Serenje Community Radio Staff Nabbed For Trafficking In Cannabis

The Drug Enforcement Commission has arrested four Serenje Community Radio Station personnel for trafficking in various quantities of cannabis.

Those arrested include Male Kapema, 40, a Radio Station Manager for trafficking in 847 grammes of loose cannabis and 534.2 grammes of cannabis seeds and Masulani Banda, 28, a Radio Technician for trafficking in 694g grammes of loose cannabis and 102 grammes of cannabis seeds.

In count two, Kapema and Banda have been arrested and jointly charged with Wilfred Nyirongo, 28, a Reporter and Semas Chola, 26, a Radio Presenter for trafficking in 2.83 grammes of loose cannabis.

The four were picked after a tip off from members of the public, DEC public relations officer Theresa Katongo has stated.

All suspects are in police custody and are expected to appear in court soon.


  1. AIR

    very sad!

    • Kapepa wa chamba

      WHY???? I thought ifi fintu balisuminisha nomba.

  2. kasonkomona

    Let the law work,not people

  3. King Kong

    Its for airwaves purposes😂😂

  4. AK

    I heard that people are free to grow cannabis

  5. Prince

    Bwafya know one knows

  6. Prince


  7. Bashikulu Em2A

    Apa yabvuta kweni-kweni

  8. Sam

    Kikikikikiki it’s for energy purpose

  9. saidu Chikopela

    Yaaaa paipa apo mmmmmmm mucitira dala mumanya kuti nimilandu mbwe swilili

  10. osandre

    Too bad

  11. Harry

    Yaaa this gvt! !! Is impossible to understand

  12. Chongo Daliphon

    Too bad my bro Semasi chola

  13. Chibz

    You can’t get a proper information if you haven’t smoked, thus why u keep on repeating the same news uko ku….

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