OPINION: Listening To Practical Distant Voices Outside Our Four Walls

One day, I came across Dr. Canisius Banda’s article on this very page entitled, “Give Sinkamba’s ‘Weed’ A Chance.” It made interesting reading because it was not an article you read everyday. It took you out of a problem prone environment right to where solutions come from.

The issue with rubbing shoulders with people of one’s kind or similar mindset, especially with a judged societal sanity, is that it’s either you rarely get to know the truth or expose yourself to new ideas.

A progressive people is one that keeps moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things. But this demands that we become curious because it’s curiosity that keeps leading us down new paths.

But our colonial education system took out this very trait, a curious mind and left us with a submissive one. Our education system has had, for decades, an in-built slant that means it suppresses critical thinking and helps create a mindset of blind loyalty.

The system was essentially designed to serve the economic interests of the colonisers, which was the primary motivation for colonialism in the first place.

What we call education is, actually, not but training. Its purpose was not to bring a person to understand the objective limits to the advancement of individual and societal welfare, but to train a person how to live with problems and even administer them among his kind in an ‘efficient’ manner.

This was a well thought out plan to prepare our colonial societies for retrogressive laws that would follow specifically to manage us as they could only survive under a subdued people. Does it make sense that stealing a farm animal worth K50 carries a stiffer punishment than stealing K1m in a bank?

The answer lies in identifying who worked on the farm and one who was employed in the bank. This is why it was so refreshing to read about the latest Cannabis decision by government. Just who said the use of Cannabis is limited to smoking it?

Dr. Canisius Banda refers to such a mindset as “a dangerous nitwit, an inimical presence in our community.” He observes that Cannabis must be decriminalised the worldover. Nonetheless,
regulation, albeit wise, must be enforced just as it exists for many other things.

Without wondering why, today, we incarcerate poor souls for merely growing and possessing a handful of Cannabis. Observes Dr. Banda, “It is one of those sorry things that are anachronistic/obsolete and embarrassing that are products of false or flawed premises, this in itself arising from sheer ignorance.”

What our lawmakers, who must be in Parliament to equally represent an ordinary life in rural Zambia, ought to understand is that the political usefulness of the current education system was not that it imparted skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic but that it promoted values such as loyalty to the colonial order and disciplined self-sacrifice in the interest of the colonial system.

In 2013, Mr. Peter Sinkamba announced the Green Party manifesto to legalize cannabis for economic, industrial and medicinal purposes. He was ridiculed, reviled, insulted and called all sorts of names. I travelled to Kitwe and I met him at Continental Lodge in Riverside, my opinion of him immediately changed.

The man was right and he, too, knew he was right. But, to add salt to the open wound, his consolation came from lone voices such as Dr. Canisius Banda whose opinion would be played down based on political prejudice.

Dr. Banda said, “Peter Sinkamba has a point. Trouble is, he is from the future. In his enlightenment, he is many years ahead of the average Zambian citizen. Indeed he will be misunderstood, reviled and even fought because his audience is way behind him. His attitude should be like that of Jesus, ‘forgive them Father for they know not what they do’. Jesus, you see, came from where we are going.”

It has taken time to understand Mr. Sinkamba because he was way ahead of us. What is even more shocking is the fact that Mr. Sinkamba was right while the rest of us were wrong but it was Mr. Sinkamba who was presumed wrong just because he did not conform.

Dr. Banda observes, “The temptation to be irritated by this foolishness is indeed strong. However, those that know must duly resist it. A person with a new idea is always a crank until the idea succeeds.”

But after all is said and done let’s remember why our colonial masters took away our ability to think critically; great ideas alter the power balance. That’s why, everywhere you go, great ideas are initially resisted.

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  2. Whiteson

    How I wish this Opinion could clearly state that Marijuana or Cannabis has little or no effect on those who smoke it. Has the Opinion forgotten that part or it is deliberately left out? … someone please?

  3. Whiteson

    … talking about our four walls, we have a lot of our “Four Wall” if we really mean ‘four walls’. A few examples would do here: 1-the god jesus doctrine in the absence of provable evidence beyond reasonable doubt is our Four Walls; 2- overwhelmingly strong intolerance towards homosexual right in the face of homosexual practices where in public and in public view we see two men also we see two women holding hands, holding each other’s bodies, sleeping in same bed even using one same cover is yet another of our Four Walls; 3-condomise! condomise! condomise! even right in the face of cleric clergy churches leaders… condomise, why because some of us are sexualy too week to abstain, so go ahead condomise… but condoms are symbols of casual sex… and some of us are too week to condomise consistently….no! just condomise!!

  4. Rocky

    My proposal is that let the government appoint Peter Sinkamba to be part of the sitting committee on this issue since he sounds to have more knowledge about it than almost all zambians about the growing this sensitive crop.

    • Moses

      You are progressive in thinking. Let government engage Peter Sinkamba for sure.

