Pilot Killed In Livingstone

BATOKA Sky Adventures Limited owned Microlight plane has crash-landed in Livingstone, killing one person while the other is severely injured.

According to information obtained the Civil Aviation Authority the crash happened this morning between 07:00 and 08:00 hours about 30 meters from the railway line in the Mosi-oa-tunya National Park heading to the Victoria Falls as they were conducting their
routine flights.

Director General Gabriel Lesa disclosed that the authority has
dispatched a team of experts from Lusaka to Livingstone to go and conduct preliminary investigations on what led to the crash.

Preliminary investigations are expected to commence this Saturday once the team visits the scene.

Batoka Sky Adventures Ltd operates the only microlight flight training school in Zambia that is approved by the Zambian Department of Civil

It offers the highest standard of tutoring and the resident commercial pilots are carefully selected and instructor rated.

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  1. Fox

    “pilot Killed” Really? Was That Heading Necessary.
    Zambian journalists kuwawafye.
    As though it was a murder.

  2. Jumbo

    For how long has this Batoka sky adventure LTD been in existence?

    • zed

      pilot killed sure??? What a report ,is it by an elephant? ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Mlase

    Fox…please don’t expose your illiteracy on this blog.This reporting is correct.For u,killing is only associated to murder?Check through your dick..sorry I meant to say dictionary.

  4. Mlase

    Killed by a plane,killed by a bus,killed by a bullet..this is an act which result in death.U can also ask someone to say..what killed Fox?Meaning…u want to know the cause of the death.In this context,it’s a plane crash which killed the pilot.Vizungu ivi…kuwayawaya fye zoona bige

  5. kedrick siame

    Hahaha killed but kwena killed by who.

  6. Razor

    Too bad. Sad for the pilot. MHSRIP. This might impact on number of tourists coming for this activity as this was one of the popular activities in Livingstone.

  7. man p

    The headline is 100% correct anyway it depends on teachers who taught you guys we can’t argue with you.

  8. Fox

    Mlase,its you who has just displayed your your illiteracy here together with the journalist who came up with the above heading.
    “Pilot Dies In An Aeroplane Crush”
    Simple as that.

  9. Mlase

    Arguing with Fox can just elevate me to his level of illiteracy mwee.Fox..Wat u are talking about is the effect of the plane crash but not the cause.In other words..when the cause of the death is known we say what killed him is blur blur.The word kill is often used when the cause is known but when it’s not known,or established we say dies.I think am wasting my energy trying to align this Grade V11 drop out

  10. muntu

    Mlase na fox u have made me laugh, but i have to side with mlase here. And zambians please take mater’s serious there is death here let’s encourage the family to b strong not showing at tiziba vizungu.

  11. The Legend

    Iwe fox ,the heading is correct..
    You wanted it to read “Pilot killed in an Aeroplane crush ” or “Aeroplane crush causes death of Pilot”.

  12. XXX3

    i have read so many headlines about those who have died in plane crash but never came across such a headline,this headline is quiet misleading, u can not say “passengers killed’ what killed them? were they attacked by a gunman,or there was something poisonous and the safocated,or is it a road accident? what about if it was just a headline without an article wil u kno wat killed the pilot? anyway its just my opinion

  13. Mlase

    One other failure of the fox type has come on board.Comrade xxx3…a passenger is not an operator or a crew member for us to establish what killed him or her.The word Pilot in this case is a title of the operator of a particular vessel and the moment this title is mentioned,everyone including yourself who jumped through the window during an English lesson will know that a plane is the causer of this particular death.Once more…the moment we have a crew of what caused the death,we say killed(by).I guess this debate is now closed so that we now keep the family of the pilot who was killed by a Plane (crash) in prayers

  14. Mlase

    Last but not the least…my fellow Zambians,let uslearn to use correct words when ever we are writing or should I say texting on such blogs.There is a difference between the word crash and the word crush.Because of time…I shall not go further.Have a lovely day

  15. xxx3

    @Mlase u are an idiot if i made a mistake u were supposed to correct me,u seem to be to be intelligent and yet fuckd up may be u even one of those who are gud at english and ma result ni 36 points

    • Mlase

      Xxx3…if u want to be corrected,u can please go back and repeat Grade 7 exams.But if u insist on insulting me…I shall send u to a correctional facility(Chimbokaila) to be precise a facility which is better placed to correct humans who behave like u.

  16. VH

    Ha Ha Ha Ha I am just passing by.

  17. Angoni

    KKKKKK continue lecturing am watching from a distance

  18. Godfrey Mash

    Too Bad And Report Check Ur English

  19. mr p

    kwena ba Zambia Mwali wina Kubu shilu..

  20. Francis likumbi

    To bad to hear that and may Almighty God helping them who are injury


    To bad to hear that and may Almighty God helping them who are injury

  22. Charles

    Kkkkkkkkkkk pa zed OK we will try living in the country were we use she for a boy

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