The Zambian government has finally approved a proposal to legalize the production of Marijuana.

The production of Marijuana in Zambia will, however, be restricted to exports and for medical purposes only.

Companies wishing to trade in Marijuana in Zambia will be charged US$250,000 annual license fees.

Only successful bidders will be issued with commercial licenses to grow and trade in Marijuana for exports.

The licenses will be issued by the Ministry of Health while the growth of the crop will be strictly supervised by the Zambia National Service.

The move was unanimously approved during last Wednesday’s cabinet meeting at State House.

This was confirmed by highly placed officials at Cabinet Office who could not be identified as they are not authorized to speak to the media.

“Cabinet approved the Cab Memo submitted by Health Minister Dr Chilufya for Marijuana legalization but for medicinal purposes. What is interested is that during that cabinet meeting, there were attempts by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture working with Ministry of Commerce to take over the whole process of issuing licenses from the Ministry of Health who have been pushing this agenda for some time,” the source said.

“It appears this whole process was backed by some rich organizations and companies who have been promised licenses that is why there was jostling about where the responsibility to administer this would sit, finally a vote was taken and the Ministry of Health won.”

Africa’s legal cannabis industry could be worth more than $7.1 billion annually by 2023 if legislation is introduced in some of the continent’s major markets, according to research from The African Cannabis Report, the first detailed report on the legal cannabis industry in Africa.

While African cannabis industries have great potential, cannabis remains illegal throughout Africa except for in Lesotho.


  1. cm

    Maybe it is going to help the government but be careful with it.

  2. Dr dobo

    yes! yes! yes! chapwa kulebayela fyee dont forget to remove DEC from operating

  3. Kfb

    License fee prohibitive. You should have made the license affordable to produce big and make more money for the country. That huge fee is bait for corruption as usual ba pf

  4. Jmmy@8

    Peter sikamba you have worn i give you respect wisdom n knowledge is beter than money you can be a leader with vission

  5. Whiteson

    There goes the so-called christian Nation!!!

  6. msuzi bridge

    I wonder if it’s true we’re a Christian nation!

  7. Smokers

    Good move,first remove DEC so that we can enjoy smoking rather than hiding every time, 2021 ni Sinkamba jahman

  8. Bashikulu Em2a

    kaya manje

  9. Edwin Simumba

    I do believe this is a worthwhile venture.Especially that the Ministry of Health is taking point on this one ensures the healthy and safe transition of our nation into an era where the mysteries of the hemp plant will be unraveled.

  10. Whiteson

    Chamba? Daga? Cannabis? in a christian Nation? Cannabis promoters, growers, smokers will not go to hell? Commentators of “Zambia is a christian Nation” “we follow christian values beliefs principles” where are you? let’s hear you!!!

  11. A.Uhuru Moonga

    The move is good. Should we stop growing maize because others use it for brewing beer? No! Maize is food, just like weed(Marijuana)is a herb. How others use it it’s none of our problem as long as WE intend to use it for our health and mother Zambia’s economic growth. The Bible in Hebrews says that the herbs and grass God gave man for his benefit. But the only problem is that the corrupt ministers have deliberately hiked the license fees so that only them will be managing to pay. We will not allow that to happen because the world is not for just a few rich but corrupt licompoops. It is our country, our world and our home.

  12. Whiteson

    Zambia! Zambia!! Zambia!!!

  13. Whiteson

    Zambia!!!! now marijuana is being compared to maize, a few moments ago one could be arrested imprisoned for many years for being in possession of marijuana!!

    • Herv Rena

      Don’t always lag behind by christian label.There is no mention of marijuana in the Bible. But only big fish will be exporting this drug..

  14. Nawf.side HighGrade Blower

    This move can better the country economically and especially financially So plan Is to grow different strains and make sure the high money ones … “high grade only grow houses “and cut off that Z.n.s inspection story . NAWF.SIDE. 🏴‍☠️ Reppin nawf.side ndl⛹🏻‍♂️🇿🇲


    Hon Sinkamba of the GP, should be given credit to have started talking about the same

  16. AARON

    Zambia was declared as a christian nation by the late ftj, and now he has gone, lets just await for some changes.

