Public Transport Operators Cautioned On Fares

The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) has guided all bus transport operators not to adjust the current fares until such a time when the new fares are approved

This follows a meeting convened by transport operators and the agency today to determine the adjustment in bus fares following the increase in fuel pump price by the Energy Regulation Board last week.

The bus operators through the Bus and Taxi Owners Association of Zambia have requested for authority from the RTSA to vary their current Road Service Licences by making adjustment of bus fares as stipulated under the Road Traffic Act No. 11 of 2002.

In a statement issued today, RTSA Head of Public Relations, Fredrick Mubanga, says the desired increase in bus fares would be effected after approval by all concerned stakeholders including the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Subsection 12(d) of Section 108 of the Road Traffic Act No. of 2002 stipulates that, “a person applying for a Road Service Licence, and a holder of such a licence applying for its variation, shall submit to the Director of the RTSA, the rate of fares of the proposed services”.

Mr. Mubanga adds that Public Service Vehicle passengers are urged to report any bus operator charging inflated fares without approval from the RTSA.

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  1. Fyantha

    When are they going to Meet and approve. What a loss to transporters

  2. adam eve

    when you meet you guys be realistic. for a long time you have exploited the citizens by overcharging them. Short distances cost more than long distances, calculate distances and average fuel consumption and develop a fair fair chart for all destinations or else people will opt out for Truckers.

  3. wala

    But no one cautioned on fuel increase. Filundeni fye by 500% till 2021 when we change ubuteko, Pfools

  4. francis silavwe josiah

    Life is becoming so difficult to live,God help us please our hope and trust is in you our strength

    • Chiniya Daniel

      Indeed we are living a difficult life,full of problems.May God have mercy upon us.

  5. konse konse


  6. Kalok

    Next year prices will begin to come down. First they will go unbelievably high then come down a bit to soothe psychological expectations. So what was K10 will go to K50 and then come down to K30… Nimuuzani.


    That’s being stupid, how will the drivers survive?, they are human beings and have families to look after. Just let them increase

  8. MWILA


  9. Jms

    This is another, incompetence situation where the minister for health complained about malaria in chitambo area. Their are things to report not such cases,you top officials you are just bringing embarrassment to the nation, if we keep on reporting every situation what are you going to manage?

  10. Juvensio Zimba

    The worst an bearable and misareable Économic situation the poor and poorest Zambians we are in and going to face next Year and beyond as PF Party is the Boart sank and as a result this sinking is terribly lettting the our Zambian Nation Bing drawned the by letting all disadvataged citisenary get killed because of unvisionary Economical irresponsable ways of administering the Nation on behalf of All Zambian People. Oui Almighty God indeed HELP and SAVE US in Jésus’ Name.

  11. buzzman

    where are we going Zambians

  12. Martin


  13. my phone 📱

    Bus 🚌 operators increase fees how loose are going to make until they approve from this govt

  14. sparcks

    what a nation

  15. Zero

    We are all to blame. Dununa Reverse!!!!

  16. Kascol

    Bafikamba wen increasing fuel prices it’s done abruptly ,zoona ciwamila galu not the other way.

  17. Razor

    Just increase by more than 100% so that those who were dancing dununa reverse can continue dancing since they won’t be able to afford the new fares and will have nothing to do.

  18. Curtis

    We are saying the only way to cushion these increments is to reduce the cost of living , because we have no control over them by either paying workers sufficiently which is in direct control of businesses or reduce the prices of essential commodities.

  19. EDWARD

    Only us who bold a vihecle to and from work on daily basis should complaine. The rest of you can shutup, this does not concern at all. Olo babweshe gas mwenda mpa nkasa.

  20. The brave

    Which loss transporters always want to favor themselves have you forgotten that they have in the past increased bus fairs with impunity taking advantage of the general travelling public others have even exagerated bus fairs.
    it is not everytime fuel prices are adjusted that public transporters have to increase fares no, this is the reason why Zambian businesses fail,
    the question must be how much profit are these transporters making are they within positive profit projections or indeed they are running loss.
    the problem with our transporters is that they want to increase by over 100% if any business is running at over 25% then they are already making abnormal profit.
    transporters increased fairs mostly ranging from 75 to 100% when fuel was increased far less than 20%.
    if I can remember it must have been two or three percent if not even far less.
    so they should consider that the more they increase prices the more they give alternatives to the travelling general public in terms of movements.
    they never forget that hiking is also at play, for long distance travelling while for short distances people may opt to use bicycles, trekking back and forth while on the other hand people will also reduce on their movements they will become more economical when it comes to movements.
    this will translate in public transportation business even run at high losses because they will start competition over the few who can afford to meet the fairs.
    for me even with the fuel price hike my view is that public transportation business is still making reasonable profit.
    let alone the old prices continue running it is not every time fuel prices go up that public transporters must increase fairs no, doing so is being greedy.
    I end here for now.

  21. The Brave

    I would really love to attend the meeting on this matter in this regard I would be happy to table these issues as a concerned citizen.
    if only I can be officially invited I would appreciate, what our transporters are doing is not fair to the nation, in the history of Zambia I have never heard that transporters have met to discuss on how they will reduce travelling fairs since fuel has been reduced yet we have all read how pump prices have reduced.
    I would really love to attend their meeting these transporters, I lived almost at the end of Zambia in North Western Province, I really want to be invited to their meeting.
    I may be contacted through my email.

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