Algeria Election: Fresh Protests as Tebboune Replaces Bouteflika

Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets of the Algerian capital, Algiers, in protest at the results of Thursday’s presidential election.

They chanted slogans against the winner, ex-PM Abdelmadjid Tebboune, a former loyalist of ousted leader Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

Protesters are demanding that the whole political establishment be swept away.

Polling day itself was marred by protests and calls for people to boycott the election.

Mr Tebboune, 74, took 58% of the vote – enough to avoid a second round. But he and the four other candidates were criticised for being closely linked with the rule of Mr Bouteflika.

President Bouteflika stepped down following mass demonstrations across the country.

But anti-government rallies have continued since then unabated.

“The vote is rigged. Your elections are of no concern to us and your president will not govern us,” demonstrators chanted in central Algiers on Friday.

“Tebboune is worse than Bouteflika,” said one of the protesters, Meriem, a 31-year-old civil servant. “We did not vote and we will not back down.”


(Credit: BBC)



  1. 5x unfit for plot 1

    This is what will be exactly happen to that party that is ‘fond’of loosing come 2021.

  2. Tom London

    Iwe 5
    Iwe 5× you are a son of a bitch

  3. Edgar's diehard

    2021 in fact it will be 6x loss for this Tonga bull…he will commit suicide

  4. pf

    edgar’s diehard i pity u, people are now scared of pf imagine $1 k15 soon it wil be k25 i gues u kno the consquences

  5. Fisunge

    When the winner is pronounced no matter the protest it can’t change anything the losers are the one protesting why be like football team when you loose and the ref blows the whistle it’s over wasting time to protest is nothing the only we can do is to mind our own business that’s so remember Malawi where are they?

    • Cowthern Province

      #Fisunge don’t even go far, remember how the ‘Under Pants aNd Diapers’ worsted time in petitioning the 2016 elections. Where did the petition take them?

  6. Lisa

    PF’s morbid excitement about winning elections crookedly will soon end. Zambians are determined to vote Pf out in 2021. Many Zambians have felt the impact of pfs very poor leadership. Contrary to what pf promised Zambians have become poorer–high taxes have forced many companies to close businesses.No sane Zambian can be proud of Pf’s style of governance

    • Bana Simon

      I think it is important for all participating in elections to realise that in any contest there are losers and winners. To cry ‘election rigging’ when you loose is a sign that you are not responsible and mature enough to govern.
      It will make sense for any party that doubts credibility of ECZ not to take part in 2021 election. Why participate in an election that you know will be rigged?

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