  17. AARON

    God is aware of our problems, and he promised that they will come to an end soon. Come Lord Jesus Christ and save your people.

  18. Sibweni

    DEC Wil continue with its job. Govt move is welcome and dollar demand is handled now in ganja trade. ZNS Has 2 control it

  19. Mpombo

    Nasty D should sing a song to mock ba DEC abamwikete Time has proved him right

  20. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    This is a good move made by the Cabinet!!!!! Mining and Agriculture only cannot help to boost the Zambian economy. Zambia has been over relied on Copper production since 1964. Now with this introduction of Cannabis production in Zambia, it simply means that the Country will become rich in Ten years to come. Thanks also to Mr. Peter Sinkamba for advocating the production of Cannabis in Zambia. Thanks

  21. Oh, Shit!

    Holy fucking shit

  22. dance

    I now declare Zambia as “cannabis nation” cannabis is good in terms of money!! But what are it’s effects??? With this corrupt govt the same people who will be incharge of regulating the growing and exportation of marijuana will be the same people to make private deals and business with the local people instead of using it for medicine it will be used for smoking!! Ubomba mwibala Alya mwibala!!!!

  23. Pardon

    The government now should consider to release all those who were jailed for being in possession of marijuana.

  24. Fyantha


  25. Fyantha

    I want to be a bidder. But fee too high. How am l going stop my tenants from selling illegally that commodity? 😮😮😮😮😮😮.

  26. William chofwe

    So do call Zambia a Christian nation pliz mwasuminisha ibange kanshi pastor ngana dobola umulolo awe .

  27. John Chinena

    Do not be found on the wrong side of the the law… Production. Distribution. Consumption. Possession. Medicinal use…. Lubanje ta!!!!

  28. 😂

    Great move we can not continue avoiding something’s based on the demerits alone No.

  29. Razor

    But ministry of health spokesperson has denied this story. So what is the truth here?

  30. LIKISH

    If it mean lisense for malijuana,we need also lisense for maize and cassava,lets hope it will not affect jobs for decembers, and news papers who be available for us,so that we increase the size of milolo,i le,i le,i le selase.

  31. nyandule

    Chibolya guys there comes your part after party


    Hard lucky chibolya guys.

  33. jay

    Why why??? Fellow Zambians where are we heading to am discombobulated?

  34. Musi

    This is diversification that will really jump-start our economy. But $250,000 annual license fee is abnormal and will ferment corruption.

  35. Uncle

    My prayers has come to pass now am waiting the removal of DEC in operation

  36. Shongope

    Procrastination is not good some times. Don’t rush bring your friends Idea when you see things are getting worse to solve. I think this Idea could have received it could have realized alot of money for the country should the government does this before. Any thanks for reaching this stage acceptance of Ideas

  37. SODIUM

    Chapwa twafokola, kabili twalapena nokupena. twatasha mwebuteko.

  38. Mk 645

    I think the DEC shud only arresting those who will b farming without licence nt the smokers of weed….

  39. cooper

    this means that know fees for the smoker’s , free free smoking huh

  40. smoker ddreeeeereka

    Mbo make it alive

  41. Mwana SNU

    Mr Uhuru Moonga; I marijuana is just a herb as you have put it, why then are people arrested for having been found with it?? Yet on the other hand it’s just a simple herb… Let’s not read the bible for the sake of reading, Let’s read it and understand… God bless Zambia

  42. Mutamba Kabongo Augustin

    Si à des fins pharmaceutiques et médico-sociales, c’est une décision louable, mais à entourer des mesures garde-fous pour éviter des dérapages.

  43. Bleston

    I think this is not a good move because you are just increasing the number of abapena mu calo, there are so many herbs you can get medicine from, not this, you have just destroy the name of this country, now this is not the christian nation anymore

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