Plots Shared On Land Meant To House Mushili High School

Bwana Mkubwa Member of Parliament Dr. Jonas Chanda says it is a shame that enemies of progress have encroached on land earmarked for the construction of Mushili high school.

Dr. Chanda says it is uncalled for that people can share plots on land that is supposed to house a secondary school.

“There are unscrupulous people who have encroached on land reserved for the construction of a modern high school in Mushili township. These enemies of development and enemies of the people have illegally allocated plots on this land in a township with a population of over 80,000 people who badly need development,” he lamented.

“A few months ago, I invited Minister of General Education Honourable David Mabumba to this site as well as to Kansengu Primary and Twikatane Basic schools which are planned for upgrade to grade 12 level,” Dr. Chanda complained.

He continued, “I’m calling on the city planners, Ndola City Council and Ministry of General Education in Ndola District, to officially report these criminals encroaching on development land to Zambia Police. I’m also reporting these enemies of development to Zambia Police and calling on them to enforce the Law.”

He has, however, commended the residents of Mushili for acting to stop the illegality.

“I also want to thank the alert residents of Mushili township for acting promptly to stop these land encroachers. Mushili township is already receiving massive development in form of a huge water network project under Kafulafuta Water Supply Project, construction of a modern police station under Constituency Development Fund (CDF), planned construction of a modern First Level Referral Hospital by JICA in collaboration with the Government of the Republic of Zambia, and new markets and roads by Government,” Dr. Chanda said.

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  1. Wala

    Don’t spare them, this are pf cadres, arrest them.

  2. Dakakizo

    Wala, thanks

  3. Dakakizo

    And you seem to know the of of cadets point them,never just post comments for sake of being seen, that ba Wala exists,law enforcement get to the root of all, development of the high school, would accom odate all children regardless of their parents political affiliation,area mp be saluted

  4. Leonard

    That’s the only thing patriotic front caders know.nothing will happen to them unless it’s opposition caders by now they could have been in custody and denied bail

  5. Razor

    What enemies of progress are you talking about. You know very well these are PF cadres who were promised these plots during campaigns and so they are just getting what they were promised.

  6. mast

    if those involved are pf cadres then nothing wil happen to them

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