Mkaika MP Cheats Death!

Mkaika Member of Parliament survived a road traffic road accident which happened around 23:30hrs last night.

Hon. Phiri who was traveling from Lusaka to Katete to bury his uncle but rammed into a stationed Malawian truck which was partially parked along his lane.

Hon. Phiri was rushed to SINDA Zonal Clinic by a passerby.

Hon. Phiri who was referred to St. Francis hospital from SINDA Zonal Clinic was discharged this morning however complained of side pains and he has thanked God for preserving his life.

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  1. Joseph mwamba

    We thank God

  2. Djc

    Mmm mwapusukeni

  3. nineo

    If this is thectual photo of the mngled car, this guy is very luck ad he shuld count his Blessings from he’s true God Jesus. Please go and have yourself checked at again preferrably at more equiped hospitl like the UTH in Lusaka

  4. CK


  5. Harry

    Thanks be to God

  6. martin

    You shud thank almighty for u to be alive some were waiting to come and eat nshima and drinks at ur funeral but God has saved u, wapusuka

  7. martin

    He is the way, the truth and the light he leadeth………me wherever I go and protect me from enemies n’ evil, Always put God first in whatever u do in life also ur children to follow the rite path Amen

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