FAZ Fires Communications Manager

The Football Association of Zambia has terminated the contract of Communications Manager Mwazipeza Sakala Chanda.

FAZ General Secretary Adrian Kashala has confirmed the departure of Chanda in a statement.

“The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has parted ways with Communications Manager Mwazi Chanda. The two parties have parted ways on mutual consent, with Ms. Chanda being around until January, 2020 month end,” said Kashala in a statement.

Chanda joined FAZ in April, 2019 and was the first ever woman Communications Manager.

Chanda took over from Desmond Katongo who resigned in April.


  1. Mr Peace

    What’s wrong with that position in FAZ?Tilipo ise,try us…..

  2. Fyantha

    What is the relationship between Chanda Kasolo and Mwazipeza Sakala Chanda. All fired at almost the same time. Why?

  3. Fredrick muzeya

    What’s happening in Zambia kashi

  4. Junta

    What’s happening to the Chandas?
    Ama fire 🔥

  5. Vh

    Is it a new year gift.

  6. man of substance

    so this woman also commented on edger lungu’s salary

  7. Jms

    Its simple, when these people hate you be careful with your seedlings ,otherwise they are read to hate the whole tribe or any person in their way.

  8. kawawasha

    We need a strong and serious people to be in faz so that the foofball in zambia can be run seriously

  9. Kalok

    This should be the normal way of doing stuff. When things do not work resign. Noti ati no I was installed by God and He is the only one who will see whether I am a dimwit or not… Awe mwe. Well done Chanda and FAZ.


    If you won’t give any big post to our heroe great Kalu you shall see how FAZ will will get finished.Even football at national revel will sink.

  11. KCM

    Mmmmmmmmmmm, Paipa pano.

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