Africans Have Now Woken Up – Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has said Africans have now woken up and will no longer allow the West to manipulate them.

The Head of State said this at State House on Monday when outgoing Sudanese Ambassador to Zambia Awad Ali paid a courtesy call on him.

“Africa has woken up to the reality that it can only advance if it looks to itself internally for realizing the potential that lies within the African continent. The most important thing is that we have woken up as Africans and let’s not allow manipulation by the East, West or any other outside forces. Democracy has many variations and each one country in the West who boast of democracy have got their own versions. Some have had their leaders lead from 1952 and they are still around and they are Presidents, they are Queens, they are called whatever titles. But for Africa, we have had this era which is slowly phasing where some of our friends, especially from the West, dictate to us how we are going to govern our people, what structures of governance, what institutions we are going to take and I think this is unacceptable,” President Lungu said.

The Head of State said Sudan was one such model which African countries can learn from.

“Your country is one such model which African countries elsewhere can learn from and I am glad that during your stay here, we did share a few on those lines and the Minister of Foreign Affairs previously did indicate to you that  we  would like to scale up our relationship by having permanent representation in Khartoum,” he said.

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  1. Thomas Mwanza

    Mr President I acknowledge your say..we Africans somehow we do rely on our friends countrys..but it’s now the time to ascend up on our economy..

  2. Jayson

    Massive corruption, nepotism & other isms, disease, lawlessness and misuse of resources (theft) by top leadership is what makes Africa continue begging from the west/east. Allowing an african leader stay in power longer than his term is total economic death to that country. They develop massive appetite to loot and never get satisfied, so the reason they cling to power.

  3. Impyakusu ichinyo

    Woken up in which way failing even to print ballot papers in your country

  4. Michael

    I like the spirit Mr President. There’s no way outsiders can be controlling us GOD forbid. We Africans are capable of doing things on our own and the way we want them to be, we can’t rely on somebody’s power no ways.

  5. Kasonkama r

    I totally agree with you. You excellence. Let us arrest the governance system of imitation in zambia. Tuleke ukucopela

  6. WALA G

    yeah u are right even zambians have woken up 2021 pf aaaautuuu

  7. Doubt Katwishi

    Yes Mr President you demonstrated that through Foote. You showed patriotism and not puppetry. Kudos you have my vote.

  8. HH

    Imwe ba nkusu ichinyo it is a high you started writing ifyabupuba let me warn you it is very easy to fish you out . I am HH the UPND president . my friend you are tarnishing my name and the name of the party pls if you don’t have what you can write stay this is nonsense .I don’t win next year you will come and my weight I am tired of reading unconstrutive massages that can build anybody

  9. Peps


  10. Felix Bwalya

    Selfiness and greed is what makes Africa and Zambia be beggars always

  11. Misheck Kinyanta

    Mr president forever with you I love you and your leadership don’t hear from the people but from God who appointed you as a leader remember a leader is always criticised only God can remove you so Shall it be.

  12. Razor

    Africans have now woken up and will no longer allow the west to manipulate them. Instead they will now turn to the east for manipulation.

  13. lemmy hooks

    Chi misheck kinyanta you are a liar and a bootlicker.

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