Sentencing Of A 17 Year Old Boy Who Stabbed To Death His Friend At JCS Bar Deferred

Lusaka High Court Judge Annesie Banda-Bobo has deferred sentencing of a 17-year-old boy who was convicted of stabbing to death his friend at JCS bar in Longacres because the report to determine his age is not ready.

The juvenile was last month convicted of killing 20-year-old Sebastian Lungu on April 6, 2019. The juvenile stabbed Lungu with a broken beer bottle during a fight at the bar.

When the juvenile offender appeared before the judge for his sentencing, senior State advocate Bob Mwewa informed the court that the age determination report was not ready.

“The juvenile was subjected to age determination but unfortunately, the said results of the age determination, which are required for the court to sentence the juvenile, are not ready,” Mwewa said.

Judge Banda-Bobo gave the State 14 days in which to avail the age determination report.

“I will leave the date (for sentencing) open. I expect feedback, positive or negative, in 14 days, which ends on January 28,” ruled judge Banda-Bobo.

Five witnesses testified against the juvenile and was later found with a case to answer and put on his defence.

In defence, the juvenile denied killing his friend and claimed that he could not remember what happened on the material date because he blacked out.

But judge Banda-Bobo dismissed his defence of intoxication.

She said the video evidence that was produced in court clearly showed that the convict was the one who followed the deceased to fight with him but the deceased did not retaliate.

After finding him guilty, judge Banda-Bobo ordered that the State determines the convict’s age before he is sentenced.


  1. Thomas

    Let him be sentenced.. convict should learn a bitter lesson….

  2. musiye

    give him 15 years

  3. Damisiano D

    feel pit on him

  4. Professor

    Mm this is not good ‘ when you talk of killing it’s taking away someone s life , if this continues the boy in question will be an international killer , cause the lesson he has not learnt it anyway

  5. Chibela

    please just sentence him, regardless of his age. That boy took away someones life😥

  6. matildah

    he should be jailed he knew what he was doing whether age known unknown mutengeni ku sense

  7. Shanbbwanji

    Ask the boy how far is his education If not let katombola work for that boy l say this because Long time ago before Zambia got independent one boy in the village killed his friend when they were playing.that boy was imprisoned under education until he became a great man in the society.

  8. Bashikulu Em2a

    A wrong is a wrong.Law must take its course.Tu ma junky twabvuta kweni-kweni,and no respect at all!Punish him regardless of his age so that tunzake should learn from him!

  9. Dr Fonicks

    He knew what he was doing. If he is a juvenile, what made June think of breaking a bottle and use it on the deceased. Please, sentence him accordingly. No mercy, moreover, the other one is dead. Let him rot in prison or face execution.

    • Adela

      That boy knew exactly what he was doing, because of he is really 17 lik he claims,then what was he doing at that bar in the first

  10. from the blues

    this jank called juvenile isn’t a juvenile is a killer coz he is not supposed to be found in the bar and become drunk with his friend at last kill his friend so he must be camaterd with hard labor so that he can have a lesson ….

  11. Curtis

    The verdict will set a precedent to would be offenders to avoid fighting at all cost.If i may ask the juvenile,what did he win? Nosense

  12. Mochias

    Dont Giv Chances 2 Jankies,we Can Not Sleep Here In Kanyama,juvenile Vichani?UNDER AGE DRINKING,PLUS CHAMBA, REMEMBER?Mukabweleko 22hrs Kwatu Muzakaziba Ati Chifundo Chilibe Nchito Kuli Uto Tuma Janky.

  13. Donnix kakoma

    There is nothing like juvenile here,the boy is a culprit he has to go and serve…..

  14. Francis

    He must be killed if not sentenced to death

  15. Djc

    Afe chabe naeve why don’t you kill him? Namuchipingo balilemba

  16. Anna

    Awe let him pay for his deeds.

  17. kay

    Give him life imprisonment please we don’t need such boys in the society

  18. real moses

    Pity him

  19. Evans

    The should pay for their crime how can they stab their own friend that guy had a lot to to live with his.so they should be given 15 years in prison all sentence to death



  21. jaguar

    Juvenile, that’s true da owner has a curse to answer.

  22. The third samuel

    If you have not sinned before, please please throw the first stone…

  23. Mwansa

    boma ni boma

  24. Jack Mule

    The bar owner has a case to answer. The bar has to be closed for good.

  25. M sakala

    Let him pay for what he have done

  26. toh george

    very bad for juge the not is a killer

  27. Ozwell

    Its soo sad with this boy he truly needs deliverance

  28. Chibz

    You’re only allowed to drink beer when you’re above 18, we don’t want nonsense called juvenile just jail him and don’t leave out the owner equally with the bar attender they must be jailed too

  29. Ba sirmonk

    To start with,I would like the bar owner to be punished for selling beer to under aged,second the so called council or gvment for being lazy and weak by not being serious with bar/tavern honors concerning age/time of opening.hear in mpatamato luanshya u will find taven open as early as between 6&07am like de one my 22police camp,now this boy has killed a friend & now u want 2arrest him.don’t wait 4something bad 2 happen b4 u react work now not 2moro.4 the boy of 17years mukulima am sure u have enough energy to spare(60years at least not less).

  30. Ba sirmonk

    Let him be an example 2 any one envolved in beer drinking 2no the level at which he or she should reach,not ati nali black out chopet,he knew wat he was doing infact give him axtra 10yrs on top of 60 making it 70years for liaying to us.life is more precious than anything & u are ending yo friends, y not killing yoself.silly boy/man.

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