Moving Coffin, A Ritual Practice, Attacks 55 Year Old Woman In Kalumbila District

A 55 year old woman in Kalumbila District of North Western Province is nursing serious injuries after being assaulted by a “moving coffin”, a ritual practice.

There was commotion in the district after the alleged “moving coffin” through pall bearers targeted the 55 year old woman who was hit several times.

In this practice, it is alleged that the 55 year old woman who has been identified as Jane Kapezhi is suspected to be behind the death of a 27 year old man Deke Chiwala who died after a long illness.

The victim is said to have sustained a painful neck and general body pains after being attacked by the alleged ‘moving coffin’ and is admitted to Lumwana General Hospital.

Kalumbila District Commissioner Robinson Kalota has confirmed the incident in an interview.

Kalota said police moved in and retrieved the coffin took it to Lumwana General Hospital Mortuary.

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  1. XX3

    eeeyy! nadabwa iyi niyipondo real nigerian MOVIE

  2. magical minds

    This happens every time in rural areas we seen it before

  3. bakalalila

    In bemba we call lcitaleme.l have seen this several times in mansa.

  4. Maawe!!

    Tulatebula mbotusyanga.

  5. Chrisman RKO

    Great news

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    Comment suzgo ilo, manyani chiuta Sono.

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    Wat u do now it will reflect on you one day here it is now

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    mmmmmmm devil is at work

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    Zambia a christian nation?

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    ba zed chabe, ninsala ilenga ifi, ba people bafuna chuma


    Iyeeeee!!! Icalo chaliya ukupwa bane .

  14. Joe kawimbe

    I am surprised that the wizard was not killed by that coffin. In our home Province, Luapula, in those days – when they invoked “Ichitaleme” on a witch or a wizard, the coffin came to life and led the pallbearers to the culprit and struck them dead! Not injured. I think this is now “ichitaleme-Lite”

  15. Koyotito

    Why was the coffin not doing the same while in the hands of the police?

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    I don’t know why Zambia is still called a Christian nation

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