Witch Doctor Sentenced to Death for Murdering Client

Lusaka Judge Mwila Chitabo has sentenced to death a witch doctor from Paramount Chief Mpezeni area in Chipata for brutally murdering his client.

Before Judge Chitabo who was sitting in Chipata was Dalio Tembo 38 of Chipata Chire area who murdered Tilivelio Phiri 57.

Tembo murdered and severed Phiri’s head after the deceased demanded for a refund because the witch doctor’s medicine did not work.

Facts of the matter are that in April this 2019, Tilivelio went to seek assistance from Tembo for his illness.

Tembo charged him K200 for screening which he paid and K3 500 in order for him to transfer the disease to the person who bewitched him but the deceased paid a cow.

After discovering that what was agreed did not work out, Tilivelio went to Tembo’s house to be given back his cow.

The deceased never returned home and his body was found buried in a shallow grave without the head.

Some witnesses said the witch doctor was seen moving out of his house with the accused on the fateful day.

They said the deceased was carrying a small axe and a handmade bag while the witch doctor was carrying a handmade bag.

The head was however found buried at a different place but near the house of the witch doctor who was commonly known as Dr Fulama.

Judge Chitabo said the prosecution proved its case beyond reasonable doubt and sentenced Tembo to hang by the neck until pronounced dead.


  1. Patrick Mumbi

    Sad news to our brother,its high tym we should seek Gods intervetion whenever we encounter any challenges concerning diseases and death unlike seeking assistance from the so called witch doctors.otherwise if we wont change our mindsets this is now the end results.Sad development.

  2. moses kazebausha

    Dr Fulama Y? Let’s learn from this and resort to God and Proven Medicine.

  3. Bashikulu Em2a

    way to go

  4. Zambian patriots

    We kill people who kill people because killing people is wrong.

  5. Benson Chisanga

    Rip Mr Phiri

  6. Pwiiikuju

    Maaaa.At Saveged His Head. This Is A Witch Craft.Not A W/doctor. Hang That Satan Until His Dropings Comes Out And Cofence.At Pwiiikuju,,.

  7. Pwiiikuju

    Maaaa.At He Saveged His Head. This Is A Witch Craft.Not A W/doctor. Hang That Satan Until His Dropings Comes Out And Cofence.At Pwiiikuju,,.

  8. Indoshi palupe

    Facking vudu magic!

  9. Where was the motherfucker?


  10. Mambwederick@gmail.com

    Reaping what he soar ,evrything has its own reasult

  11. Mambwe

    Reaping what he soar ,evrything has its own reasult

  12. Abel Aaron Ngoma

    Sorry to Mr Phiri’s Family

  13. Mathews

    That’s wr Zambia is

  14. Curtis

    At the time when there’s a debate to withdraw death sentence how could it be justified with this kind of brutality? There should be no mercy on perpetrators let them deserve their deeds . An eye for an eye ,who ever plays with a sword should die by a sword.

  15. Mubita

    Please let this be a warning to others don’t trust someone entirely you never know they may stub you in the back like what this witch doctor did

  16. Simpito Mukandwa

    Ama witchdoctors ba fake

  17. Daniel c

    Iyee naeve bamujube mutu so that amvele mwamene chimvekela

  18. I a witch Dr

    Why didn’t he use his charms to blackmail the court so that he wins the case? I believe he gives charms for people to win court cases

  19. Sunzu

    Eastern power

  20. Guys

    People and churches which condemn prophets or prophetic churches see now if this man went to see aman of God in a prophetic church it was going to be a different story. Those who are against the prophets continue going to witch doctors and see the benefits.

  21. Mumba

    Prophets and witchdoctors are the same,it’s only that prophets do they work in church

    • Bana Simon

      The difference between prophets and witch doctors is that, prophets are improved witch doctors they do it in a “smarter” way. No wonder Bushiri could not see police coming.He is even failing to save himself from the allegations.

  22. Mwana Sembulo


  23. Jimmy shaba

    The evil idiot will rot in jail

  24. Umuhalab

    TO BAD

  25. Odernious


  26. Peter mwengwe

    Let him die with amanga yakwe tumone ukoyalemutwala

  27. Chrispine

    This is the example we have given, pliz people let’s stop skiing help from witch doctor let’s ask medicine and everything from the one created us. GOD

  28. Chrispine

    Let him die with shameless

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