Al Ghurair to Print 2021 Ballot Papers

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has awarded two-year contracts to nine companies for the supply and delivery of various election materials worth K12.2 million ahead of the August 12, 2021 general elections.

According to the Public Tender notice released on January 8, 2020, the commission has awarded Al Ghurair Printing Company of Dubai a contract to print the 2021 general election ballot papers, ballot paper posters and candidates’ posters.

The various election materials  are indelible ink markers, ballot box plastic seals, ballot booth sets, official mark self-inking stamps and rejected self inking stamps.

Other materials are ballot boxes with coloured lids, tamper proof envelops and 400m roll perimeter red tape reels.

The nine companies awarded conditional contracts are Enthatak Limited to supply indelible ink markers at a cost of K1.6 million at a unity price of K18 per marker.

Getwik Enterprises will supply 760,000 ballot box plastics at a cost of K646, 000.

ECZ will pay Web International (Z) Limited K6.7 million to supply ballot booth sets.

Sunnex (Z) Limited has two contracts to supply official mark self-inking stamps and rejected self inking stamps at a total cost of K667, 000.00.

The contract to supply ballot boxes with coloured lids has been awarded to Freswa Enterprises at a cost of K1.8 million while the supply of tamper proof envelops by Enthatak Limited will cost K1.2 million.

The Commission has awarded Walkerville Enterprises Limited a supply contract of 400m roll perimeter red tape reels at a cost of K458, 208.00.

ECZ has given up to January 21, 2021 for unsuccessful bidders to raise objections, if any.


  1. Impyakusu ichinyo

    Rigging in progress we had a successful meeting in abudab

    • Mumba

      Surely apapene PABA na rigging owe we wakwata ishina lya nsele. You are going to lose this coming election peaceful . because you are too expectant to drive . I am telling you the party support Will never head this nation it will always be a conductor. Come 2021 you will remember this I am not a prophet but I prophecy so . you can’t just hate someone doing good and you say rigging .I am sorry for you.

  2. magical minds

    Zambia boseni tumfyeko kaili

  3. Kicks Kings

    As long as regging is not planned in all this programme, let God help those companies to do the work smoothly, remember that ours is a christian nation, let us respect ourselves in whatever we are doing.

  4. Mano M'mafupa

    The good part is that GOD has already chosen the next leaders of this country Zambia. In whatever we say He is just watching us.

  5. cooks

    @mano ma’mfupa u are 100% correct we allways argue about 2moro and yet dont even know what it wil bring.those who are saying lungu wil win say that after august 12, 2021 same to those who are saying hh wil win nowander we end up fightn. Gods will never fails lets wait n c it.

  6. My husband

    Money for markers is too much!!; why they cannot come and buy in my shop k5 each than k18 each plus transport…….. Try to buy what we have , not buying things out side in order to blindfolding Zambians….this time we want to see the change after buying things…. And avoid bye elections,, are too expensive the economy is not stable…. Let them wait for 2021…..

  7. predator

    recentry we had a proposal here in zambia not else the same zambians not congoliz to say 2021 ballot papers wil be printing localy to save money where is that proposal see now the money this lot of money hw many youth woud have benefit.

  8. Fonko Fonko

    It’s good that printing of ballot papers will be done outside. If done in Zambia, the ruling will be accused of rigging elections. From the last time I checked some people are not mature enough to accept defeat.May the best candidate win.

  9. Angoni

    Hehehe the game is on wina azalila. watching from a distance

  10. Dr Fonicks

    All stakeholders must be present at all levels of printing because, we shouldn’t allow a situation whereby some people cry foul. Level the playing field so that people are elected on merit. We must handle such issues with care and transparency. Misdeeds can plunge our great nation into chaos. Let those who will be voted genuinely be ushered into office. God already knows who the winner is. Our part is cast our votes. Selfishmess, disgruntledness must not be exhibited at all levels. We have been peaceful since independence, despite some skirmishes in some by elections. Vote for your preferred candidate in a peaceful manner because there’s not much time left.

  11. Curtis

    This should mark the beginning of rehabilitating our state printing press in preparation for 2026 elections to avoid over spending when we print from outside. Since 2011 elections ,stakeholders demanded that ballot papers be printed at government printing department but for capacity,it couldn’t work out and since then nothing has been done to capacitate the plant.These are problems considering the dispality of expenses.

  12. Nkoma tabingwa

    2021 HH for life,

  13. Shanbbwanji

    Don’t insult the ruling government kuti mwakowesha tablet hand.

  14. Mwaba macco

    What happened to the decision of printing the ballot papers locally if I may know?why is the government not consistent with their decisions am perplexed honestly? And I want the government to explain this inconsistency.

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