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FAZ has shortlisted 12 candidates for Chipolopolo job. Interviews begin today. Kalusha Bwalya was invited to be on the panel of interviewers but he declined.

1. Jose Battemar Oliveira [Portugal]
2. Zlatko Krmpotic [Croatia]
3. Giovanni Solimas [Italy]
4. Piette de Jongh [Holland]
5. Ivan Jacky Minnaert [Belgium]
6. Aleksandr Jankovic [Serbia]
7. Aljosa Assinovic [Croatia]
8. Milutin Sredojevic [Serbia]
9. Kostadin Papic [Serbia]
10. Abel Xavier [Portugal]
11. Dylan Kerr [Britain]
12. Zlatko Kranjear [Croatia].

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    After a careful scrutiny of the CVs of the shortlisted, current trends in football as well as our current situation ALJOSA ASSANOVIC is the best for Zambia.

    • isaac Malichi

      yes aljosa assanovic is the best among all these

    • Allo Allo

      All these are unknowns. Unheard ofs who can’t share Zambia’s ambition. Kamanga lifutu sana

  2. Chinthu

    @Kalusha Bwalya Let’s work together, if there was a reason why you declined you should have stated, otherwise this jealous and it’s extremely bad for Zambian,
    Together we can achieve more, as a parent what are you trying to teach us , this is misleading,
    @Couch,,, Well the couch must be advised to give us a period in which he can build Zambia national soccer team,,
    So that he gets enough of our patience, rest he may end up being sacked again, thank you

  3. mr i 100%

    Judges please Choose wisely, we are too much under pressure in as far as football is concerned here in Zambia.choose someone who has experience and he should have his own assistance who is not from Zambia. Too much corruption to some Zambian coaches.

  4. Ba perfect

    Milutin sredojevic is the best kaili ba faz. He transformed Orlando pirate to title contenders, he took Uganda to their first afcon in 38 yrs and he developed shonga and mulenga at pirates.

  5. Zipher

    No locals?

  6. Kamzey

    no local coaches??

  7. mwewa piano musonda

    kkkkkkk chipolopolo boys kuwaya wayafye nifimakula

  8. Ashley

    Football is good, please bring somebody who can back the game to life

  9. B@xter

    choose wisely not ifyakulolesha ama envelopes twakana ba kalu…. and the coach must stay up to 2022 not mailo mwatamfya awe already chiangi alitwipaisha kale, not mailo ati the coach has failed the period is too short think ba faz let the coach him self choose his foreign assistant coach not you ba faz ukusala chi local we don’t want you

  10. Obama

    Ba faz plz don’t land your finger at a useless coach who will b interested in our Money only, I mean the tax payers’ money. We want someone who can help our National Football Team to regain the respect it once had. Tekwesha ukusala Zlatko Krmpotic he failed us at ZESCO FC.

  11. ibra moudinho

    Herve Renard has had his own assistance coach ad no one blamed him untl he went. xo faz dnt chuz an assistance 4 de new coach let him cum wth hiz own coz faz usually chuz vifilika ad bitches wu dnt knw football lyk lwandamina chimuntu chablack fulu kolwe.

  12. nazlo

    it should be either Aljosa Assinovic or milutin ‘micho’ sredojevic

  13. Herv Rena

    I would have come back pa zed but ka money you are offering ni porej.No kushupana sana ama pay slo.


    Just employ our heroe great Kalu local coach no best osafela skin ma zambians.Once you left Kalu Zambia won’t quaelifie 2021 AFCON.


    Local coach ni best osafela white skin just pick G Kalu.

  16. Kelvin

    I think u should pick Milutin Sredojevic [Serbia] he as experience in Africa remember he was at Pirates and he did a graegreat there

  17. magical minds

    Kkkkkkk I went through people’s comments some are saying chose a local coach, when that same local coach fails you the same people saying we don’t want a local coach,Zambians tiyeni tuleke ubupuba no Zambian coach can perform well during the Africa cup of nations, think of the quarter finals of the competition the game plans changes at that stage so it needs a tactical minded coach not this local coaches who become stranded when the opposition starts bring pressure, e.g the Nigerians and the likes of arabes and Ghana. So faz chose a good coach not a Zambian.

  18. Benard mulenga

    A man from Serbia is the best

  19. Joylove

    Who has been selected to be a coach for Zambia national team?

  20. Drix

    I think a man from Croatia can do well

  21. T. K

    Whoever will be chosen allow him to coming with his own assistant coach, allow him to make his own choice of players in short allow him to make his own decisions concerning the team he wants to play, we don’t want a situation where ba kamanga & his board to come in & make decisions for the coach because of there selfish ambition or corrupted ideas, we are not interested..

  22. Smokers

    Zambia can not qualify for 2021 Afcon, we are already out of the competition


    I think we need to start refresh as a Zambian national team coz since 2015 we always filled

  24. Malama Chola

    Abel Xavier can help us he experience coach who coach a good number of teams I go for Abel Xavier

  25. saidu Chikopela

    Iwe kalusha y u didn’t attend the meeting? Don’t be jealous let’s work together as one Zambia one nation that’s not good iwe vilikukutonda kale when u have been called, just go there or even not contribute anything but as long as waonekerako waka

  26. steezy

    thats very good news for the zambian national team maybe with the international coach might do better but the one you going to appoint ba faz give him more time not just losing two or more games you suck him.The reason that our national is not going any were is becouse very game we get new players you get the first players were doing good the next game again you are geting new.Not good be serious ba poeple

  27. Mr Bizzo

    May forein coach can do better

  28. mr foot

    choose wise not ba acc ba ngenemo

  29. Ghamarays

    For me I would to see Brazilian coaches

  30. Evakayzo Chewe

    I like your behavior Mr Kalusha Bwalya for your decline. And am urging you to continue with the same spirit and let them interview those coaches.

  31. Ngkj


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