PF Candidate For The Chilubi Parliamentary By-election Files In.

Former Kaputa District Commissioner Francis Mulenga Fube has successfully filed in his nomination papers for the vacant Chilubi Parliamentary Seat.

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  1. Kulibonesha Ta

    This pf opportunist was number three to file in nomination but as usual in your wisdom or lack of it you have chosen to report on this candidate. Shame on this once upon a time MISA awards winning news outfit!

    • Leonard

      Shame on you,I don’t think you are a journalist.does it mean that it’s only him contesting cause he wasn’t even the first one to file in but your reporting is useless and foolish

    • Sukuma

      Journalism gone to the puppies

  2. XXX3

    useless reporter is this news or what? shame cp

  3. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Usles media for pf

  4. Jimmy shaba

    Not news worthy

  5. Ichilubi

    Filing in for the continuation of poverty. Ikonomi iliko baaad! Time yo kikout pf

  6. Sosa

    Ba Chris why do you always drag the followers of this platform to praising your pf party rather than being a platform for all?….that’s why people write rubbish on this media coz you’re so much obsessed with poor families party……grow up man!

  7. Able kufika

    I see you my people from Northern

  8. TK

    Very useless we are very tired 😫 with your failure ba PF 2021 you will pack your katundu and become opposition

  9. Bashikulu Em2A

    Kavoteni mweba vota

  10. Prince

    To become a economics bwafya

  11. Tukiya mwane

    This time If you vote for PF party ninshi ka normal tesana .Dununa reverse means back to Slavery.

    • Brian

      If voting for pf is not being normal, I would not be normal. I will vote for pf come 2021. Nafuti Nafuti.2026 ni Kalaba or Edith not these tribalist parties.

  12. PF Lungusha

    Poor Family (PF) JK u need to confess, you didn’t tell us the meaning of dununa reverse, do monkeys love trees? If u know you know

  13. Curtis

    Chris, if at all you want this platform to be interesting exercise non partiism coz not everyone is pf just like clergmen are urged. Otherwise this news media will become so boring that we will be reading BBC news.

  14. George Sitali

    I have no doubt that these elections BEING HELD IN A PF STRONGHOLD will pass smoothly with no incidences of violence. Peacefully!!!
    If the elections were being held in a UPND stronghold you’d have already heard of words such as PANGAS, GUNS, people being injured. Unprofessional police officers who want to be biased towards the opposition party etc.
    Why has UPND become so appalling under Hakainde Hichilema? He is selfishly willing to shed blood, just to go to State House. Quite unfortunate!

  15. Bob

    It’s your time to change wane

  16. Fabian

    iliko liko kansi pa Zambia



    • Cowthern Province

      Kelvin is busy nursing Gilbert Liswaniso. Kaili be Under Pants aNd Diapers ba limulaba.

  18. Curtis

    Comment sitali, don’t be so overzealous with your own opinions but if at all you are parent learn to unite the society and not to divide come on man! What has HH got to do with your shallow thinking, he is just a man like you. Let’s discuss issues and not personality.

  19. Grant

    Comment you

  20. ian


  21. Chilubi island people

    Please people of chilubi we are behind you vote wisely for PF candidate forward ,forward with ECL even 2021 ba UPND under HH pls no,no,no. If you let them take over and rule this country . you will see much suffering . we don’t need a person one who is under masonry cotism pls we need a christian president . no matter how much wealth he has . one day one day you Will remember ECL if you are cheated by UPND . they have failed to point out what they will do to this country . always talking about Edgar the more they talk about ECL the more they give him votes.

  22. musonda mwewa moses

    pf you will see 2020 ……we need change

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