Kambwili Denies PF Return Links

NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili has said he is not going back to the ruling Patriotic Front and has branded news about his pending return to the party as mere propaganda.

PF deputy national mobilisation chairman Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba was quoted saying the party was in talks with Kambwili to negotiate his return.

“The National Democratic Congress, NDC, is concerned with the propaganda going round that Chishimba Kambwili is going back to the Patriotic Front, PF. The party would like to urge the members that the president is committed to the party and remains president of NDC, with no intentions of rejoining the PF. The whole story came as a shock to me as I have never even met Mr. Chikwanda since I left government. The only time I spoke to him was three months ago when he was hospitalised and I called to wish him a quick recovery,” Kambwili said in a statement issued by NDC spokesperson Saboi Imboela.

“The PF needs fundamental and radical change for it to be attractive or accepted again by the people. It’s not a matter of Chishimba Kambwili going back to PF that can make people like it. The people want food, jobs and other basic needs and the PF have failed to provide all those things. So my moving to PF cannot be a solution to the hunger and anger people have towards PF.”

He said his party was currently concentrating on the Chilubi parliamentary by-election.

“Besides, if I am going back to PF, why would we be serious mobilising the party like this? The police denied us a permit to hold our Chingola launch just about a week ago citing the festive period and that they do not have enough power. We have since reapplied for a permit for the Chingola launch. We wouldn’t be doing all this if we intended to go back to PF,” Kambwili said and urged the NDC membership countrywide “not to be swayed by such propaganda but to concentrate on mobilising the party”.


  1. Brian mweemba


  2. Hammer

    It is amazing how politicians run out of what to say after an episode of daily screamings in the newspapers. It seems to me that CK has run out of new ideas.

  3. Bashikulu Em2a

    go back and get the position of labour minister

  4. mr i 100%

    Helpless PF need help here kkkkkkkk. Amenahi ngayaitika teti utole. that’s the fact

  5. Fyantha

    I hope he won’t be like ……..kkkkkkkkkk

  6. Razor

    And when he decides to return he will say he was misquoted and he has always been PF willing to work with the humble leader ECL to make PF win in 2021 blah! Blah! Blah!

  7. xxx3

    just like gbm he said bad things about pf when the rumour came out, what came next? thats a sign that in gvt there is alot of honey,its like ck is broke he wants ka funding

  8. BTK

    Whether he z going back or not,the issue z that people are tire of fake niggas like GBM & the whole pf crew.

  9. Shongope

    Principles are very important in life Kambwili is very determined person he has one mp humble beginnings. Stay calm it shall not be the same

  10. Dr.Cool Rickson Ma-Care

    Who can go back to pf again like this stupid man GBM. If ck go back to pf again, he don’t know what he’s doing. Which means he’s just after money and he was just pretending to be innocent to Zambian people mean while he’s a thief.

  11. Mr.tell them the truth

    Chishimba kambeili is a man of order that is y I luk him

  12. James

    Mr Sata left mmd and formed pf, in 2001 he worn 1seat of mp. But you ck just a by election you managed already 1seat. In next General election Mr Sata worn about 41seats. I hope you can do the same, the 2021 can not be your time but it can be your best hope to be president2026. Be Sata of today. Or else you are finished.because if you returned to pf and after campaigning for them then they expelled you again that can be your last chance in becoming the saviour of many Zambian so to speak. MAPOSA FARMS.

  13. mk

    Open your eyes. Where is the venom of CK today against the gvt.something is fishing.

  14. Brian


  15. Policeman

    Don’t go back to of,Dr ck,even me,I want to resign!!!

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