Laura Miti In Court For Assaulting Police Officers

Civil Society activist Laura Miti will today appear in the Livingstone Magistrate Court on the charge of assaulting Police Officers in Livingstone.

This is in a case where Miti assaulted some police officers when she stormed the Livingstone Police Station and demanded to have another activist, Fumba Chama known as as Pilato, to be released.

Miti was accompanied by Bornwell Mwewa during the altercation.

The two are alleged to have forcibly attempted to rescue Pilato and engaged in scuffle with the police officers.

The two were arrested and charged with assault.

Pilato had earlier been arrested for holding an illegal meeting with youths at the Catholic Church Facility.

That case is pending prosecution for clearance by the Director of Public Prosecution.

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  1. Sibweni

    Every activist please its paymaster. Human right must b respectd by citizens on police officers and police do the same. Madam miti observe yo limites in yo rights not fighting police bcoz under yo party of yo choice other we rise against it. In zambia, if in govt u are corrupt and salary is corruption our country.

  2. Herv Rena

    How can a trained police officer be assaulted by an armless simple woman.Do you need a pass to talk to children at church.Release Pilato,Now!

    • Bashikulu Em2a

      Haven’t you seen a civilian hurting a trained person?This is common,man.Even yourself can be hurt by a woman,yet you are a man!Dont get surprised,boss!

      • PM

        A police officer who cant protect the station is useless. Assulted in the police station !!! This is a lie by pf cadre police.

        • Learned Counsel

          Meaning of Assault: An assault is the act of inflicting physical harm or unwanted physical contact upon a person or, in some specific legal definitions, a threat or attempt to commit such an action. It is both a crime and a tort and, therefore, may result in either criminal and/or civil liability

    • Jo Breaker

      Go and release him yourself.

      Message approved

  3. bombshell

    we are just told she asaulted police officers. how many were they? how possible is it that these officers can fight robbery if they can b attacked at the police station by a lady.mmmm come on our officers lets b serious .where they tought any defensive techniques at lilayi? i tend to doubt these officers & thats y crime has gone up in Zambia

  4. Curtis

    This is a very unfortunate event to law enforcement officers. I don’t blame any of the parties but the government which is still maintaining the state of our police stations from colonial time. Now you see that our officers aren,t safe. My suggestion is that barriers should be erected for the purpose of screaming before one reaches the enquiry desk. This sounds to be a modern way of operation all over the world.

  5. Samdeez

    Assault can come to any one if the police had reacted it would have been another news

  6. Mwine mushi

    Uzamuziba yesu

  7. Razor

    Another case that will go nowhere.

  8. north western chiefs affairs

    police for nowadays kkkk yaba kuwayawayafye, please release pilato, i have given you 24hrs

  9. DMAN

    how come a female assaulting men in uniform dat not possible.

  10. Kombwe

    What is wrong with our nation?
    Just having a meeting they arrest as if we’re planning to or conspiracy the govt.we need freedom because that’s what we fought for in the colonial times,we don’t need to be treated unfairly by our fellow blacks.

  11. Nyengo

    Pilato and laura are use youths 2 fight and riot 4 them but if upnd wins they never hold meeting 2 economic challenges bcoz poverty wil go. Father bwalya used yellow card and now we see resurface of red card campign against pf govt. Can father tactic work advantge of pilato and laura? PILATO AND LARUA Are future Ministry tourism and art and Ministry of Gander? Only GOD as a answer. Father bwalya benefited frm he was a shadow pf branch but father was block by full political players who fund and sweated blood 4 pf 2 win in 2011. Youth careful pf and upnd NGO’S Wil use u 2 go on top and 2 fulfill their dream of bcom govt offical

  12. Kicks Kings

    Be serious with what you are doing police officers, how can you even say to the public that she assaulted you, are you not ashamed? how many were you? you foolish then if it really happened the way you have put it. And you chris, stop giving us such kind of imformation, because it is a waste of time.

  13. A.Uhuru Moonga

    This is a lesson to everyone. When u have such sensitive confrontations make sure you have some kind of recording for evidence coz not even civil servants are to be believed nowadays. The truth shall come out.

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