Police Officers Arrested in Excavator Pump Theft in Kasempa

Two police officers are among seven people arrested for the theft of an excavator pump in Kasempa District.

The police officers have been identified as constables Bernard Bwalya and Ignatius Chola.

Police in Ndola arrested the seven suspects after a tip off that the suspects had stolen the excavator pump, a property belonging to ATL drilling company in Kasempa and were intending to sell it in Ndola.

North Western Province Commissioner of Police who confirmed the said the suspects were arrested as they tried to sell the stolen pump to Reroy Schults.

Namachila further identified the other suspect as Daniel Mufwaya, a police reserve.

The prospective buyer recognised the pump as his machine stolen at his ATL drilling services in Kasempa District.

Namachila said the seven suspects have since been detained at Ndola central police station.

On Sunday, December 8, 2019, police in Kasempa received a case of theft that occurred in Kelongwa area of Kasempa between December 5 and 7, this year.

Namachila said Ali Nzowa, who reported on behalf of ATL drilling company, said an excavator hydraulic pump, tool box, heavy duty battery, unknown litres of diesel and hydraulic oil were stolen from a company CAT excavator.


  1. saul

    they must face de law no one is above de law

  2. Kukuju Pwiikuju

    @chris Phiri Repoter. Plz Try To Be Objective When Repoting, On This Atcle Only 3 Individals Have Been Metioned. May Be U Are One Of Them. And 4 This GRZ Advanced Thiefs Let The Law Dance With This Masholi,kkk

  3. punkamo

    thiefs arrest these police officers let them test the wrath of the law, just like they do to you when u steal,make sure u leave no stone unturned

  4. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Sad development!!! The Police Officers who are supposed to be the enforcers of the law have now turned out to be the abrogators of the law sure!!!! Let the perpetrators be brought to book and face the wrath of the law. Thanks

  5. PWII

    How much is the pump?

  6. Cholera

    Let them face the law

  7. R K O WWE Network

    Bwana mukuba

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    Xmass preparation lands you in jail,, your wives will our “ndiyo on Xmas day,, Baka batomba bad kkkk

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