OPINION: The Current Political System Is Failing Zambia

Why are we scared of discussing President Edgar Lungu’s achievements in the face of probably the most devastating load shedding in the history of this nation?

For over 30 years, Zambia has only witnessed tangible investment in power generation under the leadership the PF government. Since 2014, the country has added close to 1,000MW to the grid and another 1,000MW is expected before the end of this year through the Kafue Gorge Lower and Solar Power Plants.

The PF inherited a generation capacity of 2,400MW but due to low water levels in dams, actual generation was below 1,900MW and by 2015, this time bomb exploded in our faces.

Most of the current power generation projects have mushroomed under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu. In essence, the much talked about Head of State in the negative, has silently reversed the national failures in the energy sector that the MMD in its 20 year rule created despite the much talked about K5 to a US Dollar exchange rate.

We fear to discuss this very truth because we know that voters may appreciate these programmes and use objectivity when they go to the polls. And this is how politics of deception is at the centre of Africa’s underdevelopment.

It does not make any development sense to invest in distorting the current regime’s achievements at the expense of sharing how one would improve on them to ensure continuity. The MMD, instead of improving on what UNIP had achieved, spent 20 years destroying the Kaunda legacy, selling all the state companies which sent 100s to the graves and thousands onto the streets.

And today, someone has invested heavily in convincing you that President Edgar Lungu is a failure and so if he wins, expect him to spend his tenure trying to prove his lies by destroying everything that President Edgar Lungu has achieved instead of improving on it.

This,unfortunately, is not the governance system we need. We are busy fighting ourselves at the expense of the much needed poverty reduction programmes that can only be attained when there is unity of purpose. Democracy, in this current state, can only achieve creating inefficient governments, disastrous power transitions and social chaos.

This failure to part an opponent on the back when it’s due is proof that our political system is not about competing for development but purely for political hegemony. As things stand, President Edgar Lungu can never do anything right in the eyes of the opposition because it would work against their political ambitions. But surely, politics should not be a self preservation tool but a vehicle for development.

Sata’s Patriotic Front showed us what opposition politics can achieve when it is issue based. He formed committees that played checks and balances role for the key Ministries. They served as ‘policy watch’ and formulated alternative policies to compete with the MMD Government. It was the same alternative policies which gained Sata the people’s trust because he explained them in clear and understandable terms.

Today, we don’t even know what the opposition could ever do for Zambia because they only exist to oppose everything government does. For instance, in the Health Sector, President Edgar Lungu has embarked on an ambitious transformation agenda that should overhaul the sector but the opposition is opposed to it, citing corruption.

The President has placed a very high premium on having a healthy and productive population to spur socio economic development. And for decades, Zambia’s health sector has remained heavily dependent on donor funding.

Being such a critical sector where slight fluctuations in funding could result in the loss of so many lives, it is not wise to be so dependent on a source of funding we have no control over. Imagine what would happen to all those on ART, TB and Malaria drugs if donors pulled out.

President Edgar Lungu’s Universal Health Coverage solution allows for access to high quality health services regardless of one’s economic status. The President has adopted the most reliable and sustainable health financing model.

What sustainable alternative health financing model is the opposition proposing or what enhancements has it added? Nothing. All we hear about are unsubstantiated corruption allegations in the sector.

Regime change, based on unsubstantiated corruption allegations, can’t bring sustainable economic development. It simply proves our call for an urgent need for a new governance system that must prioritise development and promote unity of purpose. While we politick, Rwanda is developing. What is the difference between China and India, probably democracy.

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  1. Cryphen chibuye

    How has the opposition got to do with the runing of all sort things while its not even in power


    Economies we destroyed ourselves through bad leadership, we said that we created more energy 2000kwt where are they? We are suffering with loadshedding shame! And high tariff. Cost of living very high domestic daily use. Our country Zambian if we are not carefully this government they sunken us. >>>2021 is around the corner let’s go to votes wisely!

  3. Lowe j

    Pf has miserably failed and has caused massive ‘dununa reverse’ to the economy. Nothing to argue about here baba.


    During Levy P Mwanawasa MMD time 1US dollar was (K3,500) K3.5 how many infrastructure did the government construct since the kwacha was doing fine, I’m told the price of MEALIE-MEAL was below (K50,000)K50 we should never ever appreciate someone if he gives you a fish but rather be thankful to the person teachers you how to catch it. I have spent 17years in Saud Arabia when I went there some places were not as good as some in zambia but to today that’s when zambia is building which is a good idea let’s invest in infrastructure

  5. Hammer

    I agree that ECL is working hard but he needs also to make sure his work is recognized by the citizens. The PF media team should mount a counter-lies strategy. Otherwise don’t expect power hungry politicians to even say anything which will make the citizens realize the amount of projects ECL is achieving.

  6. Shortnigga memz

    We need fresh brains in government

  7. Bashikulu Em2a

    The alarm of zambia experiencing loadshedding was sounded way back in 2006.Was PF in government by then?Its hard to manage the estate of the deceased!Dont blame for the sake of it,reason first!Am neither pf nor upnd.Ordinary zambian!

  8. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Chris Phiri, STOP reporting ” Doctored” news!!!! Many Zambians have suffered because of the poor leadership of Patriotic Front Government under the Leadership of the Late President Michael Sata and President Edgar Chagwa Lungu. The only best Leader or President in Zambia was the Late President Levy Mwanawasa. Look at the Electricity Hike prices, Mealie meal prices, Water Hikes and high cost of doing business in Zambia. Life under the Leadership of PF has become harsh and hard for lower class or common Zambians. Thanks

  9. chief mumbo

    As ecl said us citizens we not blaming the pf government but things which is happened with pf government is too bad.Already Ecl is making fake promises because by the beginning of 2019 Edgar Lungu said that there is not going to be no loadshadding but when the minister of electricity and supply announce the increase of electricity until to 75% this is where the problem of load shading begin.Please Ecl look at us Zambian citizens the corruption is too high ,the meali meal price is very high,even your lies is showing by its self look at GBM mealier I have never seen a bag of mealie meal of GBM since when Ecl got in to power.So Mr president you think people are happy with your behavior.

    • vote for me


  10. Mwenya

    Who is this Chris Phiri and where does he live? Head in the sand….

  11. Angoni

    Sometimes i wish the UPND could be given a chance to rule so that Zambians could see how those of us who non Tonga or tribe cousins will suffer at the hands of these UPND trbalist. Its also false to say the economy will improve under the UPND, we will miss the PF and the MMD when UPND will be in power. Lets vote for them at our own risk

  12. Bob

    Umunobe ngalelwa, “mufutule tuleya” , nomba nganiwe,bwafya! To be a leader of a developing county like ours, one has to develope a thick skin. Opposition in Zambia is failing our country. The much talked about, checks and balances is basically not there. All of the opposition if not one, are aiming at plot one. Mwilaba, its one family at a tym. You are lucky ba BP tamwakwata, ngamwalitangila. Going to extremes, painting your own country of origin BLACK! Mwalishama!!

  13. Mwaba macco

    From my point of view the opposition only desire power and neglect the people who vote which is indeed unfortunate.name making is very vital for some opposition parts in our country and I candidly urge this to cease because we will forever be called a developing nation.

  14. Mwaba macco

    Lungu can’t develop this country alone.so let’s just appreciate and applaud him for the things he as achieved for this country.

  15. josiah

    At times I just prefers to read the comments to listen to the views of the Zambians citizens and continue praying for the leaders…..

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