the slogan of’Mucheende’ So @pinx swallow a chill pill before crucifying me

  21. Norex

    let him face sharia law he is useless in society

  22. Flstudio

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  23. charles mweene

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  24. day walker

    so sorry we the one people under God we should love one another

  25. A.Uhuru Moonga

    So sad. Govt under your relevant bodies like ZICTA Plz trail these peace threatening people with their posts above ,e. g. “Guys” and ” Mpombo” for their unrealistic talk.

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