  5. Indoshi palupe

    Lola iminati tupepe..

  6. mbobo

    This better than the homosexual agenda.. Marijuana good hit 👍👍👍

  7. Shongope

    We are living in the world of pretence even satan is making people to dance to the economic times. In Christian nation now one sin is costing billions than the other. Shortly Zambia will one day legalized what is termed to be homesexual after cannabis ati Christian nation my foot. Because of hardships we are troting other paths in order to find solutions. Very soon we are kneeling down to the devil

    • Nguni

      Is it a sin to take cafenol when sick in a christian nation?

      • Moses

        No, what is sin is abusing cannabis. God gave us all things to use in good ways, but every way that takes away the peace of society becomes sin.

  8. Jungle unchained

    Peter should lead the committee on this matter for he is the intiator of the idea of cannabis to economic growth.

  9. Evans Mwelwa Chali

    Canibis the time I was young, My grand Father used to smoke and grow it in the bush, after smoking he used to work very hard despite that he

  10. Evans Mwelwa Chali

    Canibis the time I was young, My grand Father used to smoke and grow it in the bush, after smoking he used to work very hard . and was used for medicine like imfuko mumatwi.no abuse for that.

  11. Angoni

    I went through the hand of DR CARNITIUS BANDA in my Health training, i can confirm that he is a visionary, a thinker and a pilgrim like Sinkamba. I also join many ZAMBIANS that are advocating that Mr Peter Sinkamba be a member if not the HEAD of the committee that will be set up to deal with this issue. Once again i say BRAVO to the great visionaries(DR CARNICIUS BANDA AND MR PETER SINKAMBA). we need such men not the economics of HH that are limited to HImself and his tribesmen. Please President Lungu bring in these visionaries.

  12. $1 to k15

    i nolonger understand the reasoning of this creature called angoni cant u say anything sensible than hh this hh dat, its like he is a main problem to you who is more tribal between hh and lungu? check the surnames of those working in gvt offices its wako ni wako

  13. Dr Fonicks

    Well articulated by Dr. Banda on Mr Peter Sinkamba’s cannabis issue. Economically, this can be viable. However, my worry is that, what is the guarantee that these cannabis won’t find their way into wrong hands for smoking ? I suggest that the cannabis be grown under military personnel like ZNS in guarded enclosures so that it is not really open to every farmer. The most vulnerable group towards abuse of cannabis are the youths. A long time ago, our ancestors and not so long ago used cannabis in terms of enhancing their energy and help them feel courageous in their tribal ward but nowadays, it is being abused by youths and resulting in insults, fights and hammering food until the plate says sorry nothing more. The legalizing of cultivation of cannabis must have some restrictions. Not everyone should be allowed to grow it. I suggest that the cannabis be grown on secured state farms with tight security. It will be abused just like the way spirits popularly known as tujijili have been after the free market economy was introduced by the late FTJ Chiluba’s govt (MHSRIP). The intention was excellent but down on the line, beer has and is being abused by youths and not well meaning adults. Otherwise, the idea of using cannabis economically sounds great. Well done Dr Banda for highlighting this issue. To Mr. Peter Sinkamba, I salute you my brother. Adios Amigos !!!

    • Pharaoh

      Well said DR.FONICKS .Its s very good suggestion and observation.Thax

  14. Edwardo

    Good move, maybe this will help to improve our economy. Let Zns, correction service come up with big farms so that we begin to see results. Let’s go Zambia, create employment through the growing of this crop.

  15. kay lee

    You who is saying the use of weed is a sin , do you read your bible or maybe your so called man of God lied to you? In the first place who created weed? God of course.read Psalms 104:14 …Can the good Lord make a bad thing? Does a bad thing ever come from God. Maybe show us where its written that after God created everything else, then the Devil created weed…funny christians colonial believers .

  16. Iwe Kay Lee

    Leka ubufi which Bible says u should smoke innocent and beat many people in the society pantu namupompa batini

  17. Iwe Kay Lee

    Leka ubufi which Bible says u should smoke innocent weed and beat many people in the society pantu namupompa batini

  18. humphrey


  19. p

    Kay Lee.. You are a demon and very evil by misleading the people of God. 14: say; you make grass grow for cattle and plants for human beings to use… Where is chamba mentioned in the Bible? Proverbs 15:9

  20. Bankz

    Put mr sinkamba in the committe

  21. one mule

    Some people likes to pretend but they us it. More especially gorv

  22. Nikanileci

    You pipo what kay Lee understood the Bible is true bocz chamba is a plant and never ever seen chamba to be an animal or fish.
    Personally I support kay Lee thoughts.

  23. Dr

    Let Sinkamba be president.Why stealing Sinkamba’s manifesto when you rejected him during general election for the very manifesto?If sinkamba partners with pf is also visionless because he formed the party to rule and not to offer solutions to visionless ruling party.

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