The PF General Conference To Be Held Now

The Patriotic Front has announced that the party’s General Conference where new leaders will be elected has been set for June/July, 2020.

Meanwhile, the party has adopted Mr. Francis Mulenga Fube as its candidate for the Chilubi parliamentary by-election following the death of Mrs Rosaria Fundanga.

Party secretary general Mr. Davies Mwila announced at a briefing on Sunday that the one who will be elected PF president will be the party’s presidential candidate in the 2021 general elections.

He said although the Central Committee already had a preferred candidate in President Edgar Lungu, other party members interested in contesting the position are free to do so.

Mr. Mwila said the holding of the General Conference is in line with the party constitution as well as Article 60 of the Republican Constitution that guide on the holding of elections in political parties.

“We challenge other political parties to emulate the good democratic record of the Patriotic Front by also holding conventions,” he said.

Mr. Mwila also said Finance Minister Dr. Bwalya Ng’andu had been invited by the Central Committee to give an update on the 2019 macroeconomic development and the economic outlook for 2020.

“In his updates, the Minister informed the Central Committee of specific policy interventions that the government has proposed in order to enhance Debt Management and the Economic Growth. These measures include putting a stop to the contraction of new loans, re-scoping of two-thirds of loans that have been contracted but not yet disbursed, enhancing domestic resource mobilization, clearing stress, cutting down on wasteful spending and enhancing engagements with our cooperating partners,” he said.

On the Copperbelt Energy Corporation/Zesco impasse, he said the Central Committee had directed the Ministry of Energy to amicably resolve the matter between the two institutions.

“As you might be aware, CEC is single bulk buyer of power from Zesco. Talks to extend an agreement which allows CEC to buy power in bulk for resale to mining companies have stalled, meanwhile the contract between Zesco and CEC expires in March 2020,” he said, adding that the Central Committee had given the Ministry of Energy up to the end of February 2020 to resolve the matter of bulk supply between Zesco and CEC.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fube, the former Kaputa District Commissioner, is the ruling party’s candidate for the coming Chilubi by-election.

Members of the Central Committee in charge of Health and Legal Dr. Chitalu Chilufya and Mr. Brian Mundubile respectively have since been appointed campaign managers in Kaputa.

“Hon. Chitalu Chilufya and Hon. Brian Mundubile will be campaign managers and will be assisted by Hon Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM), Hon Anthony Kasandwe and Hon Mwimba Malama. In the spirit of unity and loyalty to the party, the Central Committee is asking all the other candidates who have not been adopted to rally behind Mr. Fube,” Mr. Mwila said.

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  1. Herv Rena

    With economic growth at 2%,dollar trading at k15,

  2. Herv Rena

    With economic growth at 2%,dollar trading at k15,unemployment levels above 80% and more than18 billion debt in short term PF must really show cause why we should vote them back.The finance minister should have given a more clearer picture in terms of figures how we are going to get out of this.Otherwise the outlook of the economy is sad.

  3. Mwambanzi

    Ifintu tafilibwino. Ba pf kuwayawaya fye, ba fwilefye ukulonga bwangu before the country grounds to a hault

    • Mumba

      Mwambazi in your home yes things are not okay if you are not working hard and you expect the govt to come and feed your and do everything for you. I sorry my brother for you. HH you think of to bring manner on your table Will Never he will be the worste president . you see from the way he treats bakachema bakwe . what more Zambia please don’t cheat yourself that things Will be okay when we do away with ECL. And pF

  4. Kicks Kings

    We respect you ba pf, but what is happening is not giving the nation power to keep you in office beyond 2021, i am talking about the economy of this nation.

  5. Chansa maison

    He is a very hard worker,mwebantu twapusumuna Inka yamili o kwakaputa kwena which we cannot replace today

  6. Policeman

    Pf is not helpful at all,concerning the economy of the country.

  7. Sam's

    Just concentrate on the programs of yo party by not telling other parties what to do.

  8. Patrick Bulandi K.M.

    I would like to join this page because l want to work with the government in order to promote peace and justice as Pope Benedict XVI (emeritus)in his book tell us that, “it is the responsibility of the political leaders to create peace and justice to all people and the Church however, has the duty to form the conscience of men and women involved in building a society reconciled in justice and peace and her function is to educate the world to the religious message as announced by Jesus Christ.” (Pope Benedict SCI, Apostolic Exhortation, ‘Africae Munus’ Amecea Pastoral Department, 2012, par.22 ). it is from this background I am saying that the Church’s responsibility to sensitize or encourage Christians to participate in politics is imperative for it is an obligation because the people found in politics are the same that are governed by the Church. By taking on this responsibility, I can then say that in this way the Church is able to participate in politics according to her position and roles in promoting the common good. As you have seen above, the Church is not to be seen as a destroyer of the the government but should be seen as the collaborator of government in order to promote peace, reconciliation and justice in the state.

  9. Sosa

    Ati General conference to choose the presidential candidates…..kwii?coz who ever is going to challenge the ecl,then that person should also be prepared to be hacked by the vicious pf thugs who will be ready to scrutinize every single person in attendance.
    Aya malanda kanwa fye…..Don’t be cheated my fellow citizens……If am lying or if you don’t believe me then ask M.sampa,Kambwili and madam Inonge wina the manipulator of the system will tell you.

  10. Razor

    But why didn’t the Kaputa DC resign his position before applying as a candidate for the PF as per the constitution. This in itself is a violation of the law and can be used to challenge his candidature in court.

  11. Temple

    Comment: ba davis mwila, learn to keep your political lane. 1. You are not a national minister without pot folio. 2. You are confined to pf matters only. 3. You have no mandate, to tell other political what to do or what to emulate. 4. You don’t own the finance minister who is paid by all tax payers money. Otherwise you could be doing ur gen. Conf with a political gimmick

  12. Dr Fonicks

    Very true, why should Mr. Mwila start urging other political parties to hold conventions ? It is the prerogative of each individual whether or not to hold a convention. Since when did he become the spokesperson for other political entities ? It’s better to stick to your own. We mwaume we leka ababiyo babe cinshi ulebebela ifya Kucita ? Just keep quiet if you have nothing more to say.

  13. Mumba Kenneth

    This will show how Democratic PF as a party is. Mr kambwili ukukana tekaya this was your time to be a party president In PF. Looking at your effort during 2016 campaign .look now your will go no where. Pls just go back to your original party not that fake party you are going no where. The chance you will mid is the chance HH missed when ran away from the pact between UPND and pf .look now ba HH lost and started elections were rigged
    How was the election rigged. He can’t explain

  14. musonda mwewa moses

    mmmmmmm ba pf mwatucusha pafula so 2021you shall see …..mmmmm i never give any pf member ivote

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