The Patriotic Front Stands With Chingola Residents – Chanda

The Patriotic Front says it stands with Chingola residents in calling for heightened security and bringing those behind a spate of killings to justice.

PF Media Director Sunday Chanda, in a statement issued to the media on Wednesday, appealed to all Zambians with information to cooperate with the Police so as to bring the perpetrators to justice.

“Patriotic Front (PF) wishes to convey its heartfelt condolences to the families of those murdered in suspected ritual killings on the Copperbelt Province. We stand with the residents in calling for heightened security and bringing those behind the spate of killings to justice. In calling on the Zambia Police to ensure that the suspected ritual killings on the Copperbelt Province are brought to a stop and perpetrators brought to justice, we are also appealing to all Zambians with information to cooperate with the Police. Further we wish to appeal to all Citizens that while the matter at hand is sensitive and emotional, we must all avoid the temptation of taking the law in their own hands,” Chanda said.

Meanwhile, Chanda has expressed concern over a “politically-charged video circulating where members of a known opposition party are chanting political slogans” while residents rioted.

“Society must not be left to think a named opposition party is either behind these spate of killings or taking advantage of the loss of lives to score cheap political gains. This is because matters of national security and public order must be kept away from cheap partisan politics,” Chanda lamented.

He has added that there are lives at stake and that “it is immoral for any political leader or party to incite members to politically exploit these suspected ritual killings”.

“And when citizens link certain political parties to dark forces, some politicians cry foul. We are calling on Zambians to condemn such immorality in politics,” Chanda said.

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  1. Jk

    Stop the killing what do you benefit when you kill
    My condolences to the family .

    • P.M

      While I support the police to increase its presence in the area, I detesit the insinuation by this stupid sunday chanda that opposition party may be linked to these murders. How stupid can one be? Indeed anyone contemplating voting for PF in its current form must be an idiot like sunday chanda

      • 5x unfit for plot 1

        Bitterness, hatred and insults will not remove PF from power, instead it will validate their stay.

    • King

      Stop fighting people of Zambia please

  2. lungu unfit in plot 1

    loadshedin,hunger,enconomic hardship etc. wil remove lungu from plot 1.

  3. Jmutale

    It is all about hunger. Why loot if the issue is about ritual killings? Pf is a failed party that will make Zambia far worse if given another chance.

    • Good meaning full Zambian

      Why write silly and nonsense comments .tissue at hand is all about rituals .chanda is advising but this stupid an idiot UPND imbecile starts attacking chanda. Then yes UPND you are behind these ritual killings. Umusungu atila the guilt are afraid . we Chingola residents we say no to this killings. we want a solution to end this not attacking one another .

  4. Ok

    People stop being lazy. Rains so far have been good and yet you are doing nothing but blame the govt. No politician will bring food to your table. Bufi, ifintu ku bomba. No ‘sweet without sweat’.